PDFelement Review for Windows: An Alternative to Adobe Acrobat

Through the PDFelement Review for Windows, we would like to explain various features of this Free PDF Editor, such as creating PDFs, converting PDFs, batch processing, and many more. Along with this, we also get to know why PDFelement is considered as an alternative to Adobe Acrobat. We advise you to read the article PDFelement Review thoroughly, as it can provide you detailed information about how you can protect your documents with a digital signature. Moreover, this Free PDF editor also lets you generate editable PDFs from various files and documents. After going through the entire PDFelement Review for Windows, you can click on the download button present at the bottom of the article to get its setup file. Moreover, Wondershare PDFelement is one of those alternatives to Adobe Acrobat that can support multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

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Which is the Best PDF Editor?

In the article PDFelement Review, we wanted to tell users what makes a PDF editor best in class. One of the best PDF editors must be capable of recognizing form fields in PDF documents. Moreover, they should have several options, such as creating PDFs from the scanner, optimize scanned PDF by using optical character recognition (OCR). In addition to this, users should also be able to comment on the PDF documents and share them using Email, Dropbox, and Google Drive. These are some of the features which make the PDF editors best in class.

Why do we need Alternatives to Adobe Acrobat?

Did you ever compare the prices of other PDF editors with Adobe Acrobat? If you have done so, you would have known that Adobe Acrobat is very expensive, even in its standard edition. Now, we will let you know the prices of different editions of Adobe Acrobat so that you can compare them with other PDF editors available in the market. The Adobe Acrobat Standard DC is available at $13 per month, and Acrobat Pro DC is available at $15 per month. In contrast, other PDF editors are available in the range of $7 to $9 range. Apart from this, there are many alternatives to Adobe Acrobat, which are more user-friendly to beginners and even professionals.

You can also read PDF Reader Pro Free Download as it is also one of the best alternatives to Adobe Acrobat.

Wondershare PDFelement Review Free Download:

Wondershare, a Chinese enterprise, has developed multiple software that includes multimedia programs, Utility tools, and even Office products. In this article, let us discuss the names of some of the popular products developed by Wondershare. FilmoraPro, Recoverit Free Download, PDFelement, and Mindmaster are some of the products produced by Wondershare. In this article, you can all the details of Wondershare PDFelement. Wondershare has developed PDFelement to let users take advantage of multiple functionalities such as converting files available in different formats and even edit PDFs without modifying the fonts. Through PDFelement Review for Windows, we would also like to tell you that this application is available as a free trial for a certain period. Once the trial version of the program expires, you will have to purchase PDFelement Pro or PDFelement Standard to start using the application without watermarks.

By purchasing the PDFelement Pro, you will have access to various features such as convert scanned documents into PDFs, bates numbering, compress, and optimize documents. Whereas, these features are unavailable in PDFelement Standard edition. Moreover, PDFelement Standard edition includes features like create PDFs, edit PDF files, convert PDF files, comment, and annotate PDF. Coming to the prices of PDFelement Pro and Standard editions, Pro edition cost $10, and Standard edition of the program is available at $7. We recommend users to read the entire PDFelement Review for Windows to take maximum advantage of its features.

We also recommend you to go through the article Foxit PhantomPDF Review for Windows 32/64-Bit as it also one of the top-class alternatives to Adobe Acrobat.

PDFelement for Windows 10/7 Features:

Convert PDF Files:

Did you ever know the benefits of converting PDF files to HTML format? Several web content managers across the world are unaware that to optimize the content for several search engines, they will have to make sure the content is available in proper Web/HTML format. Moreover, content in HTML format is directly accessible from the browser, and it doesn’t require any other application.

Through PDFelement Review for Windows, we wanted to tell users that this program allows you to convert PDF files into HTML format. Apart from HTML format, this PDFelement can also convert any PDF file to different formats such as MS Word, Excel, PPT, Image, and EPUB. While converting the file formats to Word, PPT, HTML, or Image, you can choose image quality as per your preference. More importantly, users can also select the option to merge all pages into a single Excel sheet at the time of converting PDFs to Excel. Further, this best PDF editor also includes options such as adjoining all pages into a single image, extract all images in PDF. In addition to this, it can also create image files of every page present in PDF file.

Optical Character Recognition:

Have you ever faced difficulties in accessing the text present in the scanned documents? Most of the users do not know how to access text in the scanned documents quickly. As a result, they might waste plenty of time typing the entire content in the scanned document into the other file.

