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SlimBrowser Latest Version is the best web browser for 32 bit and 64 bit Windows OS based computer. To browse the internet more securely and without harmful to PC. Immediately download the latest version of this ultimate and compact tabbed multiple-site browser on your PC.

Overview of SlimBrowser Latest Version:

For both new users and more experts an easy to use, more secure and free internet browser is SlimBrowser so definitely download it. To surf the internet safely and also fastly as the integrated most powerful features. Like a skinned window frame, form filler, quick search, auto login, built-in commands, and scripting helps a lot. If you make use of an app on a device there is a possibility to open web pages very quickly. And also there is a possibility to browse the information over the internet safely. In addition, an application safeguards your browsing information and protects your privacy from unauthorized users.

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While surfing the internet you can make use of a number of available functions and options in an app just with a few clicks. Also, the users contain the chance to open a number of websites at a time with the support of site groups. Even it offers significant traits like URL filter and in-page ad filter which blocks or obstructs the annoying ads successfully.

As it is an IE-based browser so like Internet Explorer the great SlimBrowser also bundled with a lot of easy to access features. Finally, it is one of the safe, reliable, popular and well-suited applications for Windows OS and Mac OS X devices.

Features of SlimBrowser Free Download  

  • Auto form filler or password manager trait allows you to fill and save web forms just with one click. Meanwhile, permits to log into online accounts automatically with no complexity or intricacy.
  • Integrated ultra-fast download manager in software precisely boost download speed up to 10 times. So the users can download any files from the internet very fastly or quickly.
  • This compact tabbed multiple-site browser includes a number of functions. Like instant photo upload, instant photo framing, web page, and text translation.

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  • with single click interested users able to open and save a number of sites at a time without any sort of issue.
  • As this fast, reliable, easy to use and secure web browser displays the current weather condition. And the weather forecast more clearly or in an understandable manner.
  • Even possess the chance to take the screenshot of an entire webpage or contain the chance to take a screenshot of a specific area of the browser window.
  • ¬†there is a possibility to refresh the web page automatically. Due to built-in auto-refresh or auto reload web page functions.
  • The users are able to erase the browsing history enduringly, able to delete cached files and traces.
  • It obstructs the Popups successfully so you can browse the internet without any kind of interruptions.

System Requirements for Slim Browser 8.00.004:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32 bit and 64 bit)

512 MB of RAM

Any compatible browser

Download SlimBrowser for Free

If you are very interested to download the SlimBrowser offline installer application right now or immediately then click the suggested link. This free web browser is compatible with all versions of Windows OS.

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