Kaspersky Internet Security Free Download for Windows 7/10

Kaspersky Internet Security for Windows 7/10 is the software that helps you to protect your system from all kind of e-threats. You can get Kaspersky Internet Security full version for Windows and it works on various operating systems. The software will provide you a variety of security functionalities such as firewall, anti ransomware tool, password manager etc. The advantage of this product, you can download it for free only and it is very useful to the home users. Not only that, this program will protect your files with advanced encryption to avoid new arising ransomware attacks.

The software provides you a gamer mode which can help you to block unnecessary ads and popups to play games as well as execute your system applications without disruption. This program will observe your system activities from the background to prevent suspicious actions on them. With the help of this tool, you can browse the internet in private mode and your surfing will be invisible to hackers and third parties. Additionally, it doesn’t allow to stores your search history to avoid trackers.

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When coming to the user interface, it will provide you an intuitive interface that supports easy access to everyone. On the main window, it contains multiple panels and every panel has a variety of security functions like a scanner, safe money, parental control etc. It provides you a selective scan mode which can help you to scan the specific files and folders whatever you selected. The parental control mainly assists you to block suspicious categories and you can set time restrictions on web access to the specific users.

This program will protect your multiple devices with the help of its single account. It has a vulnerable scanner which can help you to discover outdated programs in your system to avoid security holes as well as dangerous exploit kits. If you connected the harmful external drive to your system, it doesn’t allow sharing the data between the USB drive and system to prevent autorun infections.

Kaspersky Internet Security Latest Version for Windows 7/10 Features:

Anti Phishing:

The software provides you an anti-phishing tool which can help you to block harmful web pages and links before you click on them. Additionally, it doesn’t allow open suspicious content and attachments to protect your entire email account from cyber attacks.

Secure Connection:

The secure connection mainly helps you to create a private network when you perform internet activities. Additionally, your online transactions and social media activities will be invisible to hackers. This program won’t store your browsing history to maintain privacy from the third person.

Password Manager:

It offers you a password manager which assists you to store your personal information as well as passwords in the secure vault. In addition to this, it enables you to create strong passwords which can’t identify by hackers.

Network Protection:

This program built with an effective firewall that will help you to protect your network access either internal or external. The main thing about this function, it will give permission to only trusted applications to access your network.

How to Setup Kaspersky Internet Security for Windows:

  • Prior to installation, you can download Kaspersky Internet Security for Windows. Then open it on your system and click on the Run button.
  • After that, it shows a window and you need to click on the continue button. To start the installation process you can click on the Install button.

  • Then, it starts the installation process and after completing the entire process you need to click on the done button.

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Kaspersky Internet Security System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP/7/8/10 (32Bit and 64Bit)

RAM: 1GB or Greater

Hard Disk Space: 150MB Needed

Processor: Intel Pentium or Later

How to download Kaspersky Internet Security Full Version for Windows:

Click on the below button to download Kaspersky Internet Security for Windows. It is compatible with multiple Windows versions.

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