Enpass Password Manager Download Free For Windows

Enpass Password Manager is cross-platform password management software that supports Windows PC, Mac OS X, Android, and Linux devices. Users to keep the login information more securely from unauthorized users. Just download this application for free on your 32 bit or 64 bit Windows OS platform computer.

Overview of Enpass Password Manager Free For Windows:

The most powerful software Enpass Password Manager keeps all online credentials safely and more securely. Moreover by using this application one can import the information from other popular software like KeePass Password Manager, LastPass, and RoboForm in an efficient way. The most significant thing is both new and advanced users can download and complete the installation process. It defends the user’s valuable or crucial credentials and online accounts details particularly from the intruders or unauthorized users.

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As this free tool allows you to defend the login credentials of different online accounts with a single master password. Need to remember one important point the users successfully can run the software on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices also. This ultimate and easy to use password management software does not store your most crucial or significant data on Enpass servers. To provide immense security to your online account details against intruders uses open-source encryption engine SQLCipher. Like other popular applications, it also supports the auto-fill system. Means an app fill your login details automatically as well as much rapidly.

Finally, it is the best password management software to store the usernames and passwords at one place more securely.

Features of Enpass Password Manager Free Download   

  • It is not necessary to insert the login details again and again. Because an app automatically fills the information just with one or single click.
  • To the interested users after downloading and installing the application on a PC or laptop possess the chance to create unique and strong passwords with the help of an integrated password generator trait.
  • Due to Auto Save trait without any involvement of the user the generated passwords are saved automatically.

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  • In an efficient way, it stores each and every crucial information like credit card details, logins of bank accounts and logins of different online accounts.
  • Password Audit also useful trait to the users that clearly and in an understandable manner displays the information of weak, duplicate and old passwords available in Enpass. Other than that one can change the weak and duplicate passwords at any time.
  • Yet, backup and restore trait permits to backup the data in encrypted form. And permits to restore the data at any time that too with minimum effort.
  • Even it provides a chance to import your essential data from other password manager applications at ease very quickly.
  • More effectively an app encrypts your data by using AES-256 bit encryption. And successfully defends your significant data by using open-source encryption engine SQLCipher.

System Requirements for Enpass 5.6.0:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32 bit and 64 bit)

30 MB of RAM

Any compatible processor

Download Enpass Password Manager for Free

Interested users as soon as possible click on the suggested below link to download the great Enpass latest version on a PC. This best password manager application is compatible with all versions of Windows OS.

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