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The NovaBACKUP for PC is the best free backup software for Windows PC that helps you to protect your data. Additionally, this free data recovery software provides the best solution to all your backup needs. Download NovaBACKUP for PC free trial by clicking on the below-mentioned download button. You can run this free backup tool on both 32-bit and 64-bit configurations.

NovaBACKUP for PC – Best Windows Backup Software Overview:

The NovaBACKUP for PC is the powerful backup software developed by NovaStar. This free data recovery tool can backup your important data to a secure location. However, it offers many tools to backup your data. With this best backup software, you can backup all kinds of data such as photos, videos, music, files, folders, documents, etc. Well, it supports incremental, decrement, full and image backups. Moreover, this backup tool can store your backup data in any NTFS formatted drive or network share (NAS), and single tape drives. And also, it can compress and encrypts your data while backup. So, backup data takes less storage space, and it protects from hackers and data thieves.

This free NovaBACKUP for PC is designed with simple and easy to user-interface that offers many backup modes. However, it allows both novice and power users to back up their files and data. This best backup for PC requires 300 MB of free space to run. And, it never slows down your PC at all. Download NovaBACKUP for PC free trial lets you backup your important data without hassle.

NovaBACKUP for PC Free Trial Key Features:

The NovaBACKUP for PC offers many features to fulfill all Windows user needs.

Free File and Image Backup:

The individual file backup allows you to back your selected or important files. Additionally, the image backups are the block-level backups of your entire hard drive partition in case you need to recover even after a system crash. Well, it includes primary operating system partition C.NovaBACKUP for PC Images, NovaBACKUP for PC Photos, NovaBACKUP for PC Screenshots, NovaBACKUP for PC Logos, NovaBACKUP for PC

Incremental and Differential Backup or Copy:

An incremental backup is a backup option that only copies data that has been changed or created since the previous backup activity was conducted.

Differential Backup:

It is one of the backup options that copies all the files that have changed since the ls full backup was performed.

Full Backup:

It is the starting point of the backup that can back all the data in files and folders that are selected to be backup. Moreover, the full backup offers fast restore operations.

File Copy:

The file copy helps you to keep current versions of the files specified location by using a one-way copy.

Single File Restore:

All backups performed in NovaBACKUP for PC stored in a single file restore. It has image backups using mount feature, So, you can restore user data to an alternate location of your choice.

Automatic Backups:

Additionally, this best backup software allows you to schedule your backup at your convenience. It can automatically backup your data when your scheduled time is up even if you not there. However, you schedule backup for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly.

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Free E-mail Notifications:

The file copy and backup can send e-mail notifications if your backup has errors.

Supported Storage Devices:

Source devices:

All kinds of NTFS drives connected to your computer along with hardware RAID configurations.

Destination Supported Devices:

This free trial NovaBACKUP for PC can restore backups to any NTFS formatted drives or network shares, or single tape drive.

Compress and Encrypt Backups:

Whenever you backup files and images, it can compress and encrypt by default. This file and image backups use AES 156-Bit, AES 192-Bit, AES 256-Bit, and Blowfish encryption to password protect your backups from being accessed by unauthorized users.

Restore Options:

Furthermore, this free backup software for Windows uses boot disk that allows you to restore image backup even if your Operating System unable to boot. Additionally, it helps you to restore your data to another computer if it has sufficient space.

NovaBACKUP for PC System Requirements:

  • Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10(Both 32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Processor: 1.3 GHz CPU
  • RAM: 2 GB Memory
  • Hard Disk Drive: 300 MB free space

NovaBACKUP for PC Conclusion:

Overall, the NovaBACKUP for PC is the best free backup software to backup important data. However, it supports incremental, decremental, full, image, file backup options. To download NovaBACKUP for PC free trial, click on the provided download button.

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