ReviverSoft PC Reviver Review for Windows 10

ReviverSoft PC Reviver Review:

Is your PC under repair and want to fix all the issues to run perfectly? Did you face any low-disk memory problems while trying to copy new items to the drives? Is the system showing poor performance while its startup? These are the common problems that every PC user can face while working on their computers. To overcome all these problems, we need to use the award-winning PC cleaning software on our PCs. For that, we came up with the ReviverSoft PC Reviver Review. Download this ReviverSoft PC Reviver Latest Version for Windows 10 by using the download link provided at the end of this article.

This ReviverSoft PC Reviver is the simplified PC Tuneup software designed for enhancing the system performance. PC Reviver acts as the shield for improving the system speed and fixing any kind of issue. For speeding up the device, it includes many outstanding tools and options, such as Startup Manager, Uninstaller, Disk Cleaner, Browser Cleaner, etc.

By troubleshooting the computer, it fixes all kinds of PC-related problems, including hardware, network, etc. You can use this ReviverSoft PC Reviver on all editions of Windows Operating System that is XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Also, the users can download the PC cleaning utility for Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit devices. Want to get a clear picture of this PC enhancer? Then go through the ReviverSoft PC Reviver Review.

User Interface of ReviverSoft PC Reviver:

The users of this ReviverSoft PC Reviver can download and install it quickly because the file size is small. After launching the PC Tuneup software, you can view the main dashboard on your computer screen. It contains a hassle-free and friendly graphical user interface that can be easily used by the novice and professionals. It offers intuitive tools and options so that anyone can use it without any prior knowledge. On the main dashboard of this software, you can find different kinds of options and information. It includes Home, Repair, Maintain, Restore, Add-Ons, and Answers on the top of the page. On the bottom side of the homepage, it provides complete info regarding system configuration, such as system processor, RAM, hard-disk drives, and Graphics Card.

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On the middle-right of the homepage, you can see the Start PC Scan Now button. The first thing you have to do after installing this PC Reviver is scanning the desktop. For that, you need to click the Start PC Scan Now button immediately. This starts the scanning process of your entire PC, local drives, recycling bin, Windows registry, hidden items, etc. It takes more time to complete the task because the PC contains a huge amount of files, folders, and apps. The results of the scan will be shown on the new wizard, and that contains various information. You can see unwanted files, junk data, useless Windows registry, and others that exist on your PC. By going through them, you can select and remove the unwanted items permanently from the PCs.

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After deleting the files from the desktop computers, it frees up the memory space of your hard-disk. It will automatically increase the system speed and avoids various PC-related problems like crashing, freezing, shut down, etc. By this, you can work smoother and secure without engaging any problems. Go through the following sections of this ReviverSoft PC Reviver Review to get in touch with its features.

Advantages of ReviverSoft PC Reviver for Windows 10:

Driver Backup:

Drivers are important in working both input and output devices of your desktop computer. Whether it is a Motherboard or keyboard or Mouse or graphics card, the user needs to maintain updated and compatible drivers. Without using proper driver software, then you will not function properly on your desktops. This ReviverSoft PC Reviver for Windows 10 will help you in creating the driver backup facility. By this, you can backup all the drivers on your computer to restore them whenever you want. It will also help to restore the older drivers when a newer edition of driver software is not compatible with your PC.

Startup Manager:

While starting the system or at the booting time, your computer runs different kinds of applications. If there are more apps to run at the system startup, then it will take more time to start the PC. Sometimes, it takes long hours to start the desktop computer due to heavy load at the booting time. So, we need to check whether the startup list contains any unused apps or not. For that, this PC optimization software offers the startup manager tool. With this, you can find unwanted startup applications on the list and completely disable/remove them to enhance the booting process. Thus, you can find a drastic change that is a decrease in the booting time.

Uninstall Manager:

For executing different works on our computers, we install various applications. But after completing the tasks, we forget to uninstall them from the desktops. At the same time, we unable to remove some programs due to different reasons. Even we find some leftovers and empty files after deleting the apps from the devices. To overcome all these issues, go through this ReviverSoft PC Reviver Review and download it on your computer. The inbuilt Uninstall Manager lets you find the unwanted apps on your computer and permanently uninstall them from the PC. It will also help you uninstall the pre-installed programs without leaving any empty files on your Windows registry.

Registry Defrag:

In order to optimize the Windows registry, it came up with the Registry Defrag option. With this, it rearranges all those segmented registry items on your computer.

Crash Helper:

Crash Helper tool is one of the best features of this PC Reviver software. With the help of this tool, one can get to know the full information on why your computer is showing poor performance. It let you know why the system engaged with sudden crashes or damages. By this, you can fix all those issues and avoid complete damage to work without any crashes.

Add-On Manager:

For browsing effectively and quickly, we install different kinds of extensions on our web browsers. For example, Chrome users can download any extension from Chrome Web Store to surf smoothly on their computers. But you know what! The excessive usage of Add-Ons will show a poor performance while browsing on the browsers. It slows down the browser speed, and thus, it takes more time to load the web page. To monitor and manage all these Add-Ons, ReviverSoft offers the Add-On Manager. With this, you can check unwanted extensions on your web browsers and uninstall them to enhance the browser performance.

File Shredder:

Want to delete any confidential file or folder permanently from the desktops? Then you can use the File Shredder tool of this PC Reviver. This file shredder tool will help you remove the sensitive files or folders without leaving any traces or leftovers on your PC. By this, hackers, strangers, and all other unauthorized users can never trace out your information.

Scan Scheduler:

Sometimes, we forgot to scan the computer to check whether it is running at optimal speed or not. At that time, you can make use of the scheduler included in this ReviverSoft PC Reviver for Windows 10. You can set the time and date at which you want to scan and save the changes. Thus, it automatically begins the PC scan without any user interference.

Duplicate Finder:

Moreover, the ReviverSoft PC Reviver Review will let you know that it contains the duplicate file finder. With the help of this duplicate finder tool, you can scan and list out the duplicate items on your computer. After that, the user can remove all those duplicate items permanently from the PC, and this will increase the free space.

Junk Cleaner:

In addition to the above, the main functionality of this ReviverSoft PC Reviver is removing the junk data from different device locations. After scanning, you will see the junk data, temp data, recent documents, unused files, unnecessary apps, etc. With a single mouse click, you can wash out all these unwanted clutters from your device. Even it also includes the browser cleaning tool to remove browser history for protecting online privacy and increasing the browser speed.

ReviverSoft PC Reviver System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32/64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel/AMD at 1 GHz or Faster CPU
  • RAM: 512 MB or Above
  • Hard-disk: 100 MB of free space
  • Manufactured by: Corel Corporation

Conclusion of ReviverSoft PC Reviver Review:

Overall, one should have to Setup PC optimization software on their computers for the proper working of their desktops. To free up the memory space, remove unwanted clutter, uninstall unused apps, and speed up the browser, we need the best PC Tuneup software for Windows PC. For that, we recommend this ReviverSoft PC Reviver for your Windows PC. This free PC Reviver allows you to find out the errors and fix them before damaging the hardware and the entire device.

By using this PC cleaning utility for Windows, you can free up the hard-disk and avoid various disk space issues. The inbuilt tools offered by this ReviverSoft PC Reviver Latest Version allow you to enhance the computer in different aspects. Thus, go through this ReviverSoft PC Reviver Review and download it on your computers as soon as possible. Click the following download button to start the downloading process on your Windows desktops.

Click here to get the direct link to download the ReviverSoft PC Reviver Free for Windows 10.

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