IrfanView Photo Viewer for Windows 10 64 Bit

Download IrfanView Photo Viewer for Windows 10 64bit, which helps you open any image file format faster and provides lots of other features. The Multimedia Software lets you view images as a slideshow, cut/crop, convert, as well as edit photos quickly. 

Windows comes with a pre-installed Image Viewer, but it is slow and does not support many file formats. Therefore, Download IrfanView, which is an excellent alternative for Windows photo viewer. 

IrfanView Photo Viewer for Windows 10 Overview:

Initially, it was introduced as a simple Photo Viewer in 1996, but Irfan Skiljan developed it into a fully-featured multimedia suite in the coming years. You can view all images in a folder in slideshow mode, save images in another format, copy, move, rename, add text, watermark, crop borders, rotate, flip, resize, add frames, make color corrections, and many more.

There has been no change in the user interface except for some additional tools in the toolbar and menu bar. The user interface is kept simple so that non-technical can use it for viewing images and performing basic operations. You can see a menu bar at the top with all the advanced tools and features useful for advanced users. 

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Followed by the menu bar, there is a toolbar and a large dark screen where the images are displayed. The status bar at the bottom shows the image’s relevant information like dimensions, pixels, size, created data, color depth, and more. You can quickly zoom in and zoom out using mouse actions or by using the toolbar buttons.

Besides being the best photo viewer and editor, IrfanView sizes significantly less and requires fewer system resources. Moreover, the Free Photo Viewer is compatible with all versions of Windows Operating Systems, starting from Win 95 to Windows 10.

IrfanView 64 bit Version Key Features:

Graphic Viewer:

IrfanView Photo Viewer is also called IrfanView Graphic Viewer as it capable of opening any image format, including GIF and ICO files. It supports all image file formats like BMP, JPEG, GIF, TGA, TIFF, RAW, TGF, and more. Besides that, it is capable of opening GIF, ICO, Flash, Text, and other Graphical file formats. Moreover, by downloading additional plugins, you will be able to play MPEG, MP3, MIDI, and other media files.

Image Converter:

IrfanView Photo Viewer for Windows 10 has a built-in Image converter that helps you convert any image file to other image formats like RAW, TIF, TGA, JPG, JNG, JP2, PBM, and many more. You can also convert image files into ICO (Windows Icon) format. Converting images is a simple process as you just need to open and image and click on the Save As button in the toolbar. 

IrfanView Photo Viewer Images, IrfanView Image Viewer, IrfanView for Windows Photos, IrfanView 64 bit Screenshots, Free Photo Viewer, Photo Editor, Download IrfanView Screenshots, IrfanView User Interface

It shows a window where you need to select the file format, destination folder, and change the file name if necessary. It also provides lots of other options like setting the image quality, disable chroma color, keeping original data, setting maximum file size, and more.

Insert Text/Watermark:

The Free Photo Viewer lets you add text on your image with advanced options. While adding your text, you can append copyright, date, and time as well. You can choose the font style, size, color, background color, text alignment, and more. Moreover, you can also add an overlay/watermark to your image by selecting a screen position and transparency percentage. It also provides you a preview option to see the changes in real-time.

Customize View:

Advanced users can even customize the look of the Free Photo Viewer. Under the View menu, you can decide to show or hide particular toolbars or icons. You can make IrfanView 64 bit user interface more simplistic by hiding the menu bar, toolbar, and status bar. You can add or remove items from the toolbar as per your necessity. 

Batch Conversion/Rename:

The Batch Conversion or Rename option lets you convert or rename multiple files at the same time. Click on the Batch Conversion/Rename option in the File Menu. Next, you can select multiple files from a different folder or same folder and click on Add. After adding all the files to the list, you can choose the output format, enter a name pattern, and click on start. Moreover, under the advanced conversion option, you get to resize, crop, change color depth, rotate, flip, and make changes to all the selected images simultaneously.

