Free Quick Heal Total Security Download for Windows 7/10

Quick Heal Total Security is a free computer security and web protection software for Windows 32 bit/64 bit supporting multiple OS. The user can get complete web security while doing online banking, Internet surfing not only for them but also to protect the entire family. It offers complete malware enhanced protection by preventing malware, spyware, Trojan, and other threats. Download Quick Heal which is one of the best-reviewed Windows virus scanners that continuously checks for viruses to protect PC. You may also download Quick Heal free 30-days trial for Windows to get effective protection with the best accurate results.

Quick Geal Total Security is a complete security solution which is needful for all PC users that shields your entire system from intruders. In the present digital world, we come across several online/offline threats. For instance, it includes data thefts, phishing attacks, ransomware, hijacking, and much more. All such threats aim to disturb your smooth surfing environment and try to steal your system data without any user interference. Therefore, if you want to stop and prevent all such malware attempts, then it is necessary to install total security software designed and developed by Quick Heal.

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Download the best computer system security. Quick Heal Total Security gives robust protection against all emerging and existing threats. The user can get complete web security that automatically detects dangerous websites and prevents you from visiting them. Quick Heal offers enhanced privacy measures that help you to make your PC safe and secure from outsiders. It includes safe online banking, email security, protects from ransomware attacks, identity protection, Firewall, parental control, USB Drive protection, and much more.
Get Quick Heal Total Security free version provided by our website, which helps to safeguard your PC from new/old threats. Overall, it is a good antivirus and best security software that fully flexible with Windows OS.

 Quick Heal Total Security 2018 Free Full Version Overview:

Download Quick Heal Total Security free full version that offers complete PC security against malware, adware, and other forms of viruses. This free application gives Anti-malware solution where it scans the whole system for hidden malware attempts, unwanted software, and more. Furthermore, it completely removes all such attacks and makes your PC clean and safe. Quick Heal offers complete browser protection and protect users from visiting malicious links, fake websites, hackers, identity thefts, key-loggers, etc.
The user need not worry about system data as it keeps safe and secure with total security software. Besides, it automatically blocks unauthorized access, which is trying to steal your valuable data. It ensures the whole family, kid’s protection from various threats by using Parental control features. It allows the parent to know what the children are doing while browsing the internet. Likewise, there are tons of privacy utilities that defend your computer security from all cyber attacks. It also includes email protection, web and network protection, parental control, removable drive scans, system optimization, and more.

Quick Heal Total Security  Free Download Key Features:

  • Quick Heal offers complete total security for your entire system with various scanning features. It works with the combination of Anti-virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Malware, Anti-Rootkit, and Firewall to disinfect your Windows PC.
  • It stops and prevents all ransomware attacks by using its Behavioral detection systems that efficiently analyzes the suspicious files. The user can get complete web security where it detects dangerous sites before you visit them.
  • The E-mail security feature blocks spam E-mails that carry infected attachments or links. Its traditional Firewall monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic between the computer and the internet. If it detects any threat, then it will alert you before they entered into your system.
  • You will get complete internet security for all day to day online activities with secure protection. Like, online banking, payment transactions, bank statements, and other private data. No matter how many levels of protection it offers for your computer.
  • Its parental control feature will help parents to know their children’s online activities and keep them safe from visiting fake sites.
  • Likewise, Quick Heal Total Security Free download comes with Safe Mode Protection, PC Tuner, and enhanced self-protection, which is used to give reliable performance.
  • Rather than, it uses Browser Sandbox technology to ensure the effective protection offered by the aspecific application before installing on the PC so that it helps in staying away from malicious websites.

For more detailed information related to this free total security suite, the interested users are suggested to

 How to Install Quick Heal Total Security for Windows PC:

  • Before installing this free total security application, make sure that the PC must meet the minimum system requirements to ensure effective performance without any conflicts.

Quick Heal Installation:

  • Once you download the setup file sponsored by our website, then double-click on it to open the file. A setup downloader pop-up appears that shows the downloaded software information. As well as, here you can choose the path by yourself by default is set to C Drive.
  • On the left, “choose options” to select the setup you wish to download either 32-bit/64-bit, then click on Ok to continue.
  • Now, the installation process begins with a detailed software description similar to that of the below image to get an idea.
  • Now the main window of Quick Heal opens, which is prepared to install that checks the entire system wait for a while to proceed.

Quick Heal Total Security Images, Quick Heal Total Security Screenshots, Quick Heal Total Security Photos, Quick Heal Total Security Pictures, Quick Heal Total Security Snapshots

  • In this step, the user needs to accept the License Agreement, which is important and mandatory to take the next step. Read all the instructions carefully after that choose the “I agree” button and click on next to continue.
  • Choose the installed software path. If you want, you can change the desired location. Otherwise, set it to C drive. On the right, click on Browse to change the path. Click on next to move forward.
  • Here the actual process takes place where you have to wait for a while till the installation process completes. After successful completion, it will display the message that the software installed successfully. Follow the steps shown on the screen as this tool is easily accessible for everyone.

Quick Heal Total Security Images, Quick Heal Total Security Screenshots, Quick Heal Total Security Photos, Quick Heal Total Security Pictures, Quick Heal Total Security Snapshots

  • If you want to get the license then click on Register option to for activating the license. For the first time, it will ask you to restart the computer before you start using the product. Also, you have to close all other browser windows to precede Quick Heal.

Quick Heal Anti-Malware

  • The user also avails the Quick Heal Anti-Malware tool, which scans your entire PC for all types of threats. Look at the below image choose Scan Now option to scan the whole computer. In the end, it displays the scanned results in a list/log with a detailed description.

Quick Heal Total Security Images, Quick Heal Total Security Screenshots, Quick Heal Total Security Photos, Quick Heal Total Security Pictures, Quick Heal Total Security Snapshots

Quick Heal Total Security for Windows System Requirements:

Before you download this Total Quick Security for Windows, your system must meet the below minimum configurations. However, we recommend that your desired PC should have a higher setting for better results.

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • Processor/CPU: 1 GHz  Intel Pentium processor or Later
  • Memory: 1 GB of RAM
  • Hard Disk: 1.4 GB of available free disk space
  • Internet access to get the latest updates

Quick Heal Total Security Download for PC

Click on the download link to get this free security suite, which is fully compatible with Windows. Get the trial version free for 30-days with no cost to users.

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