IObit Uninstaller 2020 Review for PC

This IObit Uninstaller Review contains detailed features, an installation guide, system requirements, and a link to Download IObit Uninstaller 2020 Latest Version for PC. This PC Utility is compatible with all Windows versions from Windows XP to Windows 10 and runs on both 64-bit and 32-bit configurations.

When you uninstall applications from your PC by using Microsoft’s default uninstaller, it does not entirely remove all the files. The program leaves its residue files that consume your hard disk space and cause errors while installing new programs. Also, it is impossible to remove these leftovers manually, even for professionals users. Moreover, Windows users often complain about the pre-installed bloatware programs as they cannot be removed using the default uninstaller software. 

Therefore, you require an advanced uninstaller that offers better features than Microsoft’s default uninstaller. And, we recommend you to Download IObit Uninstaller Free for Windows PC that helps you remove any application easily without leaving any residue files. Keep reading this IObit Uninstaller Review as we give a detailed explanation of all the features and a step-by-step installation guide.

IObit Uninstaller Review:

IObit Uninstaller is one of the Best Uninstaller Softwares for Windows that helps you remove any application from your PC conveniently. It even lets you remove Windows bloatware apps that came pre-installed on your new desktop or laptop. IObit Uninstaller 2020 Latest Version is the most featured freeware application with lots of advanced tools.

The User Interface of IObit Uninstaller Free is well-organized with all the features available in the left panel sub-menus. The left panel contains options like uninstall programs, install monitor, plugin manager, Windows app remover, software updater, and an action center.

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You can also see a Tools and Settings icon on the top of the screen. In the tools menu, you will find some more tools like Software Health Analyzer, File Shredder, Force Uninstaller, Uninstall History, Easy Uninstaller, and Windows Update Manager.

As you click on settings, you will find several advanced options. You can change the language of the interface, change the skin to light or dark, adjust the font size, add a quick launch hotkey, and change smart notifications settings. Besides that, you will also find options to export the installed program list and create a system restore point.

Installation Steps of IObit Uninstaller for Windows:

  • First, you have to download the uninstaller setup file by using the download link available at the end of this IObit Uninstaller Review Post.
  • Next, launch the setup from the Downloads folder or the download manager and click on Yes for confirmation.

IObit Uninstaller Review Photos, IObit Uninstaller Screenshots, IObit Uninstaller Free Images, IObit Uninstaller User Interface, IObit Uninstaller Features, IObit Uninstaller Review, Free Uninstaller

  • The IObit Uninstaller Free setup appears with a large Install button along with a Custom Install option and a language change the drop-down menu at the upper edge.
  • You can change the language if required, then click on the Custom Install option.
  • Here you can change the default destination folder by pressing the browse button. You will also get options to create a desktop icon and pin IObit Uninstaller to the taskbar. After making your selections, click on the Install button.
  • Next, the setup will show an advertisement and ask whether you want to download any additional software. Click on the Skip button and proceed further.

IObit Uninstaller Review Photos, IObit Uninstaller Screenshots, IObit Uninstaller Free Images, IObit Uninstaller User Interface, IObit Uninstaller Features, IObit Uninstaller Review, Free Uninstaller

  • The installation will take 1-5 minutes depending on your system configuration.
  • After completion, you need to click on the Finish button and launch the application using the desktop shortcut icon.

Keep Reading this IObit Uninstaller Review, where we give a detailed explanation of all the features.

IObit Uninstaller 2020 Features:

Advanced Uninstall:

With IObit Uninstaller, you can uninstall any stubborn program from your computer. After uninstalling a program, it runs a deep scan on your hard disk to find any leftovers and remove them, including the Registry Entries. It presents you with a list of all the installed programs and their developers, size, installed date, an uninstall icon.

Moreover, you can click on the Details button to see further details like the software version, installed path, and official domain link. You can uninstall programs in bulk by selecting multiple applications and clicking on the uninstall button. There are also sub-menus like Bundle-ware, Recently Installed, Large Programs, and Infrequently Used. 

Install Monitor:

Install monitor is an advanced feature in this IObit Uninstaller Software. While installing a program, it monitors the installation to see what changes the program is making on your computer. So, when you uninstall the program, IObit can remove all the files from all locations without any leftovers. 

