10 Must Have Apps for Windows 10 in 2020

Either you bought a New PC or using an old one, you need to install these Top 10 Must Have Apps for Windows 10 in 2020. Here we have collected some of the best apps that you need to install on your Windows 10 PC. Windows 10 includes lots of pre-installed applications but does not satisfy user needs because of their limited features.

Therefore, check out and install the recommended Must Have Apps for Windows 10. Moreover, all the apps we listed below are freeware, and you can download them by using their respective download links. Note that these apps are also compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 Operating Systems on both x32 and x64 bit configurations.

List of the Must Have Apps for Windows 10 in 2020:

  1. Antivirus & Security – Avast Free Antivirus
  2. Internet Browser – Google Chrome
  3. PC Optimizer – CCleaner Free
  4. Office Suite – Libre Office
  5. Media Player – VLC Media Player
  6. Backup & Recovery – EaseUS Todo
  7. Driver Updater – IObit Driver Booster Free
  8. Archiver – 7Zip
  9. VPN – Windscribe
  10. File Copier – TeraCopy

Top 10 Must Have Apps for Windows 10:

1. Antivirus Security Software – Avast Free Antivirus:

The first thing you need to do after getting a new desktop or laptop is to Download Antivirus Software. Antivirus Software is one of the Must Have Apps for Windows 10 that protects your PC and valuable files from both online and offline threats. Though there are hundreds of antivirus and antimalware apps available on the internet, Avast is the best and free antivirus software for Windows 10.

Must Have Apps for Windows 10 Screenshots, Free Software for Windows, Avast Free Antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus Key Features:

  • Avast Free Antivirus consumes lesser resources compared to other Antivirus Softwares and runs the scan in the background so that you can do your work uninterrupted.
  • It is the Best Antivirus Software for Windows that protects you form all Malware threats like viruses, spyware, ransomware, adware, Trojans, rootkits, bugs, and more.
  • It has five scan modes that are Smart Scan, Full-Virus Scan, Targetted Scan, Boot-Time Scan, and Custom Scan.
  • Moreover, it keeps the virus database up-to-date and runs in real-time to block emerging malware.
  • The PUA Shield feature removes and prevents potentially unwanted programs from leaking your data.
  • It also blocks harmful, malicious, and inappropriate websites/links from loading to protect your privacy.
  • Avast Free Antivirus has a built-in ad-blocker that blocks unwanted ads that also improve the page loading speed and save internet data.
  • Furthermore, it has a Browser Tracking Blocker feature that prevents websites and hackers from monitoring or tracking your online activities.
  • Avast detects and sends suspicious files to the virus chest (Quarantine) so that it does not infect or damage other data.
  • Moreover, it also scans for outdated apps in your Windows and lets you update them easily.
  • Furthermore, Avast Free Antivirus has a built-in password manager that lets you store your usernames, email IDs, and passwords safe in the secure vault.
  • All these security features and 98% virus detection rate makes it one of the Must Have Apps for Windows 10, 8, and 7 PCs.

–>>”Download Avast Free Antivirus for Windows“<<–

You can also check out and download its alternative Kaspersky Antivirus for Windows PC.

2. Internet Browser – Google Chrome: 

Without an Internet Browser, you cannot browse the web or download files. Therefore, after securing your PC with the antivirus software, you need to download a web browser. Windows 10 comes pre-installed with its internet browser, but most users prefer not to use to because of its slow speed, limited features, and security issues.

Most of the web browser apps are Free Software for Windows, but Google Chrome is the best and most used web browser all around the world. The Chrome Browser by Google is one of the Best Apps for Windows 10 and stays on top of the browser’s list because of its speed and security.

Must Have Apps for Windows 10 Screenshots, Free Software for Windows, Google Chrome Browser

Key Features of Google Chrome Web Browser:

  • Chrome is one of the Must Have Apps for Windows 10 that lets you browse the internet fastly and securely.
  • One of the top features of Google Chrome is the Incognito Mode, which helps you browse the web securely without saving your online activities.
  • The user interface of Google Chrome is simplified for easy use, and it also loads your webpages much faster than other browsers.
  • Also, Chrome has a built-in Task Manager that displays the data consumption and CPU usage by each tab and extension.
  • Chrome is a stable web browser, and unlike other browsers, it does not crash or slow down your system.
  • Moreover, you can perform multitasking as you can open multiple tabs and work simultaneously. 
  • Google Chrome 2020 Latest Version introduced a feature where you can Pin an important tab so that you do not close it accidentally.
  • It allows you to perform small calculations like multiplication, addition, division, and subtraction by entering the numbers in the address bar.
  • Even if you accidentally closed a tab, you can use the keyboard shortcut Shift + T to reopen it.
  • Moreover, you will find several features like zoom in/out the webpage, print, save webpages in HTML, bookmark favorite websites, and more.
  • You can also add useful extensions/add-ons from the Chrome Store like ad-blocker, video downloader, and hundreds more for free. You will also find lots of free themes in the store to customize your Chrome Browser.
  • Furthermore, it also lets you synchronize your bookmarks, stored passwords, and more with all your devices.

