ManyCam for Mac Free Latest Version 2020

ManyCam for Mac is an advanced Desktop Tool that helps you capture snaps, record videos, attend conferences, stream live, and more using your Webcam. ManyCam Free Latest Version 2020 has added several new features that make it one of the Best Webcam Software for Mac PC.

Though your Mac laptops come with a pre-installed Free Webcam app, it lacks several features. The default Webcam application by Apple can be useful for basic operations like making video calls to friends and family. Whereas, ManyCam takes your Webcam experience to the next level by offering lots of unique features to make your video conversation more exciting and engaging.

ManyCam for Mac Overview:

ManyCam for Mac is a free Webcam application that helps you perform live streaming and video conferences, as well as communicate with family and friends for free. The Free Latest Version of ManyCam added several features like chroma key, virtual background, live stream, picture-in-picture, and many more. Most of the educational institutions also use this Free Webcam Software to held online classes on holidays. Also, you can attend an interview, stream on YouTube, or have a video conversation with your colleagues, friends, and family. Though most of the features are available only in the premium version, you still get lots of unique features in the Free Version.

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ManyCam Latest Version 2020 Key Features:

Interactive User Interface:

The user interface of ManyCam Latest Version looks very simple, but all the features are hidden in the right panel of the dashboard. The large central screen shows the image from your Webcam surrounded by basic operations like Start Recording, Live Streaming, Capture, Mic Volume, Full Screen, Color Correction bar, Zoom, and other controls. The right panel contains menus that are Presets, Audio, Draw & Text, Time, Chroma Key, Effects, Gallery, and Favorites. It also includes a settings button on the upper right corner of the screen that contains all the advanced settings.

Audio Settings:

ManyCam for Mac lets you modify and alter the audio settings. You can adjust the mic and speaker volume as per your necessity. Also, you can enable the noise suppression and audio monitoring options. Moreover, you can adjust the dual audio settings while playing multiple videos in PIP mode.

Draw and Text:

Drawing tools comes in very handy while conducting online classes or making tutorial videos as you can illustrate your audience more precisely. Also, you can add different types of shapes with different colors and sizes. You can even add text to your video while streaming online. You can add a static text or add scrollable subtitles as well. Moreover, you can choose the text font, style, color, and position.

Time & Clock:

You can add the current time to your video even while live streaming. It lets you adjust the size, color, and position of the clock on the screen. Also, you can add a stopwatch and timer to your video to make it more engaging.


The Effects menu contains backgrounds, face masks, filters, face accessories, overlays, distortions, borders, stickers, GIFs, and many more. Moreover, you need to install the face detector mode plugin so that the face masks and accessories move along with your face. There are already hundreds of items in the Effects menu, and you can download more using the Get More button.

ManyCam for Mac Images, ManyCam Latest Version Screenshots, ManyCam Photos, ManyCam, Free Webcam, Best Webcam Software


Though the Chroma Key and Virtual Background options are available only in the premium version, you can still add unique backgrounds by using the effects menu. By default, there are only a few backgrounds available in the Effects menu, but you can get more by using the download button. For utilizing the background effects, you need to have a plain background and follow the onscreen instructions.

Lower Thirds:

The Lower Thirds feature lets you add a title and a subtitle at the bottom of the screen to make it look like a professional video. ManyCam Free Version enables you to add multiple lower thirds as well as offers several themes.

Picture-in-Picture (PIP):

The most fantastic feature of ManyCam Free Version is the Picture-in-Picture mode. Here you can add another video or picture on the bottom left corner of the screen. It is helpful when you are streaming gameplays or making tutorials or conducting classes. The Free Version supports only two frames, but by upgrading to the premium version, you can add up to 12 frames.

In the PIP Frame, you can choose to add previously recorded videos from ManyCam or any other device like smartphones and cameras. Also, you can display the full desktop screen or custom area. Moreover, you can add media files from your PC or YouTube URL as well.

Live Streaming:

ManyCam for Mac also supports live streaming where you can share your Gameplay, or other activities live with the audience on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, or any custom server. Moreover, you can modify the settings and pick the Encoder, Video bitrate type, Quality, and Audio bitrate.

Live Video Settings:

While recording the video using your Webcam or streaming online, you can make video settings such as Zoom in/out, Rotate Clockwise/Anticlockwise, and Flip Vertical/Horizontal. Also, you can pick the FPS from 5 to 60 and customize the video resolution. Moreover, you can also make color corrections like adjusting the brightness, contrast, hue, and RGB using the sliders.

ManyCam for Mac Images, ManyCam Latest Version Screenshots, ManyCam Photos, ManyCam, Free Webcam, Best Webcam Software


ManyCam for Mac makes it more convenient for users to operate the program by using the HotKeys. You can add hotkeys to start/stop recording, add transitions, show/hide overlays, select drawing tools, take a snapshot, pause/resume, quit, and more. Furthermore, you can personalize and set custom hotkeys as per your convenience.

System Requirements for ManyCam Free Version:

  • Operating System: MacOS X 10.11 and higher
  • Processor: Intel Mac
  • RAM: 2 GB Memory
  • File Size: 37 MB
  • Hard Disk: 200 MB of free disk space
  • Developer: Visicom Media

Final Words on ManyCam for Mac PC:

I like to conclude that ManyCam Free is one of the best WebCam softwares for Mac PCs. It lets you record videos, capture, as well as stream Live. Also, the Picture-in-Picture (PIP) mode allows you to add a video overlay of your Gameplay, desktop, media files, as well as YouTube Videos. 

The Effects menu lets you add terrific backgrounds, face masks, face accessories, lower thirds, stickers, objects, GIFs, video filters, and much more. You can Draw and highlight sections of your video, as well as add text and clock overlays. Moreover, you can make live video settings by altering the FPS, resolution, and color corrections.

Click on the below-given link or download button to Download ManyCam for Mac Free Latest Version 2020.

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