GoToMyPC Review Download for Windows 10/7: Is GoToMyPC secure?

Through the GoToMyPC Review, we would like to explain various features of the remote access software such as remote printing, file sync, wake on LAN, session performance, and many more. Along with this, we shall also discuss how secure is GoToMyPC to transfer files across several remote devices. We advise you to read the entire GoToMyPC Review for Windows 10/7, as you will be able to gain knowledge about several features of the program which you can use without experiencing any time lags. Moreover, this Free Remote Desktop Software also lets you have several administrators, and it also allows them to manage security options as per their choice. Along with this, the remote desktop software also contains free customer support all round the clock.

Once you have completed reading the entire GoToMyPC Review, you can move to the lower end of the article and click on the download button to download GoToMyPC for Windows 10/7. Further, GoToMyPC also supports Windows versions seven or later and Mac OS X 10.11 or later.

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Is GoToMyPC Secure?

Yes, GoToMyPC is secure enough to use as it allows users to monitor all the remote desktop activity, and it also sends you a detailed report of all the operations performed on the remote desktop. Furthermore, all the data exchanged through this desktop sharing tool is encrypted so that no unauthorized user can decrypt it.

Is LogMeIn Pro the same as GoToMyPC?

In the article GoToMyPC Review for Windows 10/7, we would like to tell you that both LogMeIn Pro and GoToMyPC are products of LogMeIn, Inc. Both LogMeIn Pro and GoToMyPC are capable of transferring files effortlessly but, GoToMyPC has an extra feature known as file synchronization. So you can also make use of GoToMyPC to sync files instead of transferring them.

How do I transfer files using GoToMyPC?

Step 1:

Once you launch the remote desktop software and enter the access code of the remote PC, you will be able to find a menu bar in which you can find the tools option, click on it and then choose transfer or sync files option.

Step 2:

When you find the transfer or sync window on your screen, you will be able to find files from the remote PC on the left and files of the local device on the right.

Step 3:

Choose the folder in which you would like to store transferred files and open it.

Step 4:

Select the appropriate file or folder which you would like to have on either the local device or remote PC and click the transfer button.

GoToMyPC Review Free Download:

Apart from GoToMyPC and LogMeIn Pro, LogMeIn, Inc has also developed various other products such as Grasshopper, OpenVoice, LastPass, and many more. LogMeIn, Inc has developed GoToMyPC to help you access any file or document present in the remote PC. Once you install this remote desktop access application on your device, you don’t have to miss even a single file or folder present on the device that is far away from you. Moreover, GoToMyPC has three different editions of the program, such as Personal, Pro, and Corporate. Advanced users can try purchasing Pro or Corporate editions, whereas users who are looking for basic features can go for Personal edition of the program. 

To let you know more about GoToMyPC editions, the Personal edition of the program is available for one user and at $35 per month. The Pro edition of the program is available at $66, and it is accessible for up to 50 users and on two computers. The corporate edition of the program has plans ranging from $140 per month and above. We recommend users to go through all the features explained in GoToMyPC Review so that they can make of use every feature as per their necessity. Apart from this, GoToMyPC Personal and Pro editions are available as a free trial for one week.

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GoToMyPC for Windows 10/7 Features:

Wake On LAN:

Did you ever try to access any of your offline computers that are currently in sleep mode or switched off but plugged into any power source? There are multiple instances in which every one of us might have to move away from our devices to perform other prioritized tasks. In such circumstances, it very difficult to access files and folders present in any remote computer. Moreover, several ordinary remote control software doesn’t even have the option to access the turned off devices. So, experts strongly recommend users to check for wake on LAN feature.

By reading the GoToMyPC Review, users will get to know that GoToMyPC for Windows 10/7 includes a wake on LAN feature that can allow users to take remote computer access even if the device is switched off or in sleep mode. Before trying to access any switched off PC, users need to know that they will have to make sure that the wake on LAN feature is enabled and the device is also plugged into any power source.

