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Want to manage all your pictures, videos, audio tracks, and other files on your Mac PC? Are you unable to find out all your favorite items quickly on your device? Want to store the multimedia files and other elements systematically? Then here is the best solution that is iFunbox. Download the iFunbox 2020 for Mac by using the download link provided at the end of this article. You can also download this iFunbox on both of your Windows and iOS devices for free of cost.

iFunbox is one of the best free file management software that works on your Mac OS X devices. Appholly manufactures this iFunbox File Manager for PCs, iPhones, iPods, iPads, and other Apple & Mac devices. Moreover, you can get the latest edition of iFunbox v4.0 with more useful features. With this free file manager, the user can easily manage all their applications, pictures, music tracks, video songs, clips, recorded files, and various multimedia files. Even you can root the file system for operating different activities quickly, such as speedier web browsing, file preview, searching the files, etc. Moreover, you can use this iFunbox as the additional storage device to store different types of files, irrespective of file formats.

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iFunbox 2020 for Mac Brief Introduction:

On our Smartphones, iPhones, PCs, tablets, and Mac devices, we store hundreds of our favorite media files, such as audio songs, videos, movies, pictures, apps, and many more. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to search and locate the wanted items on our devices. And it consumes more time and effort for retrieving that file. Mac users can also face this situation while working on their devices. In case if you are a Mac user and get rid of this problem, we are providing the best iFunbox 2020 for Mac PC. Just download and install this iFunbox on all your Mac OS X devices. From the available file management tools, this iFunbox is one of the best serving file managers for all kinds of operating systems, including Windows & iOS. Also, check out the PeaZip File manager Free for Windows 7/10.

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After launching this iFunbox Free Download on your Mac device, you can see the attractive user interface, which looks like the image below. The Add file option included on the main page of this file management software allows you to add any files, such as photos, documents, apps, etc. Apart from that, it will enable you to add the elements through drag and drop directly from the source to the iFunbox. Whenever you want, you can easily navigate those items like you do with your Windows Explorer. Also, it helps to download the applications on your Mac devices without any efforts. Let us see more features of this iFunbox 2020 for Mac.

iFunbox Free Download for Mac Advanced Features:

  • The easy navigation facility available in this iFunbox Free Download helps in locating any file quickly on our devices.
  • The upload option helps in adding new files like photos or videos or documents from PC to the iFunbox.
  • Simultaneously, you can export the files that are on iFunbox to the Mac devices with simple mouse clicks.
  • The New Folder option and Drag-and-Drop are the two methods for the users to add new items to the iFunbox 2020 for Mac.
  • You can get any application you want by browsing it on the App Store of this file management software. You can find the apps of different categories, such as business, weather, travel, sports, social networking, etc. In a word, iFunbox offers the apps that are used by 34 countries of this globe.
  • For the game lovers, it separately offers the Game Center option to manage, navigate, and browse the gaming apps for their Mac PCs.
  • Moreover, the users can make use of the thumbnail preview of all their favorite pictures. But you will get frustrated with the advertisements posted while working on it.
  • This iFunbox is structured as the cross-platform software, which means it works on multiple operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, and iOS. So, you can use this free file manager on your PCs, iPhones, iPods, iPads, and other Mac devices.

iFunbox System Requirements:

  • You need to install Mac OS X on your device to install this iFunbox.

Bottom Line:

Therefore, iFunbox 2020 is one of the best free file management software that works on your Mac OS X. With the help of this freeware file manager, the user can easily organize their files, documents, videos, music tracks, images, and others on their Mac devices. Apart from MacOS, you can Setup this iFunbox on your Windows and iOS devices. Click the following download button to start the downloading process of this iFunbox 2020 for Mac PCs.

Click here to get the link to download the iFunbox Free for Mac OS X PCs.

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