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In this System Mechanic Review, we will discuss all the features in detail, provide a step-by-step installation & setup guide, required system specifications, and a link to Download iolo System Mechanic 2020 Free. This System Utility includes PC Optimization Tools, Privacy Guardian, Password Manager, and a Malware Killer. Moreover, iolo System Mechanic Free runs on Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 Operating System on both 64-bit and 32-bit configuration.

As you use your PC for a couple of years, you will start facing issues like system slow-down, PC getting freeze very often, running out of free hard disk space, getting slow browsing speed, and more. It is due to the junk and temporary files filled on your hard disk. Therefore, you need a System Optimizer to solve all your issues automatically with a few clicks. Hence, Download iolo System Mechanic for Windows that not only helps you optimize your PC but also protects your privacy and remove malware from your PC.

System Mechanic Review:

System Mechanic is an advanced and one of the best optimizer tools for Windows PC. It has four modules that are System Mechanic Optimization Tools, Privacy Guardian, ByePass Password Manager, and Malware Killer. It scans your PC deeply to find out junk files, temporary files, and unnecessary files to clean your disk space as well as enhance your system performance. 

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The user interface of the iolo System Mechanic is simple to understand and use. It has four menus on the top and their sub-menus on the left panel. On the title bar, you will find some more options like color themes, interface language, SafetyNet, settings, product information, and help. All the tools are available in the sub-menus, which are discussed in detail later in this System Mechanic review.

How to Install iolo System Mechanic Free?

Follow the step-by-step procedure to install the iolo System Mechanic Free.

  • First, download the setup file by using the download link provided at the end of this System Mechanic Review post.
  • Then you need to launch the sm download manager from your Downloads folder and click on Yes.

System Mechanic Review Images, System Mechanic Screenshots, iolo System Mechanic Photos, iolo System Mechanic User Interface, iolo System Mechanic Features, iolo System Mechanic Review, PC Optimization Tool

  • Next, the iolo download manager will download the software asks you to save the System Mechanic installation file on your hard disk.
  • Click on yes and save the installation file in the required folder.
  • The iolo setup starts and asks you to select the language. Select English or your required language and click on the Next button.
  • Next, you can click on the Install button to install System Mechanic in the default destination folder.
  • Or, click on the custom install option and click on browse to choose a different installation folder. Then, click on the Install button to begin the installation process.
  • The iolo setup will take less than a minute to extract all the files to the installation folder.
  • Finally, you can select the option to start System Mechanic and click on the Finish button.

System Mechanic Review Images, System Mechanic Screenshots, iolo System Mechanic Photos, iolo System Mechanic User Interface, iolo System Mechanic Features, iolo System Mechanic Review, PC Optimization Tool

Setting up System Mechanic:

  • As you launch the System Mechanic Software, it asks you to Analyze your PC.
  • It takes a few minutes for System Mechanic to Analyze your PC, then it asks you to activate the product to resolve the issues.
  • You can go to the iolo Getkey page to get the free version activation code.
  • There you can choose to get the Free Version code or Pro Trial Version code (So, you can try all the features for 30 days). Also, you need to enter your email ID, where the activation code will be sent.
  • You can enter the activation key and click on the repair all button to optimize your PC.

Keep reading this iolo System Mechanic Review for a detailed explanation of all the features.

System Mechanic 2020 Latest Version Key Features:

Deep Scan:

System Mechanic 2020 Latest Version offers a Deep Scan option that scans your PC in-depth and finds all the junk files. It scans and shows you the number of junk files and registry issues present in your computer. It also recommends you defragment the hard drive, if necessary, and shows the percentage of the free memory available on your hard drive. Besides that, it also checks for deceptive & unwanted programs installed on your computer, internet junk & temporary files, Windows security items, and other issues.

Clean PC:

You will find the tool option in the System Mechanic Toolbar Menu. It provides tools to clean internet files, Windows files, Windows Registry, and Uninstall Programs. You can also use the All-in-one cleanup tool that will remove temporary files, invalid registries, run history, java temporary files, log files, broken shortcuts, browser cache files, temporary application files, and other useless files.

Moreover, it also shows the number of files found and the memory occupied. You can even make the selection manually before deleting the files. It also contains an advanced uninstaller that shows the list of installed programs along with their publisher, installation date, size, and version number. You can select and uninstall unnecessary applications in bulk without leaving any leftovers.

System Mechanic Review Images, System Mechanic Screenshots, iolo System Mechanic Photos, iolo System Mechanic User Interface, iolo System Mechanic Features, iolo System Mechanic Review, PC Optimization Tool

Speed up PC:

The Speedup option contains tools that help you improve internet speed and system performance. The Net Booster tool helps you speed up your internet browsing and lets you fully customize internet settings. The Disk Defragmentation tool allows you to defrag selected partitions or an entire hard disk so that the processor can load the files quicker. It analyses your hard drive and presents the result in a pie chart diagram. 

The Memory Mechanic tool shows a graphical representation of your RAM and the memory in use. You can defragment your PC’s RAM with a single click to improve its speed and stability. The program Accelerator helps you re-align application data on your hard disk to improve the access speed. Moreover, it has a Startup Optimizer tool that allows you to disable programs from starting automatically to enhance the Windows startup speed.

