Scherlokk Free File Search Tool for Mac OS

Locate your files with the lightening speed with the help of the best Scherlokk file search tool. Scherlokk is a file search utility software that performs a reliable search on your computer and finds out the required documents as per your search criteria. However, this best file search software can find the required documents from the built-in file storage locations and portable locations like USB, network drives, flash drives, or any other external storage media. Download Scherlokk free file search tool for Mac operating systems from the direct link given below the article.

What is Scherlokk? Why Do You Need File Finder Tool?

Are you tired off finding your hidden files from your system? Don’t worry! You have Scherlokk file searching tool for Mac systems. Download and install this best Scherlokk software for Mac to find the required local file or hidden file quickly and easily. This best file finding tool allows you to search through the file size so that it can calculate the folders in which that file can fit accurately. Instead of the spotlight’s index, Scherlokk software uses real-time searching so it can find the perfectly matched files instantly. Because of the index doesn’t display all the files most of the times, the Scherlokk prefers real-time detection.

Scherlokk file search tool has come up with the extremely fast search engine which can find the required documents quicker than many other file searching software. However, the results will be displayed in the flat and hierarchical view by the Scherlokk software, and it helps you to find out the files quickly. The user interface of this best file finding software is clean and easy to navigate for all types of users, including the beginners.

Which Files Can Scherlokk Find?

Scherlokk has an own, powerful search engine so that it can find every file of the computer no matter what type of the format is. Additionally, this best tool can compare the files and view the differences between them. Also, it uses a sophisticated algorithm to find out the similar file blocks. On the other hands, Scherlokk has built-in decoders for different file formats. They include Doc, Docx, RTF, XLSX, XLS, RTFD, PDF, and more others.Scherlokk Images, Scherlokk Screenshots, Scherlokk Logos, Scherlokk Photos, Scherlokk Pictures, Scherlokk Download, Scherlokk Free.

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Scherlokk Free File Search Tool Key Features:

Fast Searching:

  • This best file search tool is a lightweight application and gives you the best results in a quick time.
  • It can run with super peed even if you have open plenty of applications.

File Compare:

It can compare all types of files, including text & binary documents, and display the differences on account of insertions and deletions.

Sorting of Search Result:

  • Moreover, Scherlokk file search tool allows you to sort your search result as per your requirement.
  • Also, you can use a narrow search result by using the attributes, including file name, size, or file type.

Wanted Files:

It can search for all sub-folders, packages, system locations, and more. Also, it allows you to exclude some applications if required.


With Scherlokk, you can open multiple numbers of search windows and find the files on each window at a time.


This top file search tool can read your preferences and restore them whenever you are searching for a file.

Scherlokk for Mac System Requirements:

  • Operating Systems: Mac Operating systems 10.11 or later
  • Processor: Intel, 64 – bit processor

Conclusion for Scherlokk Free File Search Tool:

In the end, we can conclude that Scherlokk is the best file searching software that gives you fast search results regarding the search criteria. Downloading and setting up of this best Scherlokk file search tool is easy and as simple as alphabets.

If you are looking to download Scherlokk free file search tool for Mac operating systems, browse the direct download button given below the article.

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