–>>”Download Google Chrome Web Browser for Windows“<<–

You can also check out for its alternatives like Mozilla Firefox and Opera Web Browser.

3. PC Optimizer – CCleaner:

If you own a Windows PC, sooner or later, you will require a PC Optimizer or TuneUp utility to keep its performance stable. Optimizers are the Must Have Apps for Windows 10 that help you in many ways. They clean up junk, terminate unnecessary services, optimize your PC performance, and remove traces from your browser. They also help you speed up and improve the computer’s performance. Therefore, we suggest you install CCleaner Free Version, which is one of the best free optimizers for Windows.

Must Have Apps for Windows 10 Screenshots, Free Software for Windows, CCleaner Free

CCleaner Free Version Key Features:

  • One of the best things about CCleaner is that it has a simplified user interface, which makes it easy for new users to use it.
  • The PC Optimization tool is a freeware and is also available in Portable Version.
  • The PC Health Check feature scans your entire PC and shows errors in privacy, space, speed, and security. Moreover, beginners can resolve all these issues with a single click.
  • It helps you remove Windows temporary files like junk files, recent history, memory dumps, Windows log files, clipboard data, and other useless files.
  • Moreover, the built-in registry cleaner tool scans the Windows Registry and removes invalid, broken, or useless entries to improve the system’s stability.
  • CCleaner for Windows 10 also lets you remove leftovers or residual files left behind by uninstalled programs.
  • The built-in advanced uninstaller by CCleaner helps you remove unwanted applications conveniently from your PC.
  • The Free Software for Windows also provides a software updater tool that allows you to update all outdated programs at once to improve system security.
  • Furthermore, CCleaner lets you clean application cache and internet files like temporary files, website cache, cookies, browsing history, and more to protect your privacy.
  • CCleaner is an all-in-one suite with several smaller utilities like startup manager, duplicate finder, disk analyzer, plugin manager, drive wiper, cookies manager, advanced task manager, and more.

–>>”Download CCleaner Free for Windows“<<–

4. Office Suite – Libre Office:

Libre Office is a productivity tool and the best alternative for Microsoft Office. Most users may not find it useful, but it is one of the Must Have Apps for Windows 10 users. Windows 10 comes with a pre-installed MS-Office suite, but that works only for a few days as it is a trial version. Office Suites are not only helpful for professionals or business users but also home users. Check out all the features of this free office suite.

Must Have Apps for Windows 10 Screenshots, Free Software for Windows, Libre Office Suite

Features of Libre Office Suite for Windows PC:

  • Libre Office lets you read, edit, and create all types of documents such as Word Doc, PowerPoint Slides, Excel Sheets, PDF, and more.
  • It supports all types of documents created from other office suites like MS Office, Google, OpenOffice, WPS Office, etc.
  • The user interface is kept compact to give you more space to work as all the options are hidden in the menu bar.
  • Moreover, it provides hundreds of font styles, clip arts, and templates in its library.
  • You can open a Word file and save (convert) it to other document formats.
  • Also, it provides plenty of graphs, shapes, and tables to improve your productivity.
  • You can also use hundreds of pre-installed formulas in excel sheet.
  • Furthermore, the built-in grammar checker tool highlight wrongly spelled words and incorrect sentences so that you can rewrite and correct them.
  • Another fantastic feature of the Libre Office is that you can open PDF documents and make necessary editings.
  • Download Libre Office Free for Windows 10, 8, and 7 PC and check out all the fantastic features by clicking the below link.

–>>”Download Libre Office Suite for Windows“<<–

5. Media Player – VLC Media Player:

VLC Media Player is one of the Must Have Apps for Windows 10 and other versions. The Windows Media Player by Microsoft supports only a few major media file formats and does not provide much usability. Therefore most users lookup on the internet to find out a better alternative. VLC is considered one of the best free media players that have over a million users worldwide. If you are not a VLC user, check out its features and download it by clicking on the given link.