PC Protection:

The PC Protection tools help remove deceptive and unnecessary programs from your PC to prevent hacking and unauthorized access. The Security Optimizer tool scans your Internet Explorer, Windows Services, and Network for any potential threats. Furthermore, it includes an Incinerator tool that works as a file shredder to permanently delete files/folders from your hard disk.

Windows Recovery:

The Windows Recovery option has a system troubleshooter tool that helps fix common PC troubleshooting problems with hardware, programs, sound devices, etc. It also has a System Restore tool that enables you to undo your recent actions and take your PC back to its proper working condition. Moreover, the best tuneup utility also lets you reset your computer to factory settings by reinstalling Windows OS. Also, you can choose to keep your files like photos, softwares, videos, documents, etc. or delete everything as per your wish.

Manage Windows Settings:

The Last option in the System Mechanic Toolbar Menu offers a super control panel that lets you customize your Windows settings. It provides you all the Windows settings on a single page and allows you to modify them. Moreover, it also groups similar settings and presents you in a drop-down menu style. You will find hundreds of settings in groups like internet options, mouse settings, power options, account settings, administrator tools, region settings, and more.

System Mechanic Review Images, System Mechanic Screenshots, iolo System Mechanic Photos, iolo System Mechanic User Interface, iolo System Mechanic Features, iolo System Mechanic Review, PC Optimization Tool

Active Care:

The Active Care feature by System Mechanic Free automatically resolves all system issues. Once you enable the Active Care option, it will repair registry problems, eliminate dangerous programs, defragment system drive, remove internet junk files, removes Windows junk files, browser cache, broken shortcuts, and more automatically.

Live Boost:

The Live Boost menu contains Real-time boost and on-demand boost options that instantly boost your PC’s performance. It shows you the core usage, speed, and responsiveness in a graphical view. The on-demand boost helps you temporarily increase the PC performance by closing background apps and services to give you better gaming performance. Moreover, you can also enable the RAMJet, AcceleWrite, and OptiCore options to boost and enhance the performance.

PC Security:

As we discussed earlier in this System Mechanic Review, besides cleaning your PC, it also takes care of your privacy and security. The System Mechanic 2020 Latest Version checks whether your Antivirus and Firewall are running fine. It shows all the possible errors and lets you change the Antivirus and Windows Firewall Settings to match your preferences.

Privacy Guardian:

The Privacy Guardian provides several tools that protect your privacy and online activities from hackers and other cyber-criminals. The Privacy Shield tools prevent other programs and users from sharing your data online. It also blocks websites and third parties from tracking your browser history and disables location tracking services. Moreover, you can enable the Active Care feature in Privacy Guardian Menu that automatically clears all your tracks and stops targeted ads.

It scans all your browsers and lists the number of privacy items detected, which you can clear with a single click. The Privacy Guardian Menu also contains a Private Search tool that works as an incognito browser. You can surf the internet anonymously using the private search browser using the Duck Duck Go Search Engine.

System Mechanic Review Images, System Mechanic Screenshots, iolo System Mechanic Photos, iolo System Mechanic User Interface, iolo System Mechanic Features, iolo System Mechanic Review, PC Optimization Tool

ByePass Password Manager:

The ByePass password manager securely stores all your passwords and login credentials safe from cyber-criminals and other users. You can also store your confidential information like credit card details, banking details, and more. To keep your data secure, you need to save it in the ByePass Password Manager instead of storing it in Notepad or Word files. Moreover, you can integrate the free password manager into your Chrome or Firefox Web Browsers so that it can automatically fillup the data when you are trying to log in on a website.

Malware Killer:

System Mechanic is not only an Optimization Tool as it also protects your PC from Malware. You can scan the entire hard drive or specific folders for malware like viruses, spyware, adware, and more. It immediately places the detected malware and suspected items in the quarantine. Therefore, you can verify and take action on whether to delete the items permanently or restore them. Moreover, you can also add specific files to the exclusion list to exclude from the scanning process.

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System Requirements to Download iolo System Mechanic 2020:

As we discussed at the beginning of this System Mechanic Review, the iolo optimization tool runs only on Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 Operating Systems. Also, check out the other system requirements before you download the program.

  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or Later
  • RAM: 512 MB Minimum (2 GB Recommended)
  • File Size: 2 MB
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB of free disk space
  • Internet connection required for product activation.

Conclusion of iolo System Mechanic Review:

To Conclude the System Mechanic Review, I like to say that it is one of the most advanced PC Optimization Tools for Windows. It also comes with a Privacy Guardian, Password Manager, and Malware Removal tools. It helps you clean, speed up, and protect your PC files as well as manage Windows settings. 

Moreover, it even protects your privacy, and the Active Care feature automatically takes care of your PC. Besides all that, it offers several features like Advanced Uninstaller, Disk Defrag, NetBooster, Incinerator, Super Control Panel, and many more.

You can start optimizing your PC by downloading System Mechanic 2020 by clicking on the below-provided link or download button. Moreover, you can Download iolo System Mechanic Free for Windows 10, 8, and 7 running on 32 or 64-bit processors.

–>>”Download System Mechanic for Windows“<<–

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