Software Updater:

Having outdated softwares on your Windows PC is risky as they lack security updates. Hackers can exploit outdated programs to hack into your computer. Most users find it a time-consuming process to find and install updates for individual software. Therefore, The Free Uninstaller for Windows offers a software updater feature.

It shows you a list of all the outdated applications installed on your PC along with its current version number and new version number. You can select specific programs or all programs and click on the Update button. IObit Uninstaller automatically updates the softwares one by one from their official website.

Toolbar and Plugin Manager:

You can manage all the toolbars and plugins of all your Web Browsers in a single window. It lists all the plugins along with their description, details, and user rating. You can easily remove multiple useless add-ons with a single click.

Windows Apps Remover:

Latest Versions of Windows Operating System comes with lots of pre-installed applications. Some of the apps such as Paint 3D, Skype, Bing Weather, 3D viewer, Office hub, One Note, Xbox App, Maps, etc. are not useful for many users. Moreover, these apps slow down your computer to an extent, and it is also not possible to remove them with the default app uninstaller. Therefore, you can use IObit Uninstaller, which will help you remove all the pre-installed bloatware without any issues. It lists all the Windows apps with their size and user rating. You can uninstall the apps individually or in bulk.

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Software Health:

This feature analyses all your installed software to find uninstallation leftovers, outdated softwares, and malicious plugins. You can click on the details options to see all the leftovers files, and you can remove them all by clicking the delete button. 

Easy Uninstall:

In case you didn’t find any specific app in the all program’s list, you can use the Easy Uninstall feature to remove the app with ease. As you click on the Easy Uninstall option, it will place a cross-hair on your desktop screen. You need to drag the cross-hair onto any application that you wish to delete. You can find transparency settings and exit option by right-clicking on it.

Force Uninstall:

If you are having trouble uninstalling a specific program, you can use the force uninstall option. Usually, you cannot uninstall a program if any of its files are in use by background services. The force uninstaller forcefully stops the background services temporarily and removes the application by force.

Uninstall History:

The Free Uninstaller Software shows a list of all the programs uninstalled along with the uninstalled date, size, and status. You can click on the Details option to see a brief history of the software and the files removed.

File Shredder:

The Free File Shredder by IObit Uninstaller Free helps you delete confidential or secret files entirely from your hard disk. Also, it is impossible to recover the files/folders deleted by IObit File Shredder even by using advanced recovery software. You can click on the add file or add folder buttons or simply drag and drop the files to delete.

Windows Updates Manager:

Windows keeps updating frequently and occupy your disk space with all the updates. Therefore, the Windows update manager helps you delete unwanted updates of Windows OS to free up disk space. Moreover, you can select only specific updates or all the updates as per your preference.

IObit Uninstaller Review Photos, IObit Uninstaller Screenshots, IObit Uninstaller Free Images, IObit Uninstaller User Interface, IObit Uninstaller Features, IObit Uninstaller Review, Free Uninstaller

Action Center:

The Action Center by IObit Uninstaller shows a list of recommended apps to optimize your PC like driver booster, anti-malware, opera browser, game booster, smart defrag, and more. You can install any of the programs with a single click.

Smart Notifications

IObit Uninstaller for PC monitors any changes to your Windows computer and notifies you immediately. You get notifications when you are unintentionally installing any bundle-ware programs and malicious plugins. It also sends you a notification when there are any updates available, when the installation disk space is less than 10%, or when the installation log is created. Furthermore, You can customize the notifications or disable them in the settings menu.

System Requirements to Download IObit Uninstaller for PC:

As discussed before in this IObit Uninstaller Review, the best uninstallation software is compatible with all Windows versions.

  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP (32 & 64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or Later
  • RAM: 512 MB Memory or More
  • File Size: 21 MB
  • Hard Disk: 200 MB of free disk space

Conclusion of IObit Uninstaller Review:

To Conclude the IObit Uninstaller Review, I would say that it is the Best Free Uninstaller for Windows PC. It not only helps you uninstall the programs but also removes all the residue files. Moreover, it lets you delete Windows apps and provides force uninstaller feature to remove stubborn apps.

Besides that, it provides lots of other tools like Installation Monitor, File Shredder, Easy Uninstaller, Software Updater, Browser Plugin Manager, Uninstall History, Health Analyzer, Window Update Manager, and more.

Click on the below-given link to Download IObit Uninstaller 2020 Free Latest Version any try out all the Features. Moreover, the Free Uninstaller supports both 32 and 64-bit operating systems.

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