ShareMouse 4.0 Download Free Latest Edition for Mac

ShareMouse is a free desktop utility software that allows you to access more than one computer with one single mouse and keyboard. Just by moving the mouse cursor towards any other computer, you will able to operate that computer with the same mouse. With the help of ShareMouse software, you can transmit any keyboard or mouse input to the corresponding system. However, this freeware can transmit the mouse movements and clicks through a local LAN. Additionally, this free utility software can protect all these transactions have protected with passwords and AES encryption.

Free ShareMouse 4.0 Overview:

Do you want to access two or more computers at a time with one single mouse and keyboard? Enjoy easy access to multiple computers by downloading and installing the ShareMouse software for Windows systems. When you have this freeware on your side, you do not need any other hardware equipment to switch between the computers. Operate any number of multiple computers from a single keyboard and mouse on your desk similar to the Keyboard Switch. It allows you to drag and drop the files between two computers, two Mac, or two different devices seamlessly. You do not need to set up configure cross-platform networks or set up file shares between the devices.ShareMouse, ShareMouse Download, ShareMouse Free Download, ShareMouse Free, ShareMouse Images, ShareMouse Screenshots, ShareMouse Logos, ShareMouse Photos, ShareMouse Pictures, ShareMouse.

Have you ever imagined that it would be fine if it is possible to copy a text from a device and paste it on another device? ShareMouse has made those imaginations come true. It let the users perform copy and paste actions between two different devices. And most importantly, this freeware allows you to control a Mac device from a Windows computer. ShareMouse software can sync several actions and events between the computers effortlessly. They include locking or unlocking of multiple computers at a time, synchronizing screensavers on different devices, and also it lets you log-in to a Windows system remotely. Also, this free software has equipped with a wide range of advanced tools and features. If you want to access any other computer remotely, then you can download Remote Desktop Manager (Devolutions) Download Free Edition for Windows PC

ShareMouse Free Latest Edition Key Features:

  • It allows you to connect any computer remotely from any other device and in any direction as per the workflow.
  • ShareMouse does not show any compatibility issues between Apple Mac OS and Microsoft Windows cross platforms.
  • It supports screensaver synchronization so that you can sync your screen with any other device.
  • You can log into any Windows systems remotely even after the cold boot.
  • Additionally, it provides plenty of multimedia keys such as Rewind, volume, stop, fast forward, play, and others.
  • It can also let the users dim the inactive displays optionally (it’s user’s choice).
  • You can also customize the scrolling direction or speed as you wish.
  • Additionally, it can provide support to Windows User Account Control (UAC), and Windows Fast User Switching, and Pop-up Support.
  • Just by clicking on the Ctrl+Alt+Del, users can be able to access the other Windows system remotely.
  • It is also offering a portable mode so that users can save this tool and access it on any other device through USB thumb drives.
  • It can also provide support to the formatted text, bitmaps, folders, and files.
  • It follows the custom network protocol to give high performance, and it can auto-switch between the monitor layouts of the laptops from different locations.

ShareMouse for Mac System Requirements:

  • Operating Systems: Mac Operating Systems 10.13 or later versions
  • Processor: Intel, 64 – bit

Conclusion for ShareMouse Free Latest Edition:

On a conclusive note, we can say that ShareMouse is one of the best choices to access any other computer from a single mouse and keyboard. Additionally, this free tool can let you connect any other computer remotely. As well as, it ensures the safety of all the communication transactions between two different devices is safe.

If you want to download this ShareMouse free latest edition for Mac operating systems, hit the direct download button given below the article as follows.

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