Soda PDF Review Latest Version 2020

This Soda PDF Review contains a brief description of all the features along with its technical specifications, set up guide, and a link to download Soda PDF Latest Version 2020 for Windows PC. The PDF Editing Software is compatible with both 32 and 64-bit computers running on any Windows OS.

PDF (stands for Portable Document Format) was developed in the ’90s by Adobe but was later made public. Most business persons, professionals, and even home users use PDF format to transfer or share documents worldwide. The primary purpose of using PDF is it’s a portable document that you can use on any device regardless of the system requirements. There are programs like Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader, Nitro Reader, and more to open PDF documents, but users can also conveniently open it on their default web browser. 

Another strong reason to use the portable document format was that it was not possible for other users to edit or modify the document. But due to its high popularity and usage, corporations started creating PDF editing softwares so that you can modify the PDF without any issues. Out of dozens of PDF editors, Soda PDF is one of the best software for editing PDFs with advanced features.

Soda PDF Review:

Soda PDF 2020 lets you read, create, edit, and convert PDF documents conveniently with a simplistic user interface and easy-to-use tools. With Soda PDF, you can also compress documents to make it easy while transferring them online. Besides that, the simplistic user interface, which is similar to MS Word and Google Docs helps you create and edit documents conveniently. You can protect your documents with AES-256 encrypted password protection and also set permissions for accessing the PDFs.

Soda PDF Review Images, Soda PDF Review, Soda PDF Latest Version User Interface, Soda PDF Screenshots, PDF Editing Software

The use of OCR technology helps you retrieve text from images. It also provides several features like text highlighter, measurement tools, spell-checker, forms creator, password protection, and more. Moreover, you can perform actions like merge, split, rotate, extract particular pages, extract only images, change the background, add watermark, images, links, and more. Keep reading this Soda PDF Review for the installation guide and description of all the features.

How to Install Soda PDF for Windows PC:

  • First, download the PDF Editor from by clicking on the link provided at the end of this Soda PDF Review.
  • Then launch the executable file from your Download folder and click on Yes.

Soda PDF Review Images, Soda PDF Review, Soda PDF Latest Version User Interface, Soda PDF Screenshots, PDF Editing Software

  • Next, the Soda PDF installer window shows up and asks you to select your preferred language. After that, click on the Advanced Options button.
  • Here you can change the Soda PDF installation folder, and choose to create desktop shortcuts, enable software update notification, and run Soda PDF after the installation, then click on the Next button. Moreover, you can also modify the proxy settings.

Soda PDF Review Images, Soda PDF Review, Soda PDF Latest Version User Interface, Soda PDF Screenshots, PDF Editing Software

  • The Soda PDF installation runs in the background so that it does not conflict with your work.
  • After installation, the Soda PDF setup asks you to create a Soda Account or login with Google, Facebook, or Microsoft. Or, you can also click on the Skip button.

Soda PDF Latest Version Main Features:

Familiar User Interface:

Soda PDF kept its user interface similar to most office suite programs so that you can easily and conveniently create/edit PDFs like a Word document. It has some basic icons and title bar on the top along with fullscreen and 3d view buttons. Next, you can see a Menu bar with a view, create, edit, convert, insert, secure, OCR, and other menus. 

It is followed by a toolbar that contains all the tools from the menu. Moreover, you will find panels on both sides and a status bar at the bottom that includes options like preview, layers, search, attachments, zoom, full screen, view type, and more. Also, there is a custom menu in the toolbar where you can add all your favorite or most used tools for quick access.

OCR Technology:

OCR is the latest technology that stands for Optical Character Recognization. Most users create PDFs by scanning their documents instead of writing, making it difficult for other users to copy or edit the text. Therefore Soda PDF uses OCR technology that recognizes and helps you extract/copy the text easily. Note that you need to install the OCR advanced module separately from the OCR Menu.

Creating PDFs:

Creating PDFs in Soda PDF is as easy as creating a word document in MS Office. But unlike word document, you can enter text and images anywhere on the PDF document page by double-clicking. You can also insert text and images from other docs, scanned documents, as well as merge them. In the edit menu, you will find hundreds of font and other options similar to MS Word.

PDF Converter:

Soda PDF also offers a Free PDF Converter for Windows users. It allows you to convert the PDF document into several other formats like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF/A, and more. You can also convert the documents into Image, HTML, RTF, and TXT format. Also, while converting, you can choose to convert all the pages in the PDF document or selected ones. Besides that, you can also enable OCR and table detection before the conversion. Moreover, it also supports batch conversion so that you can convert several documents simultaneously to save time. 

