Norton Password Manager Review (2020) for Windows

Norton Password Manager Review:

Did the strangers target your usernames & passwords to unlock your bank accounts? Are the ransomers trying to take over your private documents from your PCs? Are you unable to create unhackable keys to your online accounts? Want to remember all your login credentials easily? Then here is a one-stop solution for all your problems that is the password management software. For that, we are presenting the Norton Password Manager Review. You can download the Norton Password Manager on your Windows. Or else you can add it to the Chrome Browser by getting it from the Chrome Web Store.

Norton Password Manager 2020 for Windows is one of the best password management software that safeguards the passwords from all kinds of security attacks. By this free password manager, you can add all your private information and passwords to the secure vault and lock it with the secure master password. Thus, no unauthorized user can steal your keys and access the online accounts illegally. You can download this password management tool on different top best web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Moreover, this Norton Password Management Software is compatible with top operating systems, such as Windows, iOS and Android OS.

Importance of Password Manager for Windows PC:

Generally, we perform all our digital transactions on our web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc. For getting into our account, we provide authorized usernames and passwords. What if those passwords hacked by the ransomers and hackers? If so, then you have to face privacy loss issues. The hackers can unlock the accounts and steal all your essential details that relate to your personal life and financial data. The ransomers demand a huge amount of money to release the data.

Moreover, it becomes easy for the hackers to steal those accounts that are locked with hassle-free passwords, such as 1234567, ABCDEFGH, PASSWORD, etc. At the same time, we keep the same passwords for multiple accounts to remember to avoid confusion. In such a case, if the hacker gets the password of one account, then they can easily hack all other accounts with the same key. And maintaining the private data is not safe in the present digital generation. We need to lock under the encrypted and protected vault where no one enters. To solve all these problems, the cybersecurity manufacturing companies came up with password management software.

The password manager secures all your passwords and private information with a single master password. Thus, you can safeguard your digital life private from the outside world. At present, there are dozens of password management tools for different operating systems and browsers. Some of the well-known password managers are Kaspersky Password Manager, Dashlane, RoboForm, KeePass, and many more. Today, we came up with the best password management software that is Norton Password Manager Review, which is the top password protection software for Windows.

Key Features of Norton Password Manager 2020 for Windows:

Password Generator:

As we all know, passwords play a crucial role in protecting our privacy from the outside world. Thus, the passwords need to be strong that cannot easily identify by unauthorized users. Moreover, it has to be different for multiple accounts like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It becomes risky for users to create unique passwords for various types of accounts manually. That’s the reason why you go through the Norton Password Manager Review 2020 and download it on your Windows PC.

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It contains the best Norton Password Generator tool for creating passwords. With the help of this password generator, you can design any number of passwords for any online account. It creates passwords in the combination of special letters, alphabets, and numerals. And you can also specify the length of the passwords while creating it for your accounts. Thus, no KeyLogger or stranger can trace out your passwords and unlock the accounts.

Autofill Login Credentials:

For unlocking or accessing any online account, we need to provide passwords, usernames, email IDs, and other information depending up on the website. The user becomes irritated by repeatedly typing the login credentials whenever accessing those accounts on their PCs. And moreover, it consumes our valuable time and effort by typing those details. That’s the reason why the Norton Password Manager came up with the best solution that is the Autofill feature. If you enable this Autofill feature, it automatically fills the login and other details whenever you browse those accounts on your PC. Thus, you can quickly and effortlessly access your online accounts on your Windows computers. Interested users can visit the Dashlane Password Manager Review.

Cross-platform Software:

NortonLifeLock manufactures this Norton Password Manager 2020 as the cross-platform software. So, you can download and use it on multiple devices, such as Smartphones, tablets, iPhones, PCs, laptops, etc. This password management software is compatible with the top best web browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Safari. And you can download and Setup the Norton Password Tool on Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

Store Private Notes:

It not only safeguards the passwords and usernames, but the Norton software also helps in protecting your confidential details with a strong password. You can store your credit card numbers, CVV, PINs, bank account details, contact numbers, addresses, and many more. The Norton Password Manager Review 2020 will also let you remind that it encrypts the sensitive information to secure from ransomware attacks. Also, check out the Bitwarden Password Manager for Windows.

Master Password:

Before going to use this Norton Password Protection Software, it asks you to set a master password to lock all these private details. This master password is available with the only authorized user, so no other individual can unlock the account. Moreover, it becomes very easy for users to memorize all their usernames, passwords, and additional information.

Simple Dashboard:

The dashboard of this Norton Password Manager is simple because it contains all easy-to-use options where the non-advanced can easily handle. Since the developer of this software is NortonLifeLock, they design all their products with a user-friendly interface. So, immediately download and use it for your Windows PC and add it to your browsers.

Import and Export Passwords:

There are many best web browsers for Windows and other operating systems. And we use multiple browsers on our desktop computers. If you ever want to transfer the passwords from one browser to another, then simply Setup this Norton Password Manager 2020 on your PC because it contains the Import and Export option. You can transfer the passwords to other browsers and import the passwords from various supported browsers.

Demerits of Norton Password Management Software:

  • As we explain in the above paragraphs, Norton Password Management Software 2020 supports multiple operating systems and browsers, but it fails to support MacOS.
  • Where some other password managers offer two-step verification feature, we cannot get it in this software, which is the disappointment for the users.
  • With the Autofill or Form-Fill option, it can’t support to fill the information related to the address, such as House number, Street, etc.
  • This Norton Password Manager Review 2020 for Windows explains that it does not contain a secure password sharing option.

Norton Password Manager 2020 System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32/64-bit)
  • RAM: 512 MB or Above
  • Hard-disk: 100 MB of free space
  • CPU: Intel or AMD at 1 GHz or Faster
  • Manufactured by: NortonLifeLock

Norton Password Manager Review for Windows Conclusion:

Therefore, the password management software is the important security software one has to install on their devices. Without using password managers, hackers can easily get your essential information and steal your online privacy. That’s why go through the Norton Password Manager Review and download it on for Windows. This free password manager helps in protecting the passwords, banking data, and other info from all kinds of security attacks. You can use this Norton software on Windows PCs and add it to the Chrome or Firefox web browser as the extension. Click the following link to Setup this Norton Password Manager on your Windows computer.

Click to get direct link to download Norton Password Manager for Google Chrome.

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