Intelligent Resizer 3.0 Free Download Trial for Mac OS

Intelligent Resizer has enabled the smart and easiest ways to change the size of images on Mac systems. This top image editing software does not crop or deform your image to reduce the size. Intelligent Resizer is offering a trial version for its users. Try this demo version before buying the full edition and know that how can you reduce or increase the size of your photos with Intelligent Resizer software.

Intelligent Resizer Overview:

If you are looking to change the size of your images, then Intelligent Resizer is the best suitable choice for Mac users. With this smart image size editing software, you can change the image aspect rate without distorting. Meaning, you can change the size of 4:3 to 16:9 (for example) without losing quality. In fact, Intelligent Resizer software holds the image so that it can display in large or small in size naturally, and it retains the original quality.

Intelligent Resizer software can also remove the space between two main objects and makes the two objects look closer than before. By adjusting the desired resolution, Intelligent Resizer can bring the two objects of an image to come close. Do you want to upload your favorite photos on Instagram? But, you are not willing to do because of the 4:3 size. Then turn all your photos into square photos and make the Instagram friendly with a few mouse clicks.

Does your group photo has spoiled because of one person? Don’t worry! Remove his object from the photo with Intelligent Resizer software and keep it with the original quality. The smart algorithms of this smart multimedia software can fold the undesired part of the photo so that the resized image looks clear and natural.Intelligent Resizer Images, Intelligent Resizer Screenshots, Intelligent Resizer Logos, Intelligent Resizer Photos, Intelligent Resizer Pictures, Intelligent Resizer Download, Intelligent Resizer Free, Intelligent Resizer.

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How Intelligent Resizer Works?

This image resizing software avoids the formation of distortion on the image screen. So, it can keep the originality of the photo even after resizing. If you want to convert a landscape picture into the square-shaped picture, then this software can reduce the space between the objects in order to reduce the size of the image. If you have asked to increase the size, then this software can increase the space between people or objects of that image. This photo resizer software is also providing a green marker and a red marker. The green marker helps you to mark the areas that you wanted to keep even after size conversion, whereas the red marker helps you to mark the contents that you wanted to delete.

Free Intelligent Resizer Key Features:

  • Intelligent Resizer software can match the aspect ratios of photos and prints.
  • It can change the space (increase or reduce) between two objects of a photo and also removes the unnecessary objects.
  • With Intelligent Resizer software, you can change the image aspects ratio.
  • You can make your photos fit into your Instagram account without cropping.
  • Intelligent Resizer is completely non-technical software. Everyone can easily use this software without any previous experience.

Intelligent Resizer for Mac System Requirements:

  • Operating Systems: Mac Operating Systems 10.7 or later
  • Processor: Intel 64 – bit

Conclusion for Free Intelligent Resizer:

On a conclusive note, we can say that Intelligent Resizer is one of the best image editing software that lets you adjust the size of the images as per your requirements. This software can reduce or increase the file size without cropping or reducing the quality of the image.

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