LogMeIn Review 2020: Free Alternative to TeamViewer

Through LogMeIn Review 2020, we want to explain various features of the remote desktop software such as unlimited remote access, remote printing, file transfer, and many more. Moreover, by reading this article, you will also understand why this remote access software is very popular as the Best Free Alternative to TeamViewer. To get full information about remote control options, you need to go through LogMeIn Review from top to bottom. Along with this, you can also share your screen with your friends, family, and colleagues to let them view all your desktop activity. You do have the feature to allow your colleagues or technicians to take control of your PC. By doing so, this free remote desktop software allows users to resolve multiple issues in their PC or even access the files on which you have worked.

After reading the entire LogMeIn Review 2020, you can move to the bottom of the article and click on the download button to receive the .msi file of LogMeIn Pro for Windows 10/7/8 (64-bit). In addition to this, LogMeIn Pro also supports Mac 10.12 and later versions.

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Is LogMeIn Safe to Use?

Through the LogMeIn Review 2020, we would like to explain some of the security features of the program that make it the most secure remote access software. Moreover, this desktop sharing software also includes two-step verification that prevents unauthorized access by using the password of the program and even checks your identity through a text message or even with the help of an authenticator app present in your smartphone. More importantly, users do have the option to add their devices to the list of trusted devices to which no unauthorized users will have access. Further, the IP filtering feature in the program can allow users to create multiple profiles that can allow or restrict access to any host device from select IP addresses. Additionally, this software is also capable of secure you from phishing scams, malware attacks, and even keyloggers.

Why do we need Alternatives to TeamViewer?

At times, professionals who work for clients might have to work with a proxy server. In such situations, they might want to enter the proxy server details and start using it, but TeamViewer doesn’t allow it. For this reason, we would like to let users know that LogMeIn Pro for Windows 10/7 includes options to enter the details of the proxy server, such as username, password, address, and port number. So LogMeIn is the best alternative to TeamViewer to access the proxy server, and it also includes a user-friendly interface.

LogMeIn Review Free Trial 2020:

LogMeIn, Inc has developed LogMeIn remote access software to help users transfer files and even print documents to any local printer. In the article LogMeIn Review 2020, we will discuss some of the popular products developed by LogMeIn, Inc. Some of the products designed by this organization include Rescue, Pro, Central, GoToMyPC Remote Desktop, LastPass, and many more. Central and Rescue are specially meant for advanced users of remote support software LogMeIn Pro. The Pro edition of this remote desktop includes features such as access and manage remote PC. More importantly, the Central edition of this of the program also consists of antivirus software that can provide advanced protection ransomware, malware, and even various other threats. Along with this, we also want users to know that LogMeIn Pro is available as a 14-day free trial, and after completion of the trial period, you will have to purchase it by choosing the appropriate plan that best suits your needs.

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LogMeIn for Windows 10/7 Features:

Screen Sharing:

Through LogMeIn Review 2020, we would like to ask you if you have ever shared your Windows or Mac computer screen with other users? There are multiple instances in which users might be willing to share their computer screens to let others view any tasks performed by them.

With the help of a screen sharing feature in LogMeIn Pro for Windows 10/7, users can quickly collaborate with their colleagues by letting them view a series of steps performed to complete a task. By doing so, users on the other side can see all the activities performed by mouse and keyboards. As a result, following the troubleshooting steps becomes more comfortable than ever before.

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Access Files and Applications:

Did you ever feel like you are unable to access your files and applications that are available in your office computer or home PC? Earlier, when there were no remote desktop applications available in the market, people used to carry their files in the portable devices or even email their files to themselves or others in order to avoid missing out those files.

In the article LogMeIn Review, we wanted to tell users LogMeIn Pro for Windows 10/7 allows users to quickly access any file or folder present in their remote PC. Along with this, it also lets users make use of any application by taking remote PC access.

