HandBrake Video Converter Free Download for Windows

HandBrake is an open source video transcoder which works best for advanced users. Insert videos, edit and enhance them for free with this video converter tool. You can free download HandBrake Video Converter for Windows 7/10 for 64-Bit architecture.

HandBrake Video Converter Free Download Overview:

HandBrake is one of the best video transcoders available on your system software to create effective videos. Although its primary aim is to convert videos to MKV or MP4 formats, you can also use this video converter to encode and decode videos. This converter tool encodes videos at the same time can also rip DVDs. Simply insert the video file you want to edit and start editing with the help of video editing tools. There are various tools to help you produce high-quality video outputs. You can add files, subtitles and dramatic effects to your videos to make them look pro. HandBrake is simple, easy and runs fast so as not to waste your precious time and help you carry out the editing process as quick as possible. While initializing HandBrake, it automatically optimizes itself according to your device version. HandBrake video converter supports all the popular file formats that are available. In addition to that, it processes BluRays and DVDs that do not have copy protection.

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HandBrake lets you copy videos, resize them, restore or bring back old-quality videos.  You can adjust audio volumes for static and dynamic audio files with provided advanced features. You have an option to leave a few audio files without conversion and pass-through them.  In other words, if you find an audio perfect in your video, you don’t have to edit it.  HandBrake can take in videos from any of your devices, that is, computers, laptops, and mobile phones and, convert videos into the preset output formats.  You can also convert videos to the Universal format which is compatible with all the devices. Although this video transcoding server may seem a bit difficult for beginners, it is a great tool for advanced users. Of course, beginners can use the default settings and tools and move on to advanced tools over time. HandBrake makes sure it maintains a perfect balance between its beginner-users and advanced-users.

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HandBrake Video Converter for Windows Key Features:

  • You can select your title or chapter selections. In other words, you have an option to select individual DVD and put subtitles.
  • Convert videos into a format of your choice as HandBrake supports various video formats such as MP4, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, etc.

HandBrake Video Converter Images, HandBrake Video Converter Photos, HandBrake Video Converter Screenshots, HandBrake Video Converter Logo

  • Many subtitle versions like SRT, VobSub, and SSA are also available in this video converter tool.
  • Enhance your videos with filters like grayscale, cropping, scaling, Deblock, Detelecine, Decomb, and many others.
  • This video transcoder also supports VFR and CFR.
  • You can scan files by dividing them into batches and line up encodings in queues. Also, convert videos in batches.
  • Chapter markers are available which you can use to mark individual video chapters.
  • Whereas, you can also preview videos in live static motion.

HandBrake Video Converter System Requirements:

Operating system: Windows 7 and, 10 (64-Bit)

File size: 15 MB

Memory: 1 GB RAM

Processor: Intel Pentium

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