Mozilla Firefox 2019 Latest Version Review

All of you know that, for surfing the internet, you require web browsing software. But how many of you are well aware of the best web browsers in the present market. There are multiple numbers of browsers, such as Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, Maxthon, Edge, etc. Chrome and Firefox places in the first position because those two web browsers are the most used software all over the world. In this article, we are going to discuss the review of the latest version of Mozilla Firefox 2019.

Brief Introduction to Mozilla Firefox 2019:

Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation together developed the Firefox Web Browser in the year 2002. It is one of the lightweight, faster, secure, and reliable browsing software when compared with other tools. The developers of Firefox had written the code in such a way that it works on multiple operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, Android, and others. Apart from that, the user-friendly and straightforward interface benefits the users to use the software very easily.

How to download Mozilla Firefox on your PC?

To download the Mozilla developed Firefox browser, the user needs to follow the below steps carefully.

  • First of all, click the download button provided at the bottom of this article and download the file on your desired path.
  • It takes a very few seconds to finish off the downloading process. After that, double-click on the executable file to begin the installation.
  • Follow the step-by-step process and complete the setup process.

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  • Finally, you can view the attractive user interface of Mozilla Firefox.

Overview on Firefox’s User-Interface:

The user interface or UI design of Firefox is hassle-free because the developers want to provide a smooth browsing experience to all the users (both novice and professionals). Like other browsers, it also contains Go Back and Go Forward buttons to jump one page backward and forward, respectively. Besides that, you will find the reload button to refresh the current web page. Next, the home button helps the user to go back to the home page from any web page. The “+” icon helps you to add the tabs in the current window. You can type the query or URL in the address bar.

Mozilla Firefox Images, Mozilla Firefox Pictures, Mozilla Firefox Photos, Mozilla Firefox Screenshots

In the right-side corner, you’ll find three vertical bars that contain different options like Bookmarks, Downloads, History, Recent Highlights, etc. Even it includes all these options in the main menu, but for quick access, Firefox provides shortcut icons for these options. Even the Firefox included the Sidebars icon to view full information about the bookmarks, history, and synced tabs at the left side of your browser. Also, you can move this Sidebar to the right side. The Mozilla Firefox gives a new preference to Facebook, and that’s why it provides you the Facebook Container icon at the top-right corner. Interested users can visit the Top 10 Browser Software for Windows 7/10.

Finally, you can view the Open Menu button (three horizontal bars) at the top-right corner. It contains a huge number of options and tools which finish off your work smoothly and quickly. Some of them are Zoom, Edit, Add-ons, Library, Print, New Window, New Private Window, Restore Previous Session, etc.

Mozilla Firefox Latest Version (2019) Key Features:

  • Faster Browsing:

The most user-attractive feature of this Firefox is its fastness. Yes, if you want to browse the internet with more fastness, then without any second thought, download the Firefox browser on your device. When compared with other browsers, Firefox loads webpages with 44% fastness so that you do not come across any slow page loading issues.

  • Lightweight Browser:

Nowadays, the users are preferred to use small-sized files on their devices because they are downloading multiple tools on their PCs. By this, the hard drive space is decreasing gradually. Keeping this thing in mind, the Mozilla Firefox developers developed the software with less size. Firefox uses 30% memory when compared to its opponent Chrome.

  • Private Window or Incognito Mode:

The Private Window, along with the inbuilt anti-tracking tool, protects the identity when you’re surfing on the Firefox browser. By using this Incognito mode, you can hide your activities and online identity so that no hacker can point you. By using this mode, it does not store web searches, download history, cookies, and cache. The anti-tracking tools help in avoiding the tracing issues done by unwanted users or strangers.

  • Synchronize your Devices:

By creating a Firefox account, you can connect or synchronize all your devices like PCs, Tablets, Smartphones, etc. The main advantage of this feature is accessing bookmarks or history or any other files in any of the synced devices.

  • Extensions:

The Mozilla Firefox supports hundreds of extensions, which help in browsing the internet faster. Some of the extensions are Grammarly, AdBlocker, KeePass, etc.

  • Themes:

The user interface of Firefox changes according to your wish. Yes, with the help of inbuilt themes and skin colors, you can modify the interface and browse with more effectiveness. It allows you to create your desired templates to make your interface more attractive.

  • Task Manager:

With the help of the inbuilt task manager tool of Firefox, you can get to know the memory used by every window opened on your browser.


Overall, Firefox is the top-best web browsing software that allows the user to surf the internet very easily. With all the included features, options, and tools, Firefox is the most used browser all over the world. Due to internal issues like not updating with the latest versions, adding more bookmarks, and others, you can face some sought of inconvenience while browsing the web.

Click here to get the link to download the Mozilla Firefox for Windows PCs.

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