SmartCapture v3.15.0 for Windows 10/7 Updated Version

Download SmartCapture 3.15.0 Updated Version, as it not only allows you to capture the entire desktop screen but also lets you choose the required area on the screen that you would like to take a snapshot. Moreover, this free SmartCapture can also perform several editing tasks such as modifying the size, flip, and rotate the image. Besides, the updated version of SmartCapture supports various editions of Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and you can also download and install this free screen capture tool on all X86 as well as X64 configurations.

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SmartCapture 3.15.0 Free Download Updated Version Review:

Did you ever know the benefit of using screen capturing tools in businesses? When compared to individuals, organizations have huge benefits in using the screen capture tools. At times, employees might have to perform the same task multiple times to generate different results, and to save those results they might require a screen capture tool that can effectively capture the images of every result and save them to different formats.

Apart from this, application developers might also require screen capture tools to take the screenshots of generated bugs. Later on, they may use those images to resolve the bugs and update the applications. Moreover, individuals may also use screen capture tools for reasons such as to capture the reference numbers of the online payments and online orders. So to let organizations and individuals take screenshots of different results, developers have come up with various best screen capture tools. For this reason, experts advise you to check multiple screen capture tools that have different variety of features.

SmartCapture 3.15.0 Free Download Updated Version is highly efficient in capturing different results of similar tasks to various image formats. More importantly, this free screen capture tool can also adjust various settings such as brightness, gamma, hue, and many more. Optimistic users can scroll down to the lower end of the article to click on the download button that can provide you with the updated version of SmartCapture. Users may also try FastStone Capture Updated Version to capture snapshots of any active window and it can also record all your desktop activity to save them as videos in different formats.

Features of SmartCapture for Windows 10/7:

  • With the help of SmartCapture 3.15.0 for Windows 10/7, users can organize profiles so that they can capture any rectangular area, full screen, or any active window.
  • Further, this free SmartCapture can also save the captured images to any location on your drive, and it also lets you perform various tasks such as take printout of the images, transfer images as through emails, and many more.
  • Furthermore, this best screen capture tool can also lets you use different color modes such as black & white, grayscale, 16 colors, 256 colors, and true color.
  • More importantly, this program can also allow you to use the bluetooth file transfer option that can transfer files to the devices that are connected to your device through the bluetooth. Along with this, you can also enable the authentication option to ensure that you are transferring files to the correct device. This authentication feature also protects the file from being viewed by others while it is sent to the other device.
  • In adddition to this, it also lets you set several profile hotkeys which you may use to add or edit to perform the tasks faster than earlier.
  • Apart from these features, this software also includes an option that asks for confirmation before discarding any image.

We also recommend users to download Tipard Free Screen Capture for Windows 7/10 as it can also generate high quality images and videos from your desktop activity.

System Requirements of SmartCapture:

  • OS: It supports Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • CPU: 300 MHz or faster Intel Pentium.
  • RAM: 256 MB of memory.
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB of free space.

Final Thoughts on SmartCapture:

On the whole, SmartCapture is one of the best screen capture tools that can take snapshots in different modes and it also transfer those captured images through bluetooth. Additionally, it also allows you to add and edit hotkeys so that you can perform tasks faster.

Users who are looking to download SmartCapture for Windows XP can visit the official website to get the older version of the program.

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