OpenDrive – Unlimited Cloud Storage Free Download for Windows 7/10

The OpenDrive is one of the best cloud storage security software for Windows PC. It stores all your data, files, images, videos in the cloud and also lets you upload and share them through links. You can backup lost data by using the data backup tool. Moreover, you can download this software for Windows versions Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 for both 32-bit and 64-bit architecture.

OpenDrive Unlimited Cloud Storage Free Download Overview:

OpenDrive stores all your data in the cloud and it is not compromising with your system’s memory. It saves data on the cloud in real-time, that is, if you upload a file to your computer, then it automatically saves it in the cloud. With this Online Storage, you can also save files to external devices such as hard discs or memory cards or other devices and delete them whenever you want to. Do not worry about your data’s security because the OpenDrive offers a secure environment which ensures privacy. Whereas, it stores your data online, syncs it to your devices making it easily accessible whenever you want. Access your data from anywhere at any time with your visible device and share with anyone. You can provide files with hotlinks which enables you to share them with others or use them for references in your emails.

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OpenDrive provides flexible internet security settings where you can control the visibility of your data. For example, you can keep some of your work-related documents or files open to the public or colleagues at the same time keep all your personal files private and inaccessible. Also, only those people you share hot-links with can access your files. You can easily access stored data without having to download them every time.

OpenDrive Unlimited Cloud Storage for Windows 7/10 Features:

  •  The OpenDrive helps you to upload, edit, and save files. Also, search for files in folders in the search bar and upload different file versions.
  • All the data you upload automatically backs-up so, you don’t have to backup manually from time to time.
  • Its sync feature helps you to save all your data on different devices that you connect from it. In other words, when you edit a document or upload a file to your drive from another computer, you will be able to access from your computer.

OpenDrive Photos, OpenDrive Images, OpenDrive Screenshots, OpenDrive Logo

  • It allows seeing your files with Public, Private and Hidden options for each file that you upload.
    In case you do not want to upload all your files, you can select only those files and folders you want to sync.
    Additionally, you can sort the files you upload into files, sub-folders, and folders accordingly.
    You can also replace files and move them from one folder to another.
  • It allows best utilities and multimedia content to upload and play them directly through OpenDrive.
  • Do not worry if you accidentally delete a file or a folder because it includes the restore option. So you can get back deleted files.
  • It comes with a simple and easy to use interface.
  • Don’t worry about compressing files before sending them through email, you can directly share them through OpenDrive.

OpenDrive System Requirements:

Operating system: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

File Size: 11 MB

Disk Space: 1GB RAM

Processor: Intel Pentium

You can download OpenDrive software by clicking the downlink button.

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