O&O SafeErase Download Free Full Version for Windows 7/10

O&O SafeErase is a secure data deletion software for Windows operating systems that helps to remove unnecessary files, folders, and other documents securely. This free file remover looks the same as a secure recycle bin, unlike the built-in bin tool, but identified as the Windows recycle bin to some extent. By deleting unwanted personal data securely, users can protect their privacy. Download this free O&O SafeErase for Windows systems by clicking on the direct download button given below.

O&O SafeErase Overview: 

Are you deleting some confidential data like photos or any other personal details from a device? What if someone recovers them later? Download and install this free O&O SafeErase software on Windows operating systems to remove the data securely. Most of the file shredder software can delete the documents permanently by overwriting it several times. Of course, you need to erase your valuable data permanently for the sake of safety. O&O SafeErase can also shred the data enduringly so that no other file recovery software can recover it.

Unlike many other file shredding tools, O&O SafeErase is offering the users permanent deletion of the files for the sake of protecting their privacy. Many people use the Shift+Del option or format their disks to delete the data permanently. But we can’t be sure that they will not get back. The data removed through such things can be recovered back with the help of file restoration software. Only overwriting the erased data can be discarded safely. For this, we are suggesting the users download this best free O&O SafeErase software for Windows operating systems. O&O SafeErase Images, O&O SafeErase Screenshots, O&O SafeErase Logos, O&O SafeErase Photos, O&O SafeErase Pictures, O&O SafeErase, O&O SafeErase download, O&O SafeErase Free.

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Benefits of Having O&O SafeErase Software:

With the help of this secure O&O SafeErase software, users can remove the selected files instantly and safely. However, this file shredder tool can permanently delete the data, folders, and even the documents on the Windows systems, and memory cards & USB sticks as well. It works without any limitations so that users can also delete the entire computer data, and it also excludes the rebooting. Besides, this free deletion software can also safely erases the internet traces and many other temporary program files. O&O Safe Erase’s full version uses six methods for deleting the confidential documents permanently. However, this secure file erasing software is providing the users with a complete report as proof of deletion.

O&O SafeErase Free Full Version Key Features:

Enhanced Functions:

O&O SafeErase has equipped with a built-in analytical tool that can scan your Windows system for temporary and unsafe files. This free tool can clean your computer entirely within a few clicks. Thus, this free file shredder can prevent unauthorized entries into your computer and misusing your old data.

Internet Security: 

As we all know, there will be a lot of chances that a browser can save plenty of unwanted internet links to the hard drive without the user’s knowledge. These unsafe internet files or links might steal our personal data and sell it to the prying websites or any other third parties. However, O&O SafeErase can successfully remove all these unsafe links and files for the sake of the user’s safety. Also, this security tool can collect all the saved information on the browser and lets the user delete it securely.

Safe Erase of Entire Device:

Moreover, O&O SafeErase can help the user in the secure deletion of the entire computer without leaving any traces or leftover files. However, users cannot recover the data once they have deleted their data with the O&O SafeErase software.

6 Deletion Methods:

This free file eraser software uses six methods to remove the data, and these deletion methods ensure the maximum security of the data.

Department of Defense (DOD) and the German Federal Office for Information security ensures safe deletion of data. And a complicated mathematical method (i.e.) Guttmann method can overwrite the deleted data up to 35 times. Additionally, the Quick deletion method can overwrite the deleted data immediately.

Solid Erase:

This Solid erase feature was specially developed to remove the SSDs permanently. It uses sparing resources to delete the SSDs permanently.

O&O SafeErase for Windows System Requirements:

  • Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/8.1/10/Vista/XP for both 32/64-bit configurated systems.
  • Processor: 1 GHz processor
  • Memory: 512 MB of RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB of free disk space
  • Developer: O & O Software

Conclusion for O&O SafeErase Free Full Version:

In the end, we can conclude that O&O SafeErase is one of the best, secure file eraser software for Windows operating systems that helps the users in deleting the unwanted confidential data securely.

If you are looking to download this best free O&O SafeErase full version for Windows operating systems, then hit the direct download button given below the article.

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