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Have you ever tried securing all your online accounts by using a password manager? In today’s environment, most of us know that cybersecurity is the top priority. In order to secure online accounts, many users change passwords now and then. Using a regular password or writing the passwords on a piece of paper may compromise your security. So, it is very important to use complex passwords that cannot be cracked by cyber scammers. Moreover, remembering multiple complex passwords is not so easy. To avoid data breaches and various other security issues, experts started working on the password manager programs that can store and secure all your passwords. These days, many password managers allow users to sync data by using any cloud storage account such as iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. For this reason, we suggest you check all the features and then download the best password manager.

Enpass Password Manager 6.4.0 Latest Version is a free password manager that allows you to store passwords, credit card details, and other credentials that you use in your daily life. In addition to this, the secure password manager is also capable of generating complex passwords. Further, this password manager for Windows is downloadable on 64-bit editions. Moreover, the best password manager supports various versions of Windows operating system such as 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

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Enpass Password Manager 6.4.0 Latest Version Key Features:

  • The Enpass Password Manager 6.4.0 Latest Version is the well-designed password management software that mainly helpful for Windows users to use on their personal devices.
  • The main objective of using this freeware application is to keep, store, and organize all the essential passwords in one secure vault.
  • It comes with a simple, easy to navigate, and even user-friendly so that both the technical users and non-technical users can access it freely all the time.
  • With the help of a master password, this best password manager stores all your complex passwords, which are very difficult to remember.
  • Moreover, users don’t have to sign up to Enpass to use the password manager, and all the confidential data is stored on the local drive.
  • More importantly, the free password manager for Windows is cross-platform and can be used to sync data Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.
  • Further, the top password manager also lets you autofill login details and credit card information to avoid copy and paste operations.
  • Furthermore, this free password manager can create complex passwords with a single click.
  • Besides, this program also allows you to differentiate data in vaults for various working environments. So you can manage data by using categories and tags.
  • This password manager also identifies the passwords which are old and weak, and later on, it replaces them with complex and unique passwords.
  • In addition to this, the secure password manager allows you to use your fingerprint to log in on devices that support biometric sensors.
  • Apart from these features, it can also import data from other password managers. You might also download Avast Passwords 2019, which is one of the best password managers available.

Enpass Password Manager Free Download System Requirements:

  • Operating Systems: It supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 (64-bit).
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or later.
  • RAM: 1 GB of memory.
  • Hard-disk: 200 MB of free space.
  • Developer: Sinew Software Systems Pvt. Ltd

Enpass Password Manager Conclusion:

Enpass Password Manager 6.4.0 is the best password manager that allows you to store passwords and credit card details. Moreover, the secure password manager allows you to use your fingerprint to log in on devices that support biometric sensors.

Click here to download Enpass Password Manager 6.4.0 free latest version for Windows 10/8/7 PC

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