SoftMaker Office Free Download for Windows 10

SoftMaker Office 2018 is a free office suite to create impressive documents, calculations & presentations which is an alternative to MS Office. With free SoftMaker Office 2018, you can get TextMaker, PlanMaker & Presentation Maker that offers complete word processing features. Along with SoftMaker Office, you can use free Thunderbird e-mail client program to handle your e-mails, contacts & calendars safely.

Windows PC users can use this offer to trial SoftMaker Office 2018 for 30-days. Click the below download to install SoftMaker Office 2018 from our website effortlessly. You can download SoftMaker Office 2018 for 32 & 64-bit versions in the same place with a single mouse click. Users also choose & download the best rated Polaris Office Viewer free word processing tool for Windows which you may like it.

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About Free Trial SoftMaker Office Windows 10/7:

With SoftMaker Office, you can create and edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations also, you can stay in touch with other people via email with its included Thunderbird E-mail client program. SoftMaker uses Microsoft formats DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX as its predefined file formats the main advantage. SoftMaker Office will be available in SoftMaker Standard, Professional & Universal editions support up to 5 PCs with more features. It comes with a pack of office tools where the users can manage text documents, presentations, spreadsheets and more.

So, you can create, edit text files with SoftMaker Office, PlanMaker for worksheet related tasks and more word processing tools that fit your needs. As stated the Thunderbird e-mail works practically with all mail servers including Microsoft Exchange, Google Mail, (Hotmail), Yahoo messenger and GMX. Also, it protects against internet threats like web bugs, spam filter, spam filter which secures your identity. The e-mail client program works together with your existing antivirus program to fight against online viruses. The new Thunderbird comes with a calendar functionality as shown below,

SoftMaker Office Logo, SoftMaker Office Images, SoftMaker Office Pictures, SoftMaker Office Photos, SoftMaker Office Screenshots, SoftMaker Office

Further, SoftMaker presentation software offers several design templates for your new presentation. So, you can click on various color schemes and slide layouts on the practical sidebar with the mouse click. Working with PlanMaker will be easier for former Excel users that allows up to one million rows per worksheet. Also, you can checks manually for software updates of SoftMaker.

Overall, there are several advantages of this office suite which is similar to Microsoft Office. The application consumes minimal system resources which give practical in-time results. Now, you can now try out free SoftMaker Office on your Windows to test the software.

Key Features of SoftMaker Office Suite Download for Windows 10:

  • The new interface of SoftMaker is simple, familiar to everyone where users can handle text documents, presentations, spreadsheets and more.
  • TextMaker let you create documents of any size be a business letter or a complete scientific paper which are compatible with MS Word. DOCX is the predefined file format for TextMaker 2018 so, you can open documents directly without any conversions.
  • The PlanMaker is a new spreadsheet program suitable for all cases compatible with excel. It includes XLSX as its default file format which is intuitive to use. Even, you can maintain large data sets under you use pivot tables, data consolidation, scenarios, data grouping, AutoFilter, and special filters.

SoftMaker Office Logo, SoftMaker Office Images, SoftMaker Office Pictures, SoftMaker Office Photos, SoftMaker Office Screenshots, SoftMaker Office

  • You can design attractive presentations with several design templates effortlessly & PPTX is the default PPT format for this suite. With the support of the new master-page concept, you can create extensive presentations as many as you like with a few clicks. So, give a try on the free version to test the performance for 30-days. Also, you can check the regular updates of SoftMaker whenever the new version available

Free SoftMaker Office 2018 System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows Server/7/8/10 (32-Bit and 64-Bit)
  • RAM: 1 GB or More
  • Processor: Intel Pentium or Later for both 32 and 64-bit
  • Hard Disk: 500 MB of free hard disk space




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