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From K7 Computing, K7 Antivirus Premium is one of the Windows security solutions that provides advanced protection against virus threats. The users can secure home PCs with K7 Antivirus Premium Free Trial to guard your PC against online dangers & cyber crimes. Whereas K7 Antivirus setup is easy to use for new & advanced users, which is hassle-free. This best antivirus software is available in both free & paid versions at affordable prices. Before purchasing the full version, test K7 Antivirus Premium till the trial period 30-days over. It is free to use, safe on Windows (32/64-bit) that you can afford. If you decided to trial 30-days Antivirus, hit the below-shown download button to receive the K7 Antivirus Premium setup file for free.

–> For advanced security, click here to download K7 Ultimate Security WindowsK7 Secure Web, Free K7 Total Security software for enhanced online security.

With K7 free antivirus, you can also clean your infected USB drives that run on autorun malware programs. K7 vulnerability scanner scans each file to search infections to identify system weaknesses in computers. Moreover, it features antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit, anti-malware tools to detect & remove all sorts of viruses. Its inbuilt firewall application controls all input & output access to protect system application communications. So, your network connections will be secure & protected from external users (hacker’s access). K7 Antivirus Premium Free Download provides some security features that help to keep your PC healthy & safe.

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K7 Antivirus Premium Latest Version Download Description

Well, every PC deserves an antivirus software to detect & removes viruses. The virus is either computer made/human-made of any form which tries to access your system data and corrupt them with its infection capabilities. Sometimes malicious files delete your valuable files and access your system data instead. They can use your system to made attack on another computer. So, you need to maintain an antivirus solution & ensure the virus signatures are up-to-date.

While considering the list of antivirus programs, K7 Antivirus Premium Free Trial is an essential antivirus software to guard your PC against unknown viruses. It is a good investment for home PC users as it comes at affordable charges. Along with K7 Antivirus Premium, K7 security features K7 Antivirus Plus, K7 Total Security advanced security software for K7 computing. You can trial all K7 software products to evaluate the performance of protection levels. The software doesn’t require much tech knowledge, and it is a handy application that gives easy access to effortlessly.

User-friendly UI:

Its friendly interface provides an overview of your PC while you need to move to the next modules for a detailed report of security suites. The application features multiple virus scanners directed to scan the whole PC, common critical areas,  drives/folders, USB drives, etc. Besides, you can change the scan settings, manage & schedule the scans, moves suspicious files to quarantine manager & other events. Free K7 Antivirus Premium latest version has browser protection feature for the safe web, monitors behaviors of all system applications, exploit protection.

Additionally, it has a real-time scanner to detect & stop all active threats before they reach your PC. Overall, K7 Antivirus Premium Free Download gives essential antivirus protection for Windows PC as it assures its powerful security tools. In fact, K7 designed to simple and clear as well as, K7 creates no impact on your device performance.

USB Protection & Enhanced Smart Firewall:

Another advantage of K7 security is its USB vaccination. With the help of the feature, you can plug in your external devices like USB/drives to scan & clean autorun malware infections. Thus, you can secure your system files from USB infections, which damages your essential system files.

The intelligent firewall protects the entire network from all ingoing & outgoing network attacks. The smart firewall shields your network from unauthorized access before they reach your PC, which acts as a gate to your computer.

Run a Virus Scan with K7 Antivirus Premium Free Trial:

As stated, K7 features quick, custom, complete, rootkit, and vulnerability scanners to check your computer for viruses. Although, it scans for abnormal changes in your PC modified by virus attacks. K7 Antivirus Premium also scans websites to track your identity for enhanced protection. Look at the below example to get an idea of K7 Antivirus Premium,

K7 Antivirus Premium Logo, K7 Antivirus Premium Images, K7 Antivirus Premium Pictures, K7 Antivirus Premium Photos, K7 Antivirus Premium Screenshots, K7 Antivirus Premium Snapshots

K7 Antivirus Premium Trial 30 Days System Requirements:

  • Windows 7/8/10
  • Intel/AMD 1.2 GHz for 32 Bit and 64 Bit CPU
  • 512 MB RAM
  • At least, 400 MB hard disk space
  • Requires Administrator user rights to install the software
  • Publisher: K7 Computing Pvt Ltd

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