Skype 8.55 Review for Windows 32/64-Bit

Skype Review:

Let us have a quick Skype Review to know about its instant messaging features that allow users to make smart messages, video calls, group calls, and many more. Moreover, this Skype for Windows 32/64-bit is also capable of sharing the location details of various people with whom you are trying to meet for the first time. This free instant messenger for Windows also allows you to communicate with users of other nations by making use of a Skype translator, which is capable of translating more than sixty languages. In this Skype Review, we would also like to let you know that this application can also forward calls to any of your mobile phones even when you are not online. By doing so, you will not miss even a single call, which is very important for you.

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Through Skype Review, we would also want to let you know that this application also allows you to make free calls either domestic or international. Besides, you do have the option to view the caller’s profile before attending the calls of any unknown caller. In case, if you feel the caller is a spam, then you can block or reject them to avoid wastage of time.

At times, a few users may be offline on Skype to avoid unwanted messages or calls. In such situations, this instant messaging application also allows users to make calls to landline or mobile phones at low costs. We advise you to go through the entire Skype Review to know all its features. Later on, at the end of the article, you can click on the download button, if you are willing to download Skype for Windows and it also supports other platforms such as Mac and Linux.

Features of Skype 8.55 for Windows 32/64-Bit:

Private Conversations:

At times, users may perform confidential chats with dear ones or colleagues, which might involve crucial messages, documents, and many more. Most of the users utilize the SMS texting option provided by carrier services, but they are unaware of the tracking activities by governments, service providers, and even hackers. To avoid spying activities and data breaches, developers of various organizations have come up with advanced encryption techniques that ensure maximum privacy to the user. Skype for Windows 32/64-bit consists of most advanced encryption techniques that prevent governments, hackers, and cybercriminals from decoding your private messages. If you wouldn’t have read the Skype Review, you might have never known that this program encrypts your messages to provide maximum privacy.

Screen Sharing:

As we all know, sharing files, presentations, and documents without any time delay is a challenging task and also requires a lot of expertise. Moreover, you may not be able to transfer all your photos and images free of cost. To avoid such situations, Skype for Windows has introduced a screen sharing feature that can allow you to share your screen with any number of colleagues or dear ones. By doing so, you can quickly transfer all your files and images up to three hundred megabytes, and this feature is available for free of cost. We recommend you to go through the rest of the Skype Review so that you can effectively make use of this application to send messages and also for other requirements.

Smart Messaging:

The smart messaging feature in Skype for Windows 32/64-bit also lets you send GIF images. Moreover, by typing a message, we may not be able to convey our emotions in the right manner. So, to let you express your feelings appropriately, this instant messenger also enables you to use emojis, which can allow opposite users to understand your mood and expressions. Along with this, you can also include citations in your chat so that other users can easily find sources of those messages from where you sent them. Through Skype Review, we also want to let you know that this application also allows you to forward messages to anyone in your contact list.

Audio and Video HD Calls:

Besides, we also advise users to download Skype for Windows 32/64-bit as it allows users to make audio and video HD calls with the highest clarity so that you can engage with other users without any interruptions. Through the Skype Review, we also want to let you know that you can have a preview of your camera to see your video looks, and based on that, you can also adjust the brightness, contrast, and many more settings. Skype for Windows also allows users to modify the microphone and speaker settings as per their convenience.

Conference Calls and Group Chats:

Most of the users might be aware of the difficulty of passing on messages or conveying the same information to various users. With the help of Skype for Windows, users can participate in video or audio conference calls so that they can attend meetings by staying at remote locations. Moreover, users can also communicate with their friends and family in groups so that everyone you will never miss a memorable moment. At times, finding messages in chats becomes difficult for users. By reading the Skype Review you will get to know that you can quote the earlier messages, to view them without any time delay.

Skype Extension:

There are multiple instances in which every one of us might read an article that might make us excited. Through Skype Review, we are also willing to let you know that this instant messenger also includes an extension that can effectively share any of your favorite websites or article which you might read recently. Skype extension is available for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Call Recording:

Did you ever feel the importance of call recording? Many instant messengers these days do not contain call recording feature, and as a result, users may not be able to hear other’s voices to get clarity about what they spoke earlier. In such situations, users may call back again or may have to lose the information which they have provided. For this reason, Skype for Windows 32/64-bit has included call recording feature that can record all the calls to make sure they can hear them numerous times. Through Skype Review, we wanted to let you know about call recording feature that can allow you to record calls at any time.

Caller ID:

Apart from these features, Skype for Windows also lets you create caller ID so that when the other users, they can quickly recognize you and attend your calls.

We also recommend you to download Slack Instant Messenger Free for Windows 32/64-Bit as it is also one of the best instant messengers available in the market.

System Requirements of Skype for Windows:

  • OS: It supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • CPU: 1 GHz or faster Intel Processor.
  • RAM: 512 MB of memory.
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB of free space.
  • Developer: Microsoft.

Bottom Line:

On the whole, we also advise you to download Skype for Windows 32/64-bit as it allows you to explore various features such as private conversations, conference calls, video calls, call recording, and many more. Additionally, through Skype Review, we would also want to inform users that make use of its extension to share articles, news, and many more.

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