By reading the article PDFelement Review, you will get to know that the optical character recognition feature in this PDF editor allows users to edit and convert scanned PDF documents. Along with this, it also enables you to copy, edit, and search texts from any of the scanned PDFs. Furthermore, users do have the option to choose any document language from the list of twenty-three popular languages across the world.

We also recommend you to go through PDF-XChange Editor Plus for Windows 7/10 as it also includes several features such as create PDFs, sign PDF files, OCR, and many more.

Protect and Sign PDFs:

Have ever been in a situation in which your confidential PDF documents were accesses by some unauthorized user? Many users in the present scenario don’t have the proper knowledge of how to secure their PDFs from unauthorized access. As a result, everyone who can access the device can view your sensitive files.

To prevent such situations, PDFelement for Windows allows you to apply passwords to the PDF document so that you can encrypt it. To do so, you will have to go to the protect tab and click on the lock icon. Then you can set various options such as require a password to open the document, need a password to change security settings, and get access to specified functions. Besides, you can also choose from encryption algorithms such as 128-bit AES, 256-bit AES, and 128-bit RC4. Apart from this, you may also select the option not encrypt the metadata

Annotate PDF Files:

With the help of PDFelement for Windows, users can add comments to the PDF documents, and they do have the option to export and import any annotation. Users can also sort comments by type, author, date, and even page. More importantly, you do several options in the comment tab that allow you to highlight, underline, or even strikethrough any text present in the PDF document. Through PDFelement Review, we would like to let you know that this program also enables you to add any symbol or draw anything with a pencil. Apart from this, you can also create and manage custom stamps to add them to your PDFs.

Batch Process Documents:

Did you ever feel like you are unable to finish various tasks related to PDF documents as fast as possible? The primary reason behind this is, most ordinary PDF editors don’t contain the batch processing feature. By using PDFelement for Windows, users can perform multiple processes simultaneously. This program can perform several tasks simultaneously, such as convert PDFs, data extraction, bates numbering, adding watermark, optimizing PDFs, and even encrypt them.

Censor Text:

Have you ever tried censoring text in the PDFs? At times, several PDF documents might contain sensitive information. In case if others view any such information, it can be seriously damaging. To avoid such situations, PDFelement for Windows allows you to search text strings for redaction, and you can also mark items to be redacted.

Edit PDFs:

In order to effortlessly edit PDF documents, you can make use of selection tools for text and images. Moreover, this free PDF editor for Windows also lets you make use of the hand tool that can be used for panning around the document as per your preference. Besides, the edit text and image object option allows you to make use of several properties such as text alignment, font, and many more.

Further, by reading the PDFelement review, you will also get to know that you can add any image or picture present in your drive to the PDF documents. You can also insert a hyperlink in the PDF document of your choice. Apart from this, users can also work in a line mode or paragraph mode according to their convenience.

You can also download Nitro Pro Free PDF Editor to utilize various features of the program such as edit PDFs, copy, share, erase, and many more.

Data Extraction:

At times, users may have to extract data from PDF documents for different reasons. But, in a few situations, users might experience different situations in which extracting data from PDFs can come across technical issues. To avoid such situations, PDFelement for Windows can effortlessly extract data from PDF form fields and marked PDFs.

Form Recognition:

In a few instances, you might experience non-interactive PDF documents in which you can’t select text fields. When you come across such situations, you will have to recognize the PDF form in order to convert the fields to interactive. Through PDFelement Review, we would like to let you know that the form recognition feature in the PDFelement for Windows allows you to convert text fields in the non-interactive PDFs to fillable ones.

Optimize PDFs:

There are multiple instances in which people can download or create PDf documents of huge size. In such circumstances, PDF documents can occupy plenty of space on the drive. To avoid the slow performance of the device and also to ensure abundant space on the drive for other applications, PDFelement for Windows is capable of compressing the PDFs so that they don’t occupy too much space. Considering all the above the features explained in the PDFelement Review, we wanted to tell you that this program is a perfect alternative to Adobe Acrobat.

Interested users can also try Foxit PDF Compressor Free Download to compress any PDF file of your choice.

PDFelement System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • Hard Disk Drive: 1.5 GB of free space.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or later.
  • RAM: 512 MB Memory.
  • Developer:  Wondershare.

How to Download and Install PDFelement for Windows Free Trial?

Step 1:

Click on the download button that is available at the lower end of the article to receive the setup file of PDFelement for Windows.

Step 2:

Once you receive the setup file, you can double click on it to run the program. After double-clicking on it, you will find a Windows alert that asks you for confirmation.

Step 3:

Once you confirm it, you will find an installation wizard where you will have to click on the install button and start the installation process.

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