IrfanView Photo Viewer Images, IrfanView Image Viewer, IrfanView for Windows Photos, IrfanView 64 bit Screenshots, Free Photo Viewer, Photo Editor, Download IrfanView Screenshots, IrfanView User Interface

Edit Image:

Under the Image Menu, you will get basic and advanced editing options to enhance and modify your photos. You can rotate clockwise/anti-clockwise or add a custom angle to rotate precisely. Moreover, you can flip horizontally or vertically, resize by pixels or percentage, change the canvas size, add borders or frames, add shadows, rounded corners, and more.

Color Corrections:

Under the same Image Menu, you will find options to make color corrections with several advanced tools. You can increase/decrease color depth, convert the pic to greyscale, negative image, balance brightness, hue, gamma, and more. Moreover, you also get to add effects, swap colors, replace colors, sharpen images, insert speech bubbles, and many more options.

Printing Options:

The Windows Image Viewer has only a few options when it comes to printing. In the Windows photo viewer, you can only select the layout, choose the number of copies, fit picture to frame, and select the paper size. But IrfanView Photo Viewer for Windows 10 offers advanced printing options like changing custom height, width, and scale, adding margin, change to portrait or landscape, add headnote & footnote, and many more.

Paint Toolbox:

You don’t have to open the image separately in MS-Paint, as IrfanView 64 Bit offers you all the Paint tools. You need to go to the Edit menu and click on Paint. A new toolbar appears with options like a paintbrush, clone tool, color replacer, text tool, arrows, shapes, fill color, color picker, straighten tool, and many more.

IrfanView Photo Viewer Images, IrfanView Image Viewer, IrfanView for Windows Photos, IrfanView 64 bit Screenshots, Free Photo Viewer, Photo Editor, Download IrfanView Screenshots, IrfanView User Interface


HotKeys in IrfanView for Windows makes it easy for you to navigate and perform actions. You can check the list of hotkeys by going to the Help menu and clicking on Keyboard Shortcuts. You can also make use of mouse functions. Furthermore, you can use the mouse scroll to view previous or next images, hold the right-click button to pan, and use left click to select an area & zoom.

Also, check out and Download ImageGlass Free Image Viewer Windows 10.

Few More Features of IrfanView for Windows:

Besides all the fantastic tools and features mentioned above, you can get more options.

  • You can change the thumbnail of an image efficiently and conveniently. 
  • There is also an option to add multiple images and create a Panorama.
  • Moreover, you can split images into several tiles by setting the number of rows and columns.
  • You can set the image as your desktop background directly from the IrfanView application.
  • IrfanView Photo Viewer for Windows 10 provides an option to set the photo viewer on top of other windows.
  • Furthermore, IrfanView for Windows is available in more than 20 Languages.
  • You can download the Plugin IrfanView Shell Extension to integrate IrfanView options in the right-click context menu.

System Requirements to Download IrfanView Image Viewer:

You can Download IrfanView Image Viewer for any Windows PC as it takes less space on disk and does not require much system resources.

  • Operating System: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32 & 64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium III or Later
  • RAM: 128 MB Memory
  • File Size (Standard Version): 3.5 MB
  • File Size (With All Plugins): 27 MB
  • Hard Disk: 50 MB of free disk space
  • Developer: Irfan Skiljan

Conclusion of IrfanView for Windows:

In Conclusion to IrfanView for Windows, it is the Best Photo Viewer and Photo Editing Software. It is lite, freeware, offers several premium tools, and takes fewer system resources. IrfanView 64 Bit Version is the best alternative for the slow and less-featured Windows default photo viewer.

The user interface is neat as all the options are hidden in the menus so that both new users and professionals find it convenient to use. You can convert images, split into tiles, make panorama image, change thumbnail, batch rename, and perform lots of activities. You can crop, rotate, resize, flip, make color corrections, use paint tools, and more. Moreover, you can use it to open any image as it supports almost all image formats, including GIFs, ICO, and Flash wave files.

You can click on the given link to Download IrfanView Photo Viewer for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP. Also, advanced users can download it with all plugins included.

–>>”IrfanView 64 bit Standard Version“<<–

–>>”IrfanView 64 bit with All Plugins“<<–

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