Must Have Apps for Windows 10 Screenshots, Free Software for Windows, VLC Media Player

Key Features of VLC Media Player:

  • VLC supports almost all media formats and is able to run any audio or video file.
  • The open-source freeware media player has all the necessary codecs pre-installed, but you can further install third party codecs and plugins to increase the usability.
  • VLC Media Player even can play HD, Full HD, 3D, and 360 degrees VR videos conveniently.
  • Moreover, you can record your favorite scene or part of the video as well as capture snapshots quickly with the help of keyboard shortcuts.
  • It is a lite and freeware media player that can run even on low-end PC without consuming much system resources.
  • Besides that, VLC offers several hidden tools such as audio equalizer, CD ripping tool, video downloader, media converter, podcast manager, and many more.
  • Furthermore, the user interface of VLC looks simple, but it is a powerful media player with unique features.
  • With VLC media player, you can also increase the audio volume up to 200 percent, adjust the video brightness, hue, contrast, saturation, put it always on top, adjust transparency, set video as desktop background, and much more.

–>>”Download VLC Media Player for Windows“<<–

You can also check out and download the alternatives for VLC media player such as GOM Media Player and PotPlayer for Windows

6. Backup & Recovery – EaseUS Todo:

Your computer stores lots of data such as songs, movies, office documents, family pics, confidential documents, the camera recorded videos, and much more. But your hard disk is delicate, and there are chances of losing your data due to various unexpected circumstances.

Most users complain about losing their valuable data due to sudden power loss, error while transferring files, hard disk failure, operating system malfunction, virus attacks, or accidental deletion. Therefore, it is wise that you back up and store your confidential data, office documents, memorable family pics, and other valuable data in multiple places for easy recovery. EaseUS Todo Free is one of the Best Apps for Windows 10, using which you can backup & recover data conveniently without any loss.

Must Have Apps for Windows 10 Screenshots, Free Software for Windows, EaseUS Todo

Main Features of EaseUS Todo Backup & Recovery Free Version:

  • EaseUS Todo helps you backup your valuable data and restore it easily when required.
  • It allows free users to backup up to 16 TB of data.
  • You can choose to backup selected files, folders, disk partitions, or entire hard disk.
  • Moreover, you can even backup system drive with Windows OS so that you can use the OS on other devices or the same device after formatting.
  • You can choose the destination location as other partitions, external hard disk, Pendrive, CD, DVD, or any other storage device.
  • Furthermore, EaseUS Todo Backup & Recovery software also lets you store the backup directly on cloud storage.
  • One of the useful features of EaseUS is that you can clone an entire disk along with OS and user settings.
  • Also, you can schedule the software to backup your data at the given time.
  • Moreover, you can also protect your data from hackers and other users by encrypting it with a password.

–>>”Download EaseUS Todo Backup & Recovery Free“<<–

You can also back up your data directly in cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox. Note that they provide only limited storage space for free users. You can also check out and Download Paragon Backup and Recovery for Windows, which is an excellent alternative for EaseUS.

7. Driver Updater – IObit Driver Booster

It is also essential to keep your drivers update to improve your PC’s performance and stability. Even if you bought a new device, there are chances that you have old drivers. Having outdated drivers also cause your PC to crash and heat up frequently. Therefore, Download this Free IObit Driver Booster that helps you keep all your drivers up to date.

Must Have Apps for Windows 10 Screenshots, Free Software for Windows, IObit Driver Booster

IObit Driver Booster Free Features:

  • IObit Driver Booster scans your PC and presents the list of all the outdated drivers.
  • You can select the drivers to install or click on the Update Now button to updates all drivers.
  • Moreover, all the driver updates are genuine and prevent your system from malfunctioning or crashing.
  • You can check the version and release date of your old drivers as well as the latest drivers.
  • Also, Free Software for Windows shows the components that are using that particular driver.
  • IObit Driver Booster has a built-in game booster that temporarily boosts gaming performance by stopping useless background processes and services.
  • Furthermore, it checks your system and fixes errors like no sound output, bad resolution, network failure, and more.

–>>”Download IObit Driver Booster Free“<<–

8. Archiver – 7Zip:

Archiver Softwares are getting useful these days as most of the files you download comes in compressed (ZIP, RAR, etc.) format. While WinRAR and WinZip are two of the most popular Archiver tools, they are not freeware. Therefore, we recommend you Download 7Zip, which is a handy Utility for Windows and the best free alternative for WinRAR and WinZip Archiver.

