Quick Heal Total Security 2020 Review for Windows 10

Quick Heal Total Security 2020 Review:

In this post, we are going to provide one of the best virus protection software for Windows PCs that is the Quick Heal Total Security 2020 Review. After carefully reading this review, you can download it on your Windows 10 PCs.

Quick Heal Total Security for Windows 10 is the best protection software that allows you to safeguard the desktops from viruses, malware, spyware, rootkits, Trojans, hackers, ransomware, etc. This free total security software allows you to secure the digital identity of the users using its advanced protection tools. You can find moderate tools on this total security when compared with other products, such as Quick Heal Antivirus Pro, Quick Heal Internet Security, etc. Some of the most advanced features of this Quick Heal Total Security are KeyLogger Protection, Anti-Ransomware, Safe Banking, File Vault, Web Security, etc. So, quickly go through this Quick Heal Total Security 2020 Review and get it from our website. By using the download link provided at the end of this post, you can download the Quick Heal Total Security on your computers. Follow the below paragraphs of this content to get more information about this Quick Heal Total Security.

About Quick Heal Total Security for PC:

Nowadays, everyone is facing hacking and ransomware attacks while browsing the internet, banking, shopping, and others. For example, while surfing the web, we come across a variety of web issues, such as redirecting to malicious URLs, fake websites, and others. Whenever you access these items on your desktops, then they will infect your computer, as well as steal your sensitive information from the accounts. If they get your private data, then the user can lose our privacy from the outside world. Thus, there comes the emergence to protect our desktops and digital activities from various cyber threats. For stopping all these malware attacks, we have to install the best virus protection tools on our desktops.

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In the present digital world, we come across a huge number of data protection and virus removal tools for our Windows computers. Some of the top best antivirus applications are Bitdefender Total Security, Kaspersky Total Security, G DATA Total Security, etc. Even though all these security suites work well in securing the devices, this Quick Heal Total Security 2020 will take care of your devices from both known and unknown malicious attacks. Thus, download this free total security software on your Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit processors. This Quick Heal Software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

Quick Heal Technologies Limited manufactures this Quick Heal Total Security for Windows 10 PCs. By consuming low system requirements, it downloads and installs this free virus protection software on your desktop computers. Moreover, this Quick Heal Total Security 2020 contains many security tools for safeguarding the PCs. One such feature that helps in securing the devices is Virus Scanner. With this, you can scan your entire Windows computer to list out the malicious items on your local drives, desktop, and other folders of your computer. Note that the scanner will never slow down the PC performance while performing the scanning operation on your desktops. Want to know the features of this software? Then follow this Quick Heal Total Security 2020 Review.

Highlights of Quick Heal Total Security for Windows 10:

Anti-Ransomware Tool:

All kinds of total security suites contain ransomware protection tools, but compared to all those apps, this Quick Heal Total Security 2020 will show high detection rates. The advanced ransomware protection tool or anti-ransomware feature helps in scanning the desktops for listing out the ransomware-infected files or apps. The ransomers always try to steal your confidential data from the PCs, such as documents, videos, emails, compressed information, passwords, and banking info. By using this free download Quick Heal Anti-Ransomware, you can secure all your private and financial details from ransomware attacks. Even you can block all these ransomers before encrypting the data. Thus, you can avoid unknown data encryption techniques, as well as ransom demand of the ransomers.

Webcam Protection:

Quick Heal Total Security holds one of the useful webcam protection tools for protecting your online privacy from all kinds of hackers. Whenever you are performing webcam video conversations with your friends, family members, and loved ones, you have to enable the webcam security option of this total security suite. Thus, all your private video chats via Skype are safe against different hackers, ransomers, spies, and other cyber threats.

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Anti-Spammer Tool:

This top best total security for Windows 10 scans the mailbox of your online accounts to differentiate the malware-infected emails. Strangers try to steal your sensitive information from your accounts by sending and allowing the users to access them. When you access these infected items, your data gets stolen by unknown users, such as hackers, spies, ransomers, etc. For avoiding all these stranger attacks, this email protection tool will help you in scanning and blocking malicious emails, attachments, notifications, and messages.

Parental Control:

Parental Controls are essential in safeguarding the children and other members of our family from different security attacks. Hackers intrude on your Kids devices while performing various online operations, such as web browsing, banking sites, online games, streaming online videos, etc. They use censored sites or malicious URLs to leak the children’s online identity. That’s why we came up with the best parental controls, such as Internet Browsing Control, App Control, and PC Access Control. By using the Internet Browsing Control feature, it scans to detect and block malware-infected websites to secure the web. At the same time, you can block the children from accessing all kinds of infected applications on your desktops. Finally, the user can set the time limits for their Kids to access the PCs for a limited time.

Automatic Backup:

Quick Heal Total Security 2020 (Latest Version) for Windows 10/7 contains the automatic backup feature. Due to ransomware attacks, sometimes, we face data loss problems on our desktop computers. To avoid all these data issues, we recommend you to go through this Quick Heal Total Security Review because it includes the Automatic Backup feature. By this, it will store all those essential data to your local drives and cloud services. Thus, you can restore them from the backup locations whenever you face data loss issues.

