Notepad++ Free Latest Version Download for Windows 64 Bit

Notepad++ Latest Version for Windows 64 Bit is a free source code editor and programming editor, which runs on Windows operating system. To download the offline installer of this software, just click on the download link provided at the end of this article. It is free to download and available for Windows 7/8/10 on both 32/64-Bit.

Notepad++ Latest Version Overview:

Notepad Latest Version is mainly designed for developers who want to create and edit different types of apps using different programming languages like Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Moreover, Notepad++ for Windows helps the user to use their language for syntax creation.

Since there are many video programming tutorials available on YouTube, you can quickly learn and create your apps. But we require one specialized tool and Notepad++ is such kind of tool that helps the user to edit the source code for multiple programming languages.

Notepad++, Notepad++ Logo, Notepad++ Screenshot, Notepad++ Images

While installing the app, the user needs to keep the attention on the process, because third-party apps may try to enter the PC and consume hard disk space. Some of the unnecessary files and themes can also be easily removed by installing all the Plug-ins. The main dashboard comes with a simplistic and user-friendly interface as all the components are grouped appropriately so that the users can easily access all the tools. Notepad++ Free Download supports multiple programming languages and syntax highlighting features. Furthermore, you can open various documents at a time and work simultaneously to save time.

Notepad++ for Windows 64 Bit Key Features:

  • If you have a color printer in the home, just print the source code in any color you want or save them in PDF Format.
  • Notepad++ Latest Version also lets the user change the font style of each programming language. Moreover, you can also change the background, foreground color, font style, and size by using style configuration dialog.
  • By using the Function list panel, the user can find out all the functions (methods) in the current file. And double click on the file to know the definition of that function.
  • The program’s multi-editing function helps the users to edit multiple lines at a time.
  • To save the bookmark, the user can click on the bookmark toggle, and if you want to find out the bookmark, just type F2.
  • Moreover, you can edit entire columns at a single time just by selecting the column editing option.

Notepad++, Notepad++ Logo, Notepad++ Screenshot, Notepad++ Images

  • Also, Notepad++ for Windows allows users to translate the page into their language. It not only translates the syntax highlighting keywords but also the syntax keywords, comment keywords, and operators.
  • The fully supported drag and drop option help the user to open the documents and move the files from one position to another.
  • In this Notepad++ Latest Version, you may find many useful functions. One of the valuable features is the Scintilla component that helps the users to auto-zoom in and zoom-out.
  • Furthermore, the users can open several documents and effortlessly edit them without navigating to another window.

System Requirements to Free Download Notepad++:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 (64 Bit).
  • Processor: Intel/AMD 1.2 GHz.
  • RAM: 512 MB.
  • Hard Disk Space: 20 MB.

Just click on the following link to Free Download Notepad++ Latest Version for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP. Moreover, it is compatible with both 32 and 64-bit configurations.

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