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MyPadlock Password Manager 1.0 is the well-designed password management software. The free password manager helps you to keep all your passwords in a simple and secured location. It uses the 128-bit AES encryption to keep your password safe, and it cannot be accessible by anyone. Download free version MyPadlock Password Manager with free of cost from our website collection. The MyPadlock Password Manager works with Windows all versions. It supports 32-bit and 64-bit configurations.

Overview of MyPadlock Password Manager:

You may have many accounts like Gmail, Facebook, bank accounts and many other accounts. If you want to login into accounts, you need to have the passwords. But, you can not remember all your passwords. If you create the same passwords for all accounts which leads to a big problem.  Most of the people create the file and store the files in unencrypted form. It may safe until your system or laptop will be stolen. Some of the people create the easy to remember passwords which make it easier for hackers to guess the passwords. So, you need to keep your passwords safe with the best password management software.

The MyPadlock Password Manager is the best password keeper which allows you to store all passwords in a secured location. It can lock the stored passwords with the master key. If you want to access the stored passwords, you need to have the master password. So, you always need to remember the master key. Moreover, it secures your passwords by encrypting with an AES 128-bit encryption algorithm. Furthermore, it creates the file on your hard drive and encrypted with a strong algorithm. It cannot be decrypted by anyone even developer of the MyPadlock.

The Password Manager is a simple, easy and secure password manager to keeps your passwords safe. The MyPadlock Password Manager has the simple and easy to use interface. It is easily understood by all types of users even new beginners. Moreover, you can install free security software on limited system memory. Download the free MyPadlock Password Manager full version, lets you keep your passwords safe. You can also try the mSecure Password Manager Download Free Latest Version.

MyPadlock Password Manager Full Version for Windows Key Features:

  • The MyPadlock Password Manager is designed with a simple and user-friendly environment. All types of people can easily understand the application.
  • Moreover, it creates the files and keeps all your passwords in your computer hard drive and encrypted with AES 128-bit encryption.
  • Well, the file is encrypted with your password, you get access to rest of the passwords with a master password.
  • The MyPadlock Password Manager will not show your passwords on screen. You can directly drag and drop them into the application login.
  • Additionally, the best security software cannot install any other spyware and malicious programs on your PC.
  • Furthermore, it cannot send any of your information over the web. All data is yours and stored on your computer only.

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  • When you log in the MyPadlock application, after five minutes no usage of the application, it can lock back up to secure usernames and passwords.

MyPadlock Password Manager System Requirements:

  • Operating Systems: Windows server 2008, XP, 7, 8, and 10(both 32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Processor: Pentium II or Later
  • RAM: 512 MB of Memory
  • Hard Disk Drive: 50 MB of free space required

MyPadlock Password Manager Conclusion:

Overall, the MyPadlock Password Manager is simple and easy to use application. It helps you to store all passwords in a file and locked with a master password. Additionally, it uses the AES 128-bit encryption algorithm to secure passwords from hackers.

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