Guardian NetSecure Antivirus Setup 2018 Free Full Version Download

If you’re having issues with your existing antivirus? Simultaneously looking to update the current antivirus solution?

Here’s Guardian NetSecure Antivirus that surely gives essential antivirus protection for your Windows PC. By using this best antivirus software, the users PC get protection against various threats such as spyware, viruses, hidden malware, all other online threats, and so on. Therefore, we suggest you give a try on Guardian Antivirus for Windows 32/64-bit PCs with supported RAM & HDD space as specified below. The users can download the latest version of Guardian Antivirus free trial for Windows PC quickly from the below download links. In short, free Guardian Antivirus gives files/folders & Email protection, USB protection, Internet protection, & more with up-to-date virus database. As well as, the software also comes with a simple, easy to use friendly user interface where all levels of users can access it comfortably.

On top of that, you can also get advanced internet security software McAfee Total Protection free for Windows 32/64-bit to protect your digital life and keep it virus-free.

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Guardian Antivirus Free Download Setup For Windows 32/64-Bit:

Interested users can download this free best antivirus program from our website. You can check out the minimum system specifications required to setup Guardian Antivirus Free Download for Windows 32/64-Bit. Click the below download option to receive the (.EXE) file at free of cost which can be affordable for all middle-level users. Furthermore, the software asks to register for full activation. So, based on your selection, here you can either choose to get Guardian Antivirus with/without registration (free trial).

–> Windows PC users might be interested to choose free antivirus softwares such as Avira Antivirus Pro, Smadav Free Antivirus 2018 from our collection of software.

Guardian NetSecure Antivirus Free Overview:

Guardian NetSecure antivirus free program introduced by QuickHeal Technologies Limited, considered as the security software provider. Similar to QuickHeal, Guardian Antivirus also offers PC security among all the latest web-based threats. For example, malware programs, data thieves, privacy issues, unknown viruses, spam emails, web hackers, etc. So, to protect your computer from such type of dangerous threats, you must have a virus removal programs like Guardian NetSecure Antivirus. 

Well, Guardian Antivirus includes various security essentials to guard your PC against external threats, hackers and data stealers, etc. Moreover, this antivirus software for PC will monitor all active processes to ensure better safety from malicious software. Coming to the overview of the free Guardian security suite, it has a user-friendly interface accessible for everyone both for the beginner as well as professionals. When you look at the dashboard of Guardian software, it comprises of Scans, File/Folders, Internet/Network, External Device protection, & other security features. Therefore, users can choose their selection based on the system’s health condition.

Virus Detection & Protection

Guardian Antivirus includes a full system, custom, memory even boot-time virus scanners. Its included virus detectors will find all types of viruses on your PC and help the users to block/remove them. As stated, it also includes USB device protection, which automatically scans for any autorun malware infections when connected to your PC. In this way, you will be able to protect your PC from all kinds of USB flash drive threats. Also, you can schedule the scans at regular intervals when you’re at work. The scan process is fast and gives efficient results of hidden threats that slowdowns your PC. Through this, the user can view the overall report of detected items along with the date, time & type of scan, etc. Additionally, it also includes a Silent Mode feature, which allows users to hold all the security activities prompts, notifications to offer uninterrupted PC usage without affecting the security of the system.

Web Browsing & Firewall

Guardian NetSecure Antivirus comes with a web browsing and Firewall features which allow users to perform online browsing or any other activities securely. Whenever you browse the internet, it prevents you from being visiting malware, hidden websites, malicious links, fraudulent sites, and so on. The software defends your system data from online scams. In some scenarios, without the knowledge or permission of the users, the rootkit programs try to access your PC. So, this software includes anti-rootkit to spot and blocks such programs. Guardian Antivirus also includes antispyware,anti-keylogger, anti-malware, safe mode protection features to keep your PC safe from internet threats. So, you can make online surfing with full confidence. Guardian NetSecure has an enhanced firewall to guard your PC, which allows only the trusted connections or external user tries to enter your PC. 

Guardian Antivirus Full Free Download Full System Requirements:

Guardian Antivirus Software system requirements based on the  OS, internet access is required to get updates,

  • Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • Processor: 300 MHZ of Pentium CPU type or Later
  • Installed Memeory:2 GB of RAM or Above
  • Hard Disk Space: 5 GB of free disk space or above

Overall, Guardian NetSecure Antivirus is an easy-to-use app to protect your home PC from intruders. So hurry up and start a free trial before buying the full version. For those users who have decided to download, you can get the standalone installer for Windows from the below download option for all versions of Windows OS.

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