NANO Antivirus Free Edition Download for Windows

NANO Antivirus Free Edition is the free download software that will protect your system from all kind of virus relevant hazards. You can get Nano Antivirus full version for Windows and it supports with multiple operating systems. This company offers you various products such as NANO Antivirus Free and NANO Antivirus Pro. When compared to those products, the free edition has a few basic functionalities and it is definitely useful to the home users. It has a real-time protection mode which can help you to block known and unknown malicious actions in the proactive mode.

By using network protection, it will support to execute your system applications in the secure mode. It has the ransomware protection tool that will assist you to protect your sensitive documents from unauthorized encryption and that supports to recover your lost files without paying ransom money to cyber criminals by using its backup functionality. The program includes a gamer mode which can help you to play offline as well as online games without interruption by blocking unnecessary notifications. It has a process monitor which can examine current running processes to avoid suspicious actions on them.

NANO Antivirus, NANO Antivirus Download, NANO Antivirus Free Download

This program comes with an intuitive user interface that supports easy access to everyone. The main window consists of various security functionalities such as system guard, quarantine and express scan, etc. With the help of quarantine mode, it will prevent your essential files and folders from unauthorized modifications by moving them to the secure place. The software built with an auto scan method which can help you to scan your entire system if you schedule the time. It is very light on system resources and that doesn’t impact on your system performance. By using cloud protection mode, it will detect new emerging threats in an easy way. You can execute this application without installation because it is portable. Not only that, you can protect your multiple devices with the help of its single license key.

The Main Features of NANO Antivirus Full Version for Windows:

File Protection:

With the help of File Protection, it will block unwanted file activities in the proactive mode. Additionally, it doesn’t allow potentially harmful programs which can try to spoil your entire system.

Secure Browsing:

This program will provide you secure online activities by blocking suspicious links as well as web pages. Not only that, it will give you an alert if you are trying to download a harmful file into your system.

USB Protection:

By using USB Protection, it will mainly protect your entire system from autorun infections which comes from harmful USB drives. This program will give you an alert when you are trying to insert a suspicious USB disk into your system.

Heuristic Analyzer:

The software offers you a heuristic analyzer which can help you to prevent your system from known and unknown malicious threats. Not only that, it supports to execute your system programs in the virtual environment to avoid unknown attacks.

How to Setup NANO Antivirus Latest Version Download for Windows:

  • Before installation, you need to download NANO Antivirus for Windows and open it on your system.
  • Then, you can choose your language and click on Next. After that, it shows a setup wizard and you can click on Next. Then, you can accept the term and conditions.

NANO Antivirus, NANO Antivirus Download, NANO Antivirus Free Download

  • After that, you need to select the installation process and click on the Install button. Then, it starts the installation process as shown in below.

NANO Antivirus, NANO Antivirus Download, NANO Antivirus Free Download

  • Then, you can click on the Finish button. If you want to get the full version, you need to register your details with NANO Antivirus account.

NANO Antivirus, NANO Antivirus Download, NANO Antivirus Free Download

NANO Antivirus System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP/7/8/10 (32Bit and 64Bit)

RAM: 1GB or Greater

Hard Disk Space: 300MB Needed

Processor: Intel Pentium or Later

How to download NANO Antivirus Full Version for Windows:

Click on the below button to download NANO Antivirus for Windows. It is compatible with multiple Windows versions.

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