IPVanish VPN Full Version Free Download for Windows PC

IPVanish VPN free download is the most sophisticated Virtual Private Network software allows you to surf the internet anonymously. The users who want to use the security software can download it by clicking on the download button at the end of this article. The best VPN software Free Download tool is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. In addition, the IPVanish VPN for Windows supports to work on both x86 (32-Bit) and x64 (64-Bit) architectures.

What is meant by Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

The Virtual Private Network is also known as VPN used for the users to browse the internet safely and securely. It provides a security layer in connecting to the remotely located servers which are in different countries like the US, Canada, Boston, etc. The software is also used to encrypt the data while transmitting through the VPN.

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IPVanish VPN Free Download Full Version Overview:

When you’re browsing the internet, with the help of IP address, the hackers or spies will hack your system and capture the personal information. By this, your privacy leaked into the outside world. In order to overcome this problem, you have to protect your browser history from all the threats. And also, the users have to surf the internet by hiding their IP address. For doing all these things, you require the best and popular VPN software. And we recommend you the top-most IPVanish VPN software for better service. With the help of IPVanish VPN, you can protect the personal information of all the unauthorized users. The IPVanish VPN helps in hiding the IP address while you’re surfing the internet. When you’re opening different websites, the links directly saved in history. But in this software, it does not store or record any action performed by the users.

IPVanish VPN for Windows 7/10/8 Features:

  • IPVanish VPN consists of simple and intuitive applications which can easily use by all types of users.
  • The user will turn into anonymous when he/she use the IPVanish VPN software on their PCs. The IP address cannot be visible to others while surfing the internet.
  • Moreover, by using the VPN full version, the user can secure all the private data like documents, passwords, usernames, etc.
  • If you come across any censored websites and want to access those websites, then it can be possible by using the IPVanish VPN software. You can open and access all the restricted or censored websites freely without any issues.
  • The database of the IPVanish VPN contains almost 40K Shared IP’s and more than 1000 servers in different countries. You can also download the AVG Secure VPN for Windows.
  • With the help of AES-256 encryption technology, the VPN free download for Windows can safeguard your personal data like documents from all the hackers or ransomware attacks.
  • Immediately after connecting to IPVanish VPN, the software hides your real location by replacing your IP address with the temporary IP address.
  • You can connect to everything in the world without any limits and anywhere from the world.
  • With the inbuilt security tools, you can safely connect to the public Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Some of the VPN software records the user’s activities but, you no need to worry while using the IPVanish VPN. It does not record your activities while you’re browsing the internet.

IPVanish VPN Full Version System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32/64-Bit)
  • RAM: 512 MB or More
  • Processor: Pentium IV or Higher

Click the below-provided download button to download & install the IPVanish VPN on your Windows PC.

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