Internet Explorer Free Download for Windows XP/10 (32/64 Bit)

Internet Explorer Free Download for Windows is an evergreen Web Browser powered by Microsoft. It has been an excellent tool for browsing the internet. Internet Explorer 11 is the latest version of the Browser. It has also added many new features to improve the performance and fixed the issues for a Better experience of User. It has added features like pinning a tab to Windows Menu Bar, Easy Tab Management, Private Browsing, and Security Protection. Moreover, Internet Explorer for 32/64-bit also consists of advanced security tools that can block all the tracing the activities, and it also scans the web pages to recognize phishing websites and Adware.

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Why choose Internet Explorer 11?

Internet Explorer has improved the Security over Web Surfing. Also, Facilitates the User with Private Browser to use the internet to leave no traces of Credentials and browsing History. It also allows the developer view of a Website with advanced options. IE11 has improved the Visual Interface with easy navigation for Bookmarks and Downloads. The previous version of IE has added a download manager to make it more flexible to the user. The solid reasons to choose Internet Explorer Latest Version is improved web security, visual interface, and Auto-Complete the Search term.

Features of Internet Explorer Web Browser Free Download:

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Visual User Interface:

It has made few Minor changes in the UI to get a Simple and clean interface for easy browsing of the Internet.

High Performance:

IE11 has improved the Browsing Speed and all Quick Loading of Media Files.


Security Levels of Web Browser has increased, and it protects the user activities from Hackers. It also blocks the unsafe URLs before it loads. As adware programs hide in the web pages, it ‘s hard to trace the adware manually. This process requires a perfect tool to avoid unwanted web pages. Therefore IE11 added this feature.

Developer View:

Get access to the Coding side of the Web pages for Creating a Manual Search. It is also handy for web designers and developers for scanning various issues.

Private Browsing:

Avoid all the dangerous hacking threats by using a private browser. This browser does not save any user activity, even the browsing history.

Tracking Exceptions:

Apart from these features, the Internet Explorer Free Download also makes sure that all websites ask for the user’s permission before tracking activity while they browse the websites.

Internet Explorer 11 Pros and Cons:


  • Private Surfing
  • Auto-Complete on Search BOX
  • Quick Processing


  • It supports only Windows Operating System
  • Only a few extensions are compatible with IE9.

Internet Explorer 11 System Requirements:

  • It is available for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Operating System
  • It requires 1GB RAM for 32-Bit and 2GB RAM for 64-Bit
  • It also needs Disk Space of 16 GB for 32-Bit and 20GB for 64-Bit
  • Microsoft DirectX 9 Graphics card is the Minimum Requirement

Free Download Internet Explorer for Windows XP/10 (32/64 Bit)

Click the link below to download Internet Explorer 11. It is compatible with only Windows Operating System.

Windows 32-Bit

Windows 64-Bit

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