Remote Printing:

Have you ever tried printing your office documents, images, and other files in different formats to the local printer? At times, people feel transferring files to the local PC, sending emails, or carrying them in USBs is a waste of storage space. In order to avoid wastage of storage space, experts advise users to get a remote access tool that can allow them to print different files to a local printer of their choice.

By reading the LogMeIn Review 2020, users will get to know that this LogMeIn Pro allows users to access any of their files available in remote devices and print them to any local printer that is available in their location. As a result, you can avoid downloading files twice from email IDs to save plenty of disk space.

Unlimited Remote Access:

Did you ever try providing multiple users access to your desktop screen? At times, managers and team leaders in organizations might want to offer various employees access to their screens for different reasons. In such situations, if the ordinary remote support software allows only a limited number of remote sessions, it becomes tough for the rest of them to follow what’s happening, and it would waste time for managers and team leaders. So to avoid such situations, several remote access tools have come up with a feature known as unlimited remote access.

Through LogMeIn Review 2020, we want to let users know that LogMeIn Pro for Windows 10/7 allows users to provide unlimited remote access to other users so that they avoid wastage of time. This feature is also beneficial educational institutions who would like to provide remote access of their device to an unlimited number of students. Moreover, the multi-monitor display feature also lets users access several computers without moving away from their local device. We advise you to read the rest of the features that are available in LogMeIn Review, as you can take maximum benefit of them to gain huge knowledge about the remote access tool.

Mobile Remote Control:

Have you ever been in a situation in which you might have placed all your files and folders in the office computer or home PC and were unable to access them when you were on the way to some other location? Several users across the world are unable to access their files and folders while they are moving from one place to another.

To help users access their files and folders from remote PC while they are traveling, LogMeIn for Windows 10/7 allows users to access their files and folders from their mobile devices. Through, LogMeIn Review, we also want to let users know that they can even print documents to local printer by using their smartphone.  

Wake On LAN:

When most of us move away from our PCs, we likely shut down the computer to avoid damages to the PC when there are severe power fluctuations. But if the device is switched off, most ordinary remote access tools would not allow you to access the PC. In order to overcome such situations, several top-class remote desktop tools have introduced wake on LAN feature that can turn on your device even if you are away from your PC.

Through LogMeIn Review 2020, we would like to let users know that LogMeIn for Windows 10/7 allows them to turn on their remote PC to connect to it even when they are away from their device. So, they don’t have to keep their PC switched ON even when they are away from their device.

Remote Reboot:

At times, employees of various organizations can forget to turn off the devices due to various reasons. In such circumstances, it becomes very tough for administrators to visit the devices to power off them. In order to help administrators to power off or reboot the devices, LogMeIn for Windows 10/7 enables them to reboot the device or even switch it off when it is not in use.

Session Recording:

In several instances, when users provide remote access of their device to unknown technicians, they might misuse it to indulge in a crime or perform some mischievous activity. In order to track all the activities performed by the technicians on the user’s device, LogMeIn for Windows 10/7 allows users to record and save the video. In the article LogMeIn Review 2020, we wanted to tell users that they can record videos to formats RCREC and AVI. In addition to this, it also lets users choose any location of their choice to save those recorded videos. Users do have the option to delete the older videos if the folder size exceeds the specified limit.

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LogMeIn System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (64-bit).
  • Hard Disk Drive: 100 MB of free space.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or later.
  • RAM: 512 MB Memory.
  • Developer: LogMeIn, Inc.

How to Download and Install LogMeIn Pro for Windows 10/7:

Step 1:

To get LogMeIn Pro for Windows 10/7, you can click on the download button that is available at the bottom of the article.  

Step 2:

Once you have downloaded the file, you can double click on the downloaded installer package. Immediately after that, you will find a pop-up that would ask you to run the program, click on the run, and choose appropriate options to begin the installation process.

Step 3:

Once you are done with the installation process, you will be able to find the main interface of the program.

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