Safe Online Banking:

Apart from web browsing, the user also faces issues while doing online banking transactions. By using fake banking sites or spam advertisements, unknown users will try to get your banking credentials. If you visit these fake sites unknowingly, then you can lose both your financial information and digital cash. In case if you want to secure all these banking intrusions, then you need to use the Quick Heal Total Security Software. The safe online banking feature helps in scanning the sites for fake banking links, and if it detects any malicious one, then it immediately blocks them & secures your banking info.

Vulnerability Scanner:

On our desktop computers, it includes much vulnerability that paves the way for the hackers to enter and hack your information without your consent. For example, the outdated software, weak Windows settings, loopholes in the security settings, and others will help the cybercriminals to enter your computers. Want to identify and block all those vulnerabilities before infecting the PC? Then it can be possible through this best total security software from Quick Heal. This virus protection software, through its vulnerability scanner, scans the desktop and list out all those vulnerabilities on your PC. By this, you can remove them completely to avoid all kinds of security issues.


Quick Heal Total Security 2020 contains the Anti-KeyLogger tool for protecting all your keystrokes from different security issues. While typing your essential data on our keyboards, such as passwords & banking info, the KeyLoggers try to hack your keyboard and steal your data. By this, they can effortlessly steal your sensitive data, and thus, the user can lose your online privacy. That’s why the Anti-KeyLogger tool included in this software supports to detect and block the KeyLoggers while trying to steal your keystrokes. By this, the user can safeguard your confidential keystrokes and digital identity.

Browser Sandbox:

Sometimes, we visit unknown websites and run applications on our desktops. In case if the apps were malicious, then they hack your computer without your notice. If you want to run all those unknown apps even though they are from unknown sources without any malware attempts, then you can use the inbuilt Browser Sandbox feature of this Quick Heal Total Security 2020. By this, it will execute the applications in a virtual environment. Thus, it will not impact your computer performance and steal your privacy from your PCs.

Firewall System:

By hacking the network of your computer, unauthorized users can effortlessly steal your computer details, such as passwords, documents, videos, and other files. Want to protect your internet from all these spying hands? Then we will suggest you go through this Quick Heal Total Security 2020 Review because it contains an inbuilt Powerful Firewall System. This firewall system will scan all your incoming and outgoing network traffic and detects the unknown hackers to block them before hacking the network. By this, all your essential details, including banking data, are safe from spyware.


We know that virus scanning the computer will slow down the PC performance and speed. Even you can identify a slight decrease in the speed of your device. That’s the reason why Quick Heal Total Security 2020 for Windows 10 came up with the PCTuner tool. By using this PC optimization tool, it will boost up the device performance to run with the optimum speed.

Flash Drive Protection:

Even the computer gets infected with malicious removable drives, such as USBs. But you no need to worry about this problem because this total security software will help you in scanning the external drives immediately after you plug-in to your system. Thus, we can say that your PC will be under your hands from different malicious removable drives, such as USBs, flash drives, SD cards, memory cards, pen drives, etc.

Safe Mode Protection:

By changing your security settings and make them vulnerable, hackers can undoubtedly hack and steal your private and banking belongings. So, it is essential for the users to protect the settings of this best total security suite from different hackers, ransomers, spies, etc. For that, you need to enable the Self Mode Protection feature of this Quick Heal Total Security Suite. The moment you enable this option, no one can alter the settings except authorized users.

File Vault:

Want to store all your private details, including the financial ones on your computer safely and securely? Then go with this Quick Heal Total Security 2020 Review, and you will get to know about its File Vault option. Yes, the File Vault feature is one such option that can be used by the users to secure all their highly confidential data from the hackers. You can lock this vault with an unhackable password. By this, the hackers or ransomers or spies will be unable to view, alter, and remove the data from your vault.

Virtual Keyboard:

Moreover, the users can make use of the inbuilt virtual keyboard option to type essential keystrokes on their desktops, such as passwords, PINs, credit/debit card numbers, usernames, and other personal & financial details. By this, no one, including the ISPs, can trace out your keystrokes.

Quick Heal Total Security System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (32/64-bit)
  • Processor: 1 GHz CPU or Faster
  • RAM: 1 GB (32-bit) & 2 GB (64-bit)
  • Hard-disk: 1.76 GB of free space
  • Published by: Quick Heal Technologies Limited

Quick Heal Total Security 2020 Conclusion:

In the end, I would like to say that the Quick Heal Total Security 2020 Review will help you in knowing that it takes care of the system and digital identity from all kinds of users. With the help of inbuilt virus protection tools, such as Total Ransomware Protection, KeyLogger Protection, Advanced DNAScan, Firewall, Vulnerability Scan, etc. You can download and install this Quick Heal Total Security Latest Version for Windows PCs. This free virus protection app will allow you to secure all your sensitive information, such as documents, video songs, banking, and private belongings. Thus, download this Quick Heal Total Security on all your Windows PCs by hitting the download button given below.

Click here to get the link to download the Quick Heal Total Security on your desktops.

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