Soda PDF Review Images, Soda PDF Review, Soda PDF Latest Version User Interface, Soda PDF Screenshots, PDF Editing Software

Basic Editing Tools:

With Soda PDF Latest Version, you can merge multiple PDF documents into one or split the PDF into several docs. Also, you will get the options to extract specific pages or images from a PDF document. You can extract images from the PDF in PNG, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, or BMP image format. 

Besides that, you can modify the PDF document by rotating pages, sorting them in reverse order, moving and rearranging the pages in a sequence, and more. You can use the crop option to retain a particular area or remove it. Moreover, there is also a Whiteout tool in the Review menu that works as an eraser.

Advanced View:

One more advantage of using Soda PDF for Windows is that you can view the documents conveniently. You can zoom in and zoom out from 1% to 6400%, view two pages per window like a book, and see it in a 3D view. Moreover, you can also open view two different PDFs side by side, which is useful for comparing.

Add background, Images, and Links:

Most PDF documents or other documents have a white background, but you can change it with the help of Soda PDF Editing Software. You can pick a solid color from the color palette, or even add an image as PDF’s background. Also, you can choose to change the background settings to the whole document or particular pages. Furthermore, Soda PDF lets you add images, page numbers, e-sign, watermark, header, footer, and links conveniently.

Soda PDF Review Images, Soda PDF Review, Soda PDF Latest Version User Interface, Soda PDF Screenshots, PDF Editing Software

Highlight Text:

You can also highlight important and relevant text on the document with the help of the highlighter. It gives you full control of selecting the required color and adjusting the opacity. You can also highlight an area on the document by using shapes like an arrow, block arrow, rectangle box, oval, line, and more. You will find the download link at the end of this Soda PDF Review article.

Professional Tools:

The PDF Editor for Windows also provides a few professional tools, which are most useful for business and professionals. For instance, the spell-check tool helps you check out your document for spelling and grammatical mistakes before sending it to your clients or colleagues. It also provides measurement tools that display the distance, perimeter, and area of an object drawn on the PDF. It is often helpful for engineers who share their plans on minimized PDF documents.

Creating Forms:

The Free PDF Editing Software lets you create forms with responsive buttons. You can add text entering the field, checkbox, radio button, combo box (drop-down menu), push-button, and more. You can also add an email button, print, submit, and save buttons. Moreover, you can import a form layout and even export the created layout for future use.


Your PDF document may contain confidential data like certificates, business details, and more. Therefore, the Soda PDF allows you to protect your data with a 256-AES encrypted password. You can restrict third persons or other users from reading or modifying your PDF document by applying for permission. 

Soda PDF Review Images, Soda PDF Review, Soda PDF Latest Version User Interface, Soda PDF Screenshots, PDF Editing Software

You can restrict users from creating, rotating, inserting, and deleting pages as well as filling in forms, commenting, and extracting pages. Moreover, you can choose to enable or disable the options to copy text, images, and other content. You can create a certificate, sign documents, remove metadata, and sanitize documents.

Documents Compressor:

One more advanced feature of Soda PDF latest version is that it helps you save disk memory by compressing the size of the documents. As you select the compress option in the File menu, you can see five compression levels that are No Compression (No Image Resampling), Original Quality (Lossless Compression), Print Quality (File Compression and Image Resampling to 600 dpi), Office Quality (Image Resampling to 300 dpi), and Email/Web Quality (File Compression and Image Resampling to 150 dpi).

You can also check out and Download Free iSkysoft PDF Editor.

System Requirements to Download Soda PDF 2020:

As discussed earlier in this Soda PDF Review, it is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 PC on both 32 & 64-bit configurations. Check out the other requirements before you download Soda PDF by LULU software.

  • Processor: Intel Pentium III or Later
  • RAM: 2 GB Memory
  • File Size: 14 MB
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB of free disk space

Conclusion on Soda PDF Review:

To conclude the Soda PDF Review, I like to say that it is one of the best PDF converting software for Windows users. It offers several features, and it is also easy to use for all types of users. You can not only edit PDFs but also convert, compress, split, merge, rotate, and protect them. Furthermore, you can apply permissions to restrict users from opening, editing, copying, or printing the document without the password.

Besides that, you can also create forms, highlight text, change the background, add images, freely move objects, check spellings, add watermarks, and more. Another reason you should use a PDF format to transfer documents is that the other user does not need to install any softwares, fonts, or plugins to be able to access/read the PDF.

You can download Soda PDF Latest Version 2020 by using the below-given link. Moreover, this PDF Editor is compatible with both 64-bit and 32-bit computers running on Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10.

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