Enpass Review 2020 – Password Manager Free for Windows PC

Enpass Review 2020:

Are you using the same passwords for all your online accounts for easy remembrance? Want to get full-length protection to your sensitive information from the hackers? Want to fill the login credentials automatically on your daily-visited websites? Then here is the perfect solution for all your problems that is Enpass Password Manager. Today, we are going to provide the Enpass Review 2020, which is the best password manager for Windows PCs.

Enpass is the best free password management software that allows you to safeguard your passwords and other sensitive data from hackers, ransomers, KeyLoggers, intruders, and others. Moreover, it provides an easy way to access and memorize all your passwords by locking them with the master password. You can download this free password manager on your Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

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Moreover, this Enpass Password Manager Latest Version (2020) contains many useful tools, such as password generator, Autofill data, Biometrics, password vault, etc. data encryption, syncing the data, etc. The developers of this free password manager offers this utility in both free full version and premium edition. First, we suggest you go through the free version, and after satisfying with it, you can switch to the premium subscription. Let’s follow the Enpass Review 2020 to know about its features.

Importance of Password Manager:

Passwords are the key to unlock your online privacy and sensitive information. We use the passwords for locking our online accounts, desktops, Smartphones, iPhones, and every digital device. Without providing an authenticated password, we cannot enter into the password-protected devices. In case if the third-party users or strangers got your passwords, then they can misuse your data by stealing it.

In the same way, if the hackers get the passwords of your online accounts, then they can easily leak your privacy and expose it to the outside world. Thus, we need to secure the passwords from all kinds of hackings. At the same time, we have to keep secure and unhackable passwords to our accounts to avoid misuses. Users are holding different types of accounts related to social websites, bank sites, shopping portals, and others. It’s becoming very tuff for the users to maintain all these passwords. And at the same time, some users will forget to remember the passwords of their accounts.

That’s why the manufacturers brought up the best solution that is password management software. Now, we have dozens of password managers, such as Trend Micro Password Manager, Kaspersky Password Manager, NordPass, etc. Apart from that, there is other software that benefits you a lot in protecting the passwords from all security threats, which is Enpass Password Manager. Go through this Enpass Review and download it on your Windows PCs.

Enpass Password Manager Latest Version Brief Introduction:

Sinew Software Systems Pvt Ltd manufactures this Enpass Password Manager 2020 with a cross-platform algorithm. It means that this free password manager works on your Windows desktop, iOS iPhones, and Android Smartphones. For free of cost, the users can download this password manager on your desktop computers, iPhones, and Smartphones. If you want to download the Enpass on your Windows computer, then click the download button placed at the end. On our free version of Enpass Password Manager, you can store up to 25 items. At the same time, it provides only a single vault to store all these 25 items.

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For those users who want to add more items on numerous vaults, they can choose the premium subscription of this Enpass. You can pay the subscription amount in both half-yearly wise and annually. Thus, you can store unlimited items on this password manager and also get limitless security vaults to store your data. You can get full access to all your devices with this premium subscribed product. Even it provides a one-time payment option to get the premium subscription, which is of low cost. Moreover, the user can access this premium in the trial version. So, get in touch with the Enpass Premium Trial Version by visiting the official website.

Presently, we have many outstanding password managers that work on the Windows operating system. Though all these password management tools best suites your PC, you can get more advanced features with this software, and that too for free of cost. One such feature that helps you a lot in protecting your online world is Master Password. The users who can hold multiple accounts need to remember usernames and passwords of those accounts, which is a risky task. At this time, you can store all these items in a secure vault of this Enpass Password Manager Latest Version (2020) with a master password. Thus, no third person can hack your passwords, and at the same time, it becomes easy for you to remember all your passwords. More importantly, you will not face any problems even though you forgot your passwords.

Enpass Password Manager for Windows PC Advanced Features:

Password Audit by Enpass:

Without knowing, sometimes, we keep simple and hackable passwords to our accounts. At the same time, we do not change the passwords for al long years and neglects even though it sends the notifications to change the passwords. Enpass Password Manager for Windows PC contains the Password Audit tool. By this, you can get to know the list of all your older passwords, weak passwords, and easy-to-hack passwords. Thus, you can change them on your PC as quickly as possible to avoid security risks.

