Free Download EagleGet 2020 Portable Version for PC

Free Download EagleGet Portable Download Manager (2020) for PC that accelerates your downloads as well as lets you manage them. EagleGet is one of the best internet tools for PC and is compatible with all versions of Windows.

You might have experienced slow download speed and other download issues while downloading files from your web browser. Sometimes, you might have faced the problem where you need to restart downloading a larger file due to network issues. It takes up both your time and internet data when such issues occur. Hence, most users these days are using a Download Manager.

A Download Manager is a software that enhances/improves your download speed and offers several other options that help you manage your downloads. Therefore, you can Free Download EagleGet for PC, which is a Free Download Manager that allows you to manage your downloads and enhance the download speed. Moreover, you can Download the EagleGet Portable Version, which doesn’t require any installation as you can just download, extract, run, and use the program for Free.

EagleGet Portable Version Overview:

With the help of Advanced Multi-Threaded Technology, EagleGet 2020 is able to accelerate the download speed by splitting the file into multiple pieces. It then downloads all the parts simultaneously, boosting up the download speed by six times. It means, now you can download larger size files like games, movies, and softwares within a few minutes.

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Also, EagleGet Latest Version (2.1.6) lets you pause and resume the downloads, which is helpful while downloading larger size files. The user interface is very initiative and easy-to-use. It represents all the downloading/downloaded files in a tabular view. You can sort the files in the list by name, size, added date/time, and other criteria. Also, you can efficiently access all the tools from the toolbar or the menu bar. EagleGet Portable Download Manager identifies file types and places them in the respective folders after downloads like music, documents, videos, images, archives, and general downloads.

Another fantastic feature of EagleGet is that it automatically scans your downloads for malware to keep your PC secure. Also, the MD5/SHA1 checksum verifier makes sure that the file you are downloading is from the original source and genuine. Furthermore, you can customize the EagleGet user interface by choosing your favorite color theme and background image.

EagleGet Download Manager Key Features:

  • EagleGet Download Manager uses Enhanced Multi-Threaded Tech that drastically increases the download speed up to 6 times.
  • You can pause/stop and resume downloading the file whenever you want without damaging the file.
  • The Best Free Download Manager for PC also lets you add multiple files in a queue so that it can download the files one after another.
  • Moreover, you can select the number of files to download simultaneously as well as modify the sequence of files.
  • You can even set a download speed limit according to your priority so that the download process does not slow down your browsing speed.

EagleGet Portable Images, EagleGet 2020 Photos, EagleGet for PC Screenshots, EagleGet Download Manager, Free Download Manager

  • EagleGet Portable can automatically refresh the expired download links without restarting the download.
  • Also, the Best Downloaded Manager for PC supports all web browsers like Windows Internet Explorer, Google Chrome Web Browser, Opera, Mozilla Firefox Browser, and more.
  • Moreover, EagleGet for PC keeps you updated on your downloads by providing notifications alert. Therefore, you can run the downloads in the background and continue with your work. It sends you alerts when the download is complete, downloads failed, and other essential actions.
  • You can also turn on the Silent Mode to mute all the notifications alerts and disturbances.
  • It supports FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, RTSP, and MMS protocols, making it easy to integrate with any web browser.
  • You can also schedule the Download Manager to download the files at a specific time so that it does not conflict with your browsing time and speed.
  • The Media Grabber tool by EagleGet Portable Version helps you download videos from any website. It also lets you choose the file quality.

EagleGet Portable Images, EagleGet 2020 Photos, EagleGet for PC Screenshots, EagleGet Download Manager, Free Download Manager

EagleGet More Amazing Features:

  • The Automatic Malware Checker makes use of your Antivirus Software to scan the downloads before they infect your PC.
  • Also, the File Integrity Verifier makes sure the downloaded files are genuine and original.
  • You can run the file directly from the download manager or open the existing folder.
  • EagleGet Download Manager automatically downloads different file types to specific folders.
  • You can use the drag & drop method to arrange files in the list in the preferred sequence.
  • Moreover, you can set the option to put PC in hibernate, sleep, or shut down after all downloads are complete.
  • The EagleGet Portable Download Manager also lets you import download lists from various download managers.
  • You can Download EagleGet for PC from anywhere around the world as it comes in more than 30 different languages.
  • Furthermore, you can customize the Eagle Download Manager by using changing the color theme and setting a custom background image.

EagleGet Portable Images, EagleGet 2020 Photos, EagleGet for PC Screenshots, EagleGet Download Manager, Free Download Manager

Also, check out the Internet Download Manager (IDM) Download Trial Version.

System Requirements to Download EagleGet for PC:

The EagleGet Portable Version does not demand much system resources. Also, you can run it on any computer with the following minimum requirements.

  • Operating System: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32 & 64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium or Later
  • RAM: 128 MB Memory
  • Portable File Size: 16 MB
  • Hard Disk: 50 MB of free disk space

EagleGet 2020 Conclusion:

In conclusion to the EagleGet 2020 Latest Version (2.1.6), it is the best free download manager for Windows PC. It not only lets you manage the downloads but also increases the speed by six times compared to the regular download speed. Also, it offers several features like start/stop the download anytime, download by queue, set speed limit, sort files by various criteria, and more.

Two of the most advanced features of EagleGet Portable Download Manager are that it automatically puts the downloaded files in specific folders based on their file type, and it automatically scans the downloads for viruses or malware to keep your PC secure.

Note: Before installing the program, make sure you save all your progress as you need to close all the web browser to initiate the installation process.

You can Free Download EagleGet Portable Version (2020) for PC by using the below links. You can also download the executable (EXE) file if you want to install the program.

–>>”Download EagleGet Portable Version (ZIP)“<<–

–>>”Download EagleGet Setup file (EXE)“<<–

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