Easy GIF Animator v7.3 Free Download for Windows 10/7 Trial Version

Download Easy GIF Animator 7.3 for Windows 10/7, as it allows you to use various transitions and effects that can allow you to create fantastic GIF animations. Moreover, this Easy GIF animator Free is capable of importing multiple file formats such as PNG, BMP, JPG, and ICO images so that you can generate GIF animations from them. Besides, the Easy GIF Animator Trial version also allows you to preview the GIF animation through the built-in player, and you can also download and install this multimedia software on Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit).

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Easy GIF Animator 7.3 Free Download Trial Version Review:

Did you ever try to explore the benefits of GIF Animation creators? In this article, initially let us discuss some of the advantages of creating GIF animations, and later on, we will go through the features of the best free GIF maker. One of the major benefits of using GIF animations is its smaller file size when compared to other files. As the size of the files is very low, uploading them online is very easy, and they can also load faster without any quality losses.

Apart from the small file size of GIF animations, they also include a transparent background that can provide a professional look to websites that have a variable background to catch the user’s attention. In addition to this, GIF animations can also convey the exact message to the viewers. So experts advise you to check all the features and then choose the best GIF animation creator that can catch the viewer’s attention.

Easy GIF Animator 7.3 Free Download Trial Version is highly efficient in creating GIF animations from videos. More importantly, this best free GIF maker can also produce HTML code as output so that you can quickly publish your animations on various websites. If you are willing to start using the trial version of Easy GIF Animator 7.3, you may go ahead and click on the download button to receive its executable file.

Features of Easy GIF Animator for Windows 10/7:

Animation from Video:

With the help of Easy GIF Animator for Windows 10/7, users can create animations from their videos, and they do have the option to include text in the video by switching to the edit tab.

Animation Properties:

Further, this Easy GIF Animator Free Download also allows you to choose options that can repeat the animation forever, or you may also set the number of times the animation should play. Users do have various other options, such as choose the background color, resize animation, and you may also add comments to the animations.

Frame Properties:

Furthermore, this best free GIF maker also lets you set the delay time for a frame, and you can also adjust the transparency level, and it also allows you to provide comments to the images.

Transform Animation:

Moreover, this free GIF maker for Windows also lets you reverse the animation, or you may even convert it to grayscale according to your requirement.

Size Modifications:

More importantly, this program also allows you to size modifications such as resize animation, crop edges, or you can even use the canvas size option.

Create Transition Effects:

Apart from these features, this software also lets you select the transition effect, its speed, smoothness level, direction, and you can even choose the new or old frame for creating the effect.

Preview Animation:

Apart from these features, users can also preview the animation in the browser to see how it looks. Later on, based on its looks, you may make all the required modifications to make it look much better than earlier. By doing so, you can avoid re-editing them at the time when your website is about to go live.

We also recommend you to download ScreenToGif for Windows as it can also create GIF images from your videos.

System Requirements of Easy GIF Animator:

  • OS: It supports Windows 7, 8, and 10 (64-bit).
  • CPU: 500 MHz or faster Intel Pentium.
  • RAM: 512 MB of memory.
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB of free space.
  • Developer: Blumentals Solutions SIA.

Final Thoughts on Easy GIF Animator:

On the whole, Easy GIF Animator is one of the top-class GIF makers that can create animation from video, and it can also transform it by using rotate or convert to grayscale options. Additionally, it can also optimize the animation to reduce the file size.

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