Screencast O Matic Screen Recorder Free Download for Windows 10

The Screencast O Matic is free screen recording software available for multi-platforms. The free screen recorder helps you to create videos by recording them while it is running on the screen. With this video capture tool, you can upload files to your blog or tutorial site and share them with friends. Screencast O Matic Screen Recorder is available for free for Windows versions 7/8/10.  It supports 32 and 64-Bit processors.

Screencast O Matic Free Download Overview:

Record, edit, insert and share videos, all of these from one single place – Screencast O Matic. You can crop your video frames, zoom in, zoom out and even blur if you’d like by using editing software. Furthermore, insert pictures, animations, pointers or arrows, lines and more, to your video to make it more understandable. With the simultaneous recording feature in Screencast O Matic, you can make your presentations or tutorials easily without having to use different software to combine them. In other words, you can add narrations to your videos and all record video narrations from your webcam. In case you do not want to include webcam recording, there is an option to delete it.  Also, hide your webcam and cursor if you don’t want any distractions in your presentation video.

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Screencast O Matic comes with customized versions for educators, tutors, work-related businesses and, developers. You can use this screen capture software to create video sessions for training sessions in your office. With this screen recording software, you can also change the time settings to produce well-timed video sessions. Moreover, you can import videos or images from your desktop folder and add them in your videos. Screencast O Matic also creates links to the videos before sharing, so you do not have to worry about making links. Furthermore, the tool lets you save your created videos to your computer, Google Drive and, also share them directly on websites. If you are a developer, you get an additional feature which enables you to receive replies directly to you (your Screencast O Matic profile). This desktop recording software provides end to end solutions to users from all disciplines in one single platform.

Screencast O Matic Screen Recorder for Windows 10/7 Key Features:

  • Screencast O Matic has a user-friendly interface with tools that are very easy to create videos lively with advanced tools.
  • You can record your screen content and webcam at the same time hence, saving you the time to edit and modify videos later.
  • Whereas sharing your videos immediately after recording with different sites to optimize more and it does not change any quality.

Screencast O Matic Images, Screencast O Matic Photos, Screencast O Matic Logo, Screencast O Matic Screenshots

  • This video screen capture tool saves video files in different formats such as MP4, GIF, AVI, and FLV.
  • Add animations to your videos; create transitions, edits font sizes, colors. You can also increase or decrease the speed of your video.
  • Highlight parts of your video that you want to give more attention and blur the rest.
  • Edit your frames by cropping them or resizing their size and shape in the editing options.

Screencast O Matic System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)

File Size: 20 MB

Processor: Intel Pentium

Memory: 1GB RAM

Hard Disk Space: 1GB Free Disk Space

 You can download Screencast O Matic screen recorder software by clicking downlink button.

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