Multiple Vaults:

We already that the Enpass 2020 Latest Version offers you to store unlimited items and creating endless vaults on it. So, you can create separate vaults to differentiate, such as family, private works, office work, and others. By this, it becomes easy for you to store and retrieve the passwords from the vaults.

Biometric Protection:

Hacking the data became easy for the hackers or ransomers by getting your usernames and passwords. What happens when you lock your confidential data using your biometrics? Yes, the Enpass Review 2020 will let you know that it uses the user biometrics to protect the data from all hackers, KeyLoggers, ransomers, etc. Thus, you can use your facial recognition and fingerprints to lock and unlock your data.

Cross-platform Software:

The users of this Enpass Password Manager Latest Version 2020 work on different kinds of devices because it supports multiple operating systems. So, you can install it on your Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and Safari. At the same time, you can integrate this free password manager to your default web browsers, such as Google Chrome Web Browser, Opera Web Browser, and Mozilla Firefox.


The data sync option available in this password management helps in synchronizing the data using cloud storage services. Some of the cloud services that it supports are Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, WebDAV, and iCloud. It helps you a lot in recovering the data from the cloud sources whenever you encounter data loss problems.

Password Generator:

Keeping any passwords to our account is the big mistake that most of us are doing in the present situations. According to the recent survey, the users are assigning their surnames, DOB, mobile numbers, favorite place, 12345678, PASSWORD, QWERTY, and others. If you do so, then one day, the hackers can easily hack your passwords and steal your data. Yes, it becomes the biggest threat to your privacy when we keep hackable and weak passwords. In the same manner, the users who hold multiple accounts are keeping the same passwords to all their accounts. It is not suggestible because getting a single password will unlock all your accounts. That’s why we need to create different passwords for all our accounts. For that, the Enpass 2020 Password Manager offers the password generator.

With the help of this free password generator, you can create powerful and unhackable passwords for all your accounts. It combines the alphabets, numbers, and characters to create the passwords. Thus, it becomes very tuff for the hackers to trace out your passwords. By this, you can get different passwords for all your passwords.

Import the Data:

Moreover, the Enpass Review also helps in knowing about the importing of the data from other password managers. Yes, the Enpass users can get their data from different password managers like Sticky Password Manager, LastPass, RoboForm, Dashlane Password Manager, etc.


Autofill is one of the essential features of this Enpass Password Manager because it saves your time and effort in filling the online forms and other data. It automatically fills the usernames, passwords, credit/debit card details, and other information on the daily used websites on your computer. Thus, you can avoid copying your login credentials and paste them on the forms by enabling this Autofill option.

File Attachments:

In addition to that, the Enpass users can attach all their useful files to this password manager. Regardless of the file format, you can attach any file you want, such as document type, image format, etc.


The dashboard of this free password manager is attractive and handy for both the non-advanced and professionals. At the same time, the Sinew Software Systems Pvt Ltd allows the users to customize the dashboard according to their choice. By this, you can make changes in the default categories, templates, as well as you can add the extra items depending upon your usage.


If you want to enhance the security level to your passwords and other sensitive information stored on this Enpass Password Manager, then you can add another layer of authentication to access this app. Yes, Enpass includes the Keyfile feature that allows you to set the extra authentication layer like a two-step verification process, to use it on your computer. By this, no unauthorized user can access your Enpass account without your consent.

Enpass Password Manager System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32/64-bit)
  • Processor: 1 GHz or Faster CPU
  • RAM: 1 GB or Above
  • Hard-disk: 100 MB of free space
  • Manufactured by: Sinew Software Systems Pvt Ltd

Enpass Review for Windows Conclusion:

Therefore, the Enpass Review will help you in securing the passwords of all your accounts, such as Facebook, Gmail, Flipkart, etc. Even with the Enpass Password Manager, you can protect sensitive information like contact details, account numbers, credit card numbers, etc. This free password manager also helps you in generating the complex passwords for all your accounts. So, quickly download and install this password management software on all your Windows computers. Click the below download button to start the downloading process of Enpass Password Manager.

Click here to get the link to download the Enpass 2020 free for Windows PCs.

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