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ProtonVPN is the best network protection software which has equipped with additional security features than regular VPN software. This free VPN software can encrypt your network to prevent the entry of malware intrusions. This best security software can let you access any one of the servers across the country and overcome the network limitations in your region. Even you can create the favorite servers list by adding all those country names to the list so that you can quickly connect to them on your PC. With this free VPN software, Mac users can access the blocked content freely on their computers. This free ProtonVPN software contributes a 30-day trial version (you will get back your money after 30 days if you are not satisfied), which offers various advanced security features.

Protect Your Mac with ProtonVPN:

ProtonVPN is the best secure VPN service, which can vigorously fight against network-based attacks. This free VPN service can route your internet traffic in a safe, private tunnel to protect your device from unexpected cyber attacks. However, this secure VPN software can hide your original IP address and display its fake address. So, no one can trace your private data. This free security software uses AES 256-bit encryption to protect your network connection. Also, it uses 4096-bit to exchange keys, and it uses SHA 384 for the authentication of messages.

Moreover, this free Mac protection software has equipped with encryption cipher suites for the perfect forward secrecy so that no one can capture your information. However, this free software uses new encryption for every internet connection. One key lasts for one session only. Thus, this free VPN software can let you another layer of security with its strong encryption.

And most importantly, the ProtonVPN trial for Mac can use the safest protocols such as IKEv2/IPSec and Open VPN. This free software has chosen the most reliable protocol to let you take to the highest edge of security. Additionally, this free VPN software does not save information about user connection logs.

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You can also download the ExpressVPN Download Free Trial for Mac.

Unique Features of ProtonVPN Free Trial:

  • This free ProtonVPN software can let you browse anonymously with the fake IP address. By doing so, the unknown user can’t find what you are searching for online.
  • Also, this free VPN server can defend your internet connection from DNS leakage. It cannot rely on third-party DNS providers to ensure that there is no possibility for DNS leaks.
  • The built-in kill switch feature can help you turn off the VPN (block all internet traffic) whenever the network connection falls.
  • Additionally, the Always-on feature can help you to reconnect the VPN server.
  • Moreover, this top best network software has come up with built-in support to the Tor. Of course, all the ProtonVPN servers can support Tor. So, you can drive your internet traffic via Tor anonymity.
  • Although ProtonVPN surrounds your connection with the strongest encryption, it can provide you with the fastest speed and the highest bandwidth.
  • With the help of ProtonVPN, you can utilize unlimited bandwidth. One subscription can protect up to ten devices. Thus, with a single account, you can surf the internet privately on multiple devices.
  • However, it has come up with P2P support, and it is easy to connect.
  • Moreover, this free ProtonVPN software has a simple, easy to use, a modern interface that can easily be accessible for both beginners and experienced users.

ProtonVPN System Requirements:

  • Operating Systems: Mac Operating systems
  • Internet Connection

Conclusion for ProtonVPN Free Trial:

Taken as a whole, ProtonVPN is the best solution to defend your Mac operating systems against the unwanted hacker intrusions. Additionally, this free network security software can let you have faster-browsing speed than before. Also, this trial version is completely trusted and compatible with the Mac systems. If you are looking to download this free ProtonVPN trial for Mac OS, hit the direct download button given below the article.

Click here to get the link to download the ProtonVPN Free Trial Version for Windows PCs.

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