Remote Printing:

Did you ever know how important is remote printing feature in organizations which have their headquarters in faraway locations? Nowadays, multiple professionals might be working in organizations that have their head office located in distant places. In such situations, they would not be able to take printouts of the documents if the employee on the other side forgets to share files through either of the communication mediums.

In order to help enterprises in such situations, GoToMyPC for Windows 10/7 has included remote printing feature that can let employees take printouts of the documents through the local printers even if the devices are not connected to the same network. By making use of remote printing feature, users can avoid the need for carrying files and documents in any portable devices such as USB, hard disk, or any other.

File Transfer & Sync:

Did you ever experience a situation in which your drive space was not sufficient to store your large files and documents? Professionals working in different organizations are very likely to have huge data on their devices. At times to store additional data in cloud storage, people might have to purchase extra space to store and access files on different devices.

To help professionals in such situations, GoToMyPC for Windows 10/7 has introduced a file sync feature that can sync files and folders in remote devices. By reading the GoToMyPC Review, you will also get to know that you can also make use of transfer files option instead of synchronizing them every time.

End to End Encryption:

Almost all the professionals who might be working in different organizations might be well aware of the importance of data security. The reason behind this is, in case if the business strategy leaks, there is a high chance that businesses might experience severe losses as others might also implement the same strategy to grab some of their business.

Through GoToMyPC Review, we wanted to tell users that GoToMyPC for Windows 10/7 includes end-to-end encryption feature that utilizes 128-bit AES technology to ensure maximum security to their data. The 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard is very well known for creating unique keys to access the transmitted data.

Unlimited Remote Access:

There are multiple instances in which users would like to close remote sessions and restart them whenever required. By doing so, users would like to ensure better security to their data when they are away from their devices. To help users in such circumstances, GoToMyPC for Windows 10/7 has included unlimited remote access to let you access any of your files and documents in multiple remote sessions. But, after the completion of the free trial version of the program, you will have to purchase the monthly plan.

Administration of Accounts & Users:

Through GoToMyPC Review, we wanted to tell users that GoToMyPC for Windows 10/7 is very efficient in allowing users to manage accounts, active connections, and even groups. Moreover, this program also lets you manage PCs so that you can add or remove authorized or trusted computers. Apart from this, it also allows the administrator to control which group of managers will have access to specific features of the remote desktop app.

Generate Reports:

Did you ever happen to experience any unwanted activity performed by the user who has taken remote access of your device? There are multiple instances in which the opposite user might indulge in some mischevious activity, such as stealing your sensitive details and making unwanted changes to the data present in files or Office documents. Just imagine, what would be the situation if they can access any of your sensitive details such as banking credentials and many more.

In order to track any unwanted activity performed by the user who accesses your device remotely, GoToMyPC for Windows 10/7 allows you to enable the option that can generate detailed reports of all the activity performed on your device. By doing so, you can view all the mouse and keyboard activity on your device to check any modifications performed on the device. If you hadn’t read GoToMyPC Review, you would have never known that this program can generate reports to let you view all the activity of the remote user.

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GoToMyPC System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • Hard Disk Drive: B of free space.
  • Processor: 2.4 GHz or faster Intel.
  • RAM: At least 2 GB Memory.
  • Developer:

How to Download and Install GoToMyPC?

Step 1:

Click on the below download button, and you will be redirected to a page where you will have to enter your email ID and create a password for the program. Once you enter those details and click on the free trial button.

Step 2:

After clicking on the free trial button, it would ask you if you are available at the computer in which you would like to access the computer remotely.

Step 3:

Click yes, and then you will receive a confirmation email to initiate the installation process of GoToMyPC on your device.

Step 4:

After that, you can click on add this computer, and then you will be able to see a download button that can get you a setup file.

Step 5:

Run the installation process by double-clicking on the downloaded .exe file.

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