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Phase One Capture One Pro 11  is one of the best photo editing software for professional photographers.  The professional photo editing software is very useful for studio photographers, and it supports editing the photos which are captured from DSLRs. Download its free trial version Phase One Capture One Pro for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and, 10 with all the features unlocked so that you get complete exposure of the photo editing tool.

Phase One Capture One Pro 11 Free Download Overview:

Capture One renowned for proving users with excellent color approach tools. From giving a natural color to photos, adding creative colors to your photos, the Phase One Capture One Pro gives you all the options. You can customize your workstation according to your convenience by moving, hiding or resizing the photos. Furthermore, you can also customize your with editing keyboard shortcuts to make your work easy and less time.  Additionally, you can add visual effects to the photos to make them even more beautiful. Another great feature is that improves your workflow in Capture One Pro 11 is the advantage of tokens. You can easily rename folders, add watermarks, and many more. These tokens are dynamic and change accordingly for every image. With Process Recipients feature, you can export high-quality images to any formats without having to worry about quality change.

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Phase One Capture One Pro comes with all the asset management tools that every professional photographer would appreciate. It includes Selecting, Rating, Culling, Keywords and Keyword Lists, PSD support, Catalogs & Sessions and, Filters & Smart Albums. Moreover, the Capture One Pro lets you edit them however you like and produce Instagram worth photos. Phase One presents you with the Capture One Pro 11 with the latest and improved features. You can try this photo editor for free and get a variety of tools and functions. If you want to look for lighter options, please do see multimedia software where you will find a lot of other good photo editing tools.

Phase One Capture One Pro 11 Key Features:

  • You can add annotations to your images and clearly show adjustments and improvements, also export them in PSD file as a separate layer.
  • It has the Duplicate Checker which notify you before importing the same file twice so that you do not waste your time and avoid cluttering.

Phase One Capture One Pro 11 Images, Phase One Capture One Pro 11 Screenshots, Phase One Capture One Pro 11 Photos, Phase One Capture One Pro 11 Logo

  • You will be able to use all the layer and adjustment tools and also improve other adjustments like layer opacity.
  • There is an option of exporting crop as a path to Photoshop, that is, you can use the crop as a path instead of using it fully.
  • Refine Edge tool helps you make perfect masks around feathers, hair or fur. Therefore, you won’t have to take the trouble of drawing a mask from the start.
  • The software responds quickly during editing photos.
  • Check the masks you have created on the photos with this distraction-free module for any parts that got missed. The mask gets displayed as a grayscale image in places the image not visible.
  • You can apply the same adjustments to several images by using the copy adjustment feature.

Phase One Capture One Pro 11 System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7, 8 and, 10 (64-Bit)

File Size: 1.5 GB

Processor: Intel Core

Check out the Phase One Capture One official site for detailed system requirements.

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