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HoudahSpot 5 is a free file search tool for Mac operating systems. This top file finder helps the users to detect the locations of documents, photos, videos, and even audio files. You start finding your data with a simple search. Later, you can add and combine the criteria to detect the hidden files. This best file finding software can search multiple folders at a time by excluding the undesirable locations as per your guidelines. Once the searching has finished, it displays a preview of detected files and preview matches to confirm by the user. This easy to use tool has brought the file detection at the fingertips for everyone, including beginners and novice users.

HoudahSpot 5 Review:

Download and install this smart HoudahSpot 5 free file finder for Mac operating systems to detect the documents and other multimedia files quickly. This free file searching software was designed to locate the hard-to-find data. As well as, it can keep the regularly used documents within reach. It can easily detect the files like the word processing files contains an ‘Invoice’ or ‘Estimate,’ image data that have named as ‘Logo’ and 512 pixels in size. As well as, it can find the files that have edited, modified, opened, created in the past week, and any other data that is mentioning the particular client, source code, invoice, and letter.

If you are a professional user and working with plenty of files daily, then the HoudahSpot file finder is the best choice for you to deal with the files and folders. It can find out the data by sorting with various attributes, including text, name, file extensions, recipient, image resolution, author name, and more others. It combines all the criteria to locate the files quickly. Users can customize the columns of the search list to detect the data thoroughly. Later, filter out the results to obtain the appropriate data. However, you do not need to enter complete information every time. You can save them as templates for recurring searches in the future.HoudahSpot Download, HoudahSpot Free, HoudahSpot 5, HoudahSpot for Mac, HoudahSpot File Finder, HoudahSpot Images, HoudahSpot Screenshots, HoudahSpot Logos, HoudahSpot Pictures, HoudahSpot Photos.

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HoudahSpot Free File Finder Key Features:

  • This powerful desktop search tool can give the results within seconds by typing only a few words.
  • It asks the users to add criteria to narrow the search time and give the best results. Users can refine their search results by providing valuable information like text, tags, name, date created, file size, and more others.
  • It searches several locations at a time and asks the users to define which subfolders need to include and which can exclude.
  • It customizes the results display with three options. They are viewing the results as a list, or icons, or thumbnails.
  • Users can also sort the results by folder size, file path, image dimensions, and more others.
  • It also arranges the search results into different groups based on their size, date, kind, or application.
  • The Text Preview, Quick Look, and Info Pane are shows the particular property and metadata of the files. You can also create a new file search criteria by using these details.
  • It is also offering some samples of templates such as ‘My Music,’ which has the details of the author, file name, and other information like composer, genre, lyricist, bitrate, and others.

HoudahSpot for Mac System Requirements:

  • Operating Systems: Mac Operating Systems 10.13 or later (Fully compatible with Mac 10.15 Catalina)
  • Processor: Intel, 64-bit processor

Conclusion for HoudahSpot Free File Finder:

On the whole, we can conclude that HoudahSpot 5 is a powerful file search tool that can search for all types of files, such as images, videos, documents, and many other files within seconds. It can search several folders at a time so that it gives the faster search results than many other software available out there.

If you want to download this HoudahSpot 5 free file finder software for Mac operating systems, then click on the direct download button given below the article.

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