Must Have Apps for Windows 10 Screenshots, Free Software for Windows, 7Zip Archiver

7Zip Free Archiver Key Features:

  • 7Zip not only helps you extract Zip files but also lets you compress and create archives easily.
  • With the help of LZMA & LZMA 2 Algorithms, the 7Zip archiver is able to compress your data about 70 percent.
  • Moreover, it supports more than 12 archive file-formats, including RAR, MSI, ISO, CAB, ZIP, and more.
  • It allows you to create archives in TAR, ZIP, XZ, BZIP2, GZIP, WIM, and 7Z formats.
  • Also, it is available in over 85 languages.
  • 7Zip is a lite software that takes less than 5 MB of your hard disk space after installation.
  • It lets you protect your Archives with a password encrypted with the AES-256 algorithm.
  • Furthermore, it is integrated into Windows so that you can compress or extracts files/folders quickly from the right-click context menu.

–>>”Download 7Zip Archiver for Windows 64-bit“<<–

–>>”Download 7Zip Archiver for Windows 32-bit“<<–

9. VPN – Windscribe:

Virtual Private Network lets you guard your privacy when surfing online. As cyber-crimes are increasing every day, it is essential that you use a secure network while browsing the web. There are several VPN services, but most of them are available in paid versions, and the free VPN providers do not offer many features. Among the free VPN services, we recommend you to download Windscribe.

Must Have Apps for Windows 10 Screenshots, Free Software for Windows, Windscribe Free VPN

Key Features of Windscribe for Windows PC:

  • Windscribe VPN is one of the Free Best Apps for Windows 10 that is easy to set-up & use.
  • Windscribe has servers in more than 100 cities in over 60 countries. 
  • The ROBERT feature in the latest version lets you block websites by categories, like malicious, gambling, social network, inappropriate, etc.
  • You can also block websites by their URL or domain name.
  • Moreover, Windscribe offers a split tunneling feature, using which you can decide which programs should and should not connect through the VPN.
  • The kill switch feature prevents identity leak by disconnecting your from the server when the VPN network drops.
  • Also, it protects your privacy and chats with AES-256 encryption while using public WiFi.
  • Furthermore, you can unlock Geo-restricted content and watch them from anywhere on the earth.
  • Windscribe hides your original identity when you are surfing online and showcases a fake one to protect your privacy, making it one of the Must Have Apps for Windows 10.

–>>”Download Windscribe Free VPN“<<–

10. File Copier – TeraCopy:

TeraCopy is an alternative for Microsoft’s built-in file copier that comes with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. Transferring files is a basic activity performed on a PC, and most of us use the default Windows file copier. The cons of using the default Windows copier is that it transfers data slowly. Also, you cannot pause or resume transfers, and it lacks other features. Therefore, download TeraCopy that helps you transfer files faster and provides useful features.

Must Have Apps for Windows 10 Screenshots, Free Software for Windows, TeraCopy

Key Features of TeraCopy:

  • TeraCopy transfers your file faster than the default file copier.
  • It skips invalid, corrupted, and damaged files for later without stopping the transfer process.
  • Moreover, TeraCopy is integrated into Windows and automatically starts when you perform file transfers.
  • You can pause and resume the data transferring process as well as queue the files as per your preference.
  • When copying duplicate files, it shows the thumbnails of both the files and lets you take action.
  • You can also set the option to put the computer to sleep or shut it down after the file transfer.
  • Furthermore, it stores all the transfer history for a week for future reference.

–>>”Download TeraCopy for Windows“<<–

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 10, 8, and 7 (32 & 64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or Later
  • RAM: 512 MB Memory

Conclusion on the Must Have Apps for Windows 10:

In Conclusion, either you are a non-technician or a professional user, you need to download and install these Must Have Apps for Windows 10, 8, and 7 PC. These apps will keep you secure from malware, hackers, and protects your privacy from cyber-criminals.

Besides that, Best Apps for Windows 10 includes Security Software, Media Player, VPN, PC Optimizer, Office Suite, Archiver, Driver Updater, Internet Browser, and Backup Software. All these Applications are free to download and helps you in your day-to-day activities.

Therefore, Download the Must Have Apps for Windows 10 in 2020 by using the given download links. Moreover, there are some more essential softwares for Windows you need to install, such as Screen Recorder, Password Manager, Audio/Video/Image Editor, Email Client, Recovery Software, and more. You can Download all these Free Software for Windows from our website.

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