Guardian Total Security Review (2020 Latest) for Windows 7/10

Guardian Total Security Review 2020:

Today, we are introducing the Guardian Total Security Review 2020, which is the latest edition of security software for Windows 7/10.

Guardian Total Security is the popular antivirus software that protects the sensitive information and desktops from ransomware, hackers, spies, and other types of online threats. Even you can give complete high-end protection to your identity while browsing, banking, and using other internet services. The inbuilt scanning modes, advanced features, and up-to-date software will monitor the computer every minute and balance the protection levels. You can download this free total security software on your Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Important to say that this Guardian Total Security Latest Version is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit processors. Go through this Guardian Total Security Review to acquire more knowledge about it.

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Guardian Total Security Latest Version Brief Overview:

The Guardian Total Security Latest Version includes the ransomware protection tool to safeguard the confidential data from different ransomware attacks. Thus, the images, videos, documents, banking info, and many others are safe from encryption methods. The ransomers always try to send to various kinds of ransomwares, including TeslaCrypt, Locky, and Cerber, to steal and encrypt the private data. For getting your original data back from the ransomers, you have to pay the money that was demanded by those illegal users. Or else they will permanently remove the documents from the computers without giving the warning messages or notifications. At this time, the Guardian 2020 Total Security will help you a lot because of holding the anti-ransomware feature. It scans the whole PC to identify the ransomwares and to block them before encrypting the information.

Even though we have many protection tools in the antivirus software, the user can face frequent virus attacks due to the evolution of new and modern threats. That’s the reason why we need to scan the PC for all the time to detect and remove the viruses. Even the antivirus apps get outdated unless we don’t update them with the latest editions. In case if we forgot to update them, then it will not fix the frequently occurring errors on our desktop computers. But you no need to worry when your Windows 7/10 holds this Guardian Total Security 2020 because of the automatic update feature. Yes, the software gets automatically upgrades with the newer versions whenever the latest editions are released. Thus, the user computers are free from both real-time and existing online threats.

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What’s New in Guardian Total Security 2020?

In the newer version of Guardian Total Security 2020, the developers came up with the best solution for safeguarding the passwords from unauthorized users. The password protection tool included in this software is the extra added benefit for the users to secure the passwords of all their accounts, such as Gmail, Facebook, Flipkart, Twitter, etc. Even you can change the settings of this total security suite to enhance the security level for protecting the passwords.

The Guardian Total Security Review 2020 also says that it is bundled with the most advanced firewall system. By enabling the firewall system, the users can feel free while accessing the internet on their devices. It scans the internet traffic (both incoming and outgoing) to check for suspicious activities or unknown users or any other strange activity.

In the same manner, the safe banking feature is also available in the Guardian 2020 Edition to transact the banking and shopping activities over the web. It guides the user through the safe and trusted banking websites and online portals to secure the financial information of the users. Thus, the credit card or debit card numbers, account details, logins, and other information are safe from KeyLoggers.

We have many techniques to find and remove the online viruses from our desktop computers. But apart from all those virus protection tools, this latest version of Guardian Total Security for Windows 7/10 came up with the behavior analysis method. It is nothing but the software that confirms the application as good or bad based on its behavior or nature on the computer. If the application showing any suspicious behavior, then it completely wipes it out from the desktop. Thus, all other trusted apps running on the device are safe from malicious activities.

Highlights of Guardian Total Security for Windows 7/10:

Adware Protection Tool:

While browsing the internet or shopping over online portals or streaming online videos or playing games, we see unrelated advertisements on our computers. All these ads or promos are unsponsored and can be harmful to your privacy and private data. Whenever you click on those ads, they will expose your PC to the outside world. Thus, for guarding the systems from these ads, the Guardian Total Security offers the adware protection tool. It will continuously check for the advertisements and block them before installing them on to your device.

Anti-Phishing Tool:

Quick Heal Technologies Ltd, the developer of this Guardian Total Security 2020 for Windows 7/10, is the world’s best cybersecurity company because it guards the human privacy whenever they access the internet. It checks for fraudulent websites and blocks the users to avoid using them on their computers. Thus, they can go and visit the trusted and safe sites without getting caught by the hacking methods.

Auto Backup:

We all know that the data like pictures, videos, and documents can be deleted accidentally, wantedly, and due to ransomware attacks. If the ransomer removes your records from the PCs, then you can use out this Guardian Total Security Review 2020. It contains the Auto Backup functionality, where it backup the essential copies to the desired locations. And whenever you need them, you can recover the information back to your computer.

Keylogging Protection Tool:

While typing the confidential keystrokes like account numbers, logins, banking, and financial details, we need to be very careful because of the evolving KeyLogger attacks. By keeping this in mind, this free total security software offers the Anti-KeyLogger, which detects for the KeyLoggers and blocks them permanently before getting your details. Thus, all your essential details are safe, and indirectly, your privacy is safe from the outside world.

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Not all the websites are from trusted sources because some will harm your computer by sending malicious links to your PC. Whenever you want to run any unknown site or app on your browser, then remember the presence of the sandbox feature offered by this antivirus software. This sandbox feature will provide the virtual environment to run the sites and to download the files from unknown sources. Thus, it nowhere harms your PC even though there are infectious.

Track Cleaner:

We know that by using cookies, web cache, and browser history, the trackers can easily trace out your online data. Then why don’t you delete them permanently from the web browsers? If you want to do so, then immediately go through the Guardian Total Security Review 2020 because the track cleaner included in this will remove those browser details permanently from the internet browsers. So, no tracker or intruder or stranger can trace out your online data.


To make your security software ineffective and does not perform well in finding out the threats, the hackers try to modify its settings without your notice. So, we need to take care of the protection software from all these vulnerabilities. That’s the reason why the Guardian 2020 included the self-protection tool. Thus, it guards all its default and user-specified settings from unknown changes.

Rogueware Protection Tool:

Sometimes, the unknown sources will install the malicious antivirus software to infect and damage your computer entirely. The main purpose of including this Rogueware Protection Tool is blocking all those malware-infected antivirus apps while trying to install on the desktops.

Removable Drives Protection:

The Guardian Total Security 2020 (Latest Version) for Windows 10 also contains the removable drive protection tool. So, when you connect the external drives, such as USBs, memory cards, and SD Cards, it wholly scans and cleans those devices to make them free from the infections. Like this, you can protect the computer from the infected removable drives.

On-Demand Scanning:

Whenever you want, regardless of the time, you can scan and check the computer for viruses, malware, spyware, and other threats by using the on-demand scanning tool. With this, you can run the computer without any infections, and thus, it never gets damaged or corrupted.

Guardian Total Security System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32/64-bit)
  • Processor: 1 GHz Faster or CPU
  • RAM: 1 GB (32-bit) & 2 GB (64-bit)
  • Hard-disk: 1 GB of free space
  • Published by: Quick Heal Technologies Ltd

Guardian Total Security Review for Windows Conclusion:

In the end, I would like to say that this Guardian Total Security Review will say that it is the best free security software that offers tremendous security from viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, rootkits, etc. The Guardian Total Security Latest Version includes all the newly added features, such as data backup, track cleaner, adware protection, anti-ransomware, and many more. By using all these tools, you can make the desktop free from all e-threats so that you can access it without any issues. Thus, download this free Guardian Total Security 2020 on your computers to start protecting it from the threats. You can use the following download button to download this free total security suite on the system.

Click here to get the link to download the Guardian Total Security for Windows 10/7 64-bit.

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