SpeedBit Download Accelerator Plus Full for Windows

Download Accelerator Plus Full Version enhances your download speed and lets you manage the downloads. This Internet Software is fully compatible with all versions of the Windows Operating System. Also, the Speedbit Download Accelerator Plus for Windows lets you download videos and audios from several websites for free.

Download Managers are essential for those who download files routinely. Many users face problems when downloading the files through their browser’s download manager like slow download speed, network timeout, uncompleted downloads, etc. Therefore, we recommend you to install Download Accelerator Plus Full Version on your Windows PC. DAP (Download Accelerator Plus) splits the files into several fractions and use multiple connections to download the files simultaneously and quickly. 

Download Accelerator Plus Full Overview:

The Download Accelerator Plus by Speedbit downloads the files faster than usual. Usually, if you lost network while downloading a large-sized file, you need to restart it again. But, with Download Accelerator Plus Full Version, you can easily pause and resume your downloads at any time. The Best Download Manager also lets you manage the downloads and prioritize them.

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Moreover, DAP is the fastest compared to other Download Managers. Besides increasing the download speed, Download Accelerator Plus Free Version also offers several tools and add-ons like video downloader, MP3 downloader, video converter, and internet browser. You can also enable free add-ons like video preview, link checker, file shredder, antivirus, trace cleaner, zip preview, video accelerator, and more.

Features of Download Accelerator Plus for Windows:

Simple User Interface:

Download Accelerator Plus has a simple user interface similar to other Download Managers. Except that it has two tabs, one is a download manager, and the other one is an internet browser. The Download Manager tab shows you the list of files to download or downloaded.

The list also includes the file name, download status, downloading progress, file size, and date added. There is a menubar at the top, followed by some useful tools. And, the left panel divides the files into their respective categories.

Built-in Internet Browser:

Download Accelerator Plus Free Version also includes an Internet Browser that lets you browse any website. You simply need to enter the domain name in the URL box and hit enter. Moreover, you can Download the website content easily with a couple of clicks. As you click on the Download-All button, it lists all the videos, audios, and media files on the website. It shows the media title, URL, Type, size, and description. You can select one or more videos and click on the download button to save the videos on your PC.

Download Accelerator Plus Images, SpeedBit Download Accelerator Plus, Download Accelerator Plus Screenshots, Download Accelerator Plus User Interface, DAP Download Manager, Free Download Manager, Best Download Manager

Manage Downloads:

With DAP Free Version, you can pause and resume the download at any time. You can also choose how many files to download simultaneously and arrange the order of the files in the queue. Moreover, it automatically saves the downloaded files in their respective folders like Music, Video, Applications, General, etc. You can even choose to shutdown the computer after downloading all files successfully.

Video Converter:

While downloading a video file, you can convert it into any other media file format. It offers popular file formats like MP4, AAC, MP3, WMV, FLV, AVI, WAV, and many more. 

Upload Files:

Moreover, Download Accelerator Plus Full lets you upload and secure the downloaded files in FileFlyer Cloud Storage with a single click. 


You can schedule Download Accelerator Plus to start downloading the files at a particular time. You can set the schedule only once or daily at a specific time. Also, you can enter a timer to stop the downloads automatically. Moreover, you can enable the options to close DAP or shut down the computer after completion of all the downloads. 

Advanced Settings:

Professional users will find the Advanced Setting by going to the Tools menu and clicking on Options. Here you can enable/disable internet browser integration. You can even choose the connection type and use the HTTP proxy. Moreover, you can add specific websites to the ignore list.

Download Accelerator Plus Full Version Add-ons:

The Speedbit Download Accelerator Plus for Windows also lets you install add-ons to increase your productivity. These Extensions make the Free Download Manager even more powerful software. Below are the add-ons provided by DAP v10, and you can add these Add-ons individually as per your requirements.

Download MP3: Now, you can easily convert and download MP3 out of your favorite video songs on the web. After installing the extension, you simply need to play the video. Download Accelerator Plus provides a Download button that lets you download the video in MP3 file format.

Trace Cleaner: The Free Download Manager also keeps your privacy safe from cyber-criminals by clearing your online traces.

Download History: The Download History tool shows complete details of all the files downloaded on your PC by you or other users. It helps you keep track of other users’ online activities and data usage.

Antivirus Security: The built-in Antivirus Security Software scans the file for viruses or malware activities while downloading the file. It immediately stops the download if it finds any malware signatures to prevent them from harming your PC.

Zip Preview: Viewing zip folder content is impossible without a compression software, but the Download Accelerator Plus Full Version lets you see the content of the zip folder during the download process itself.

Speedbit Video Accelerators: The Video Acceleration tool allows you to conveniently surf videos on the internet without any buffering or breaks.

File Shredder: The File Shredder by DAP Free Download Manager lets you erase the files permanently from your hard disk. The files deleted by DAP File Shredder don’t have a chance of recovery even with premium recovery software.

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Preinstalled Add-ons:

Internet Browser: As mentioned above, the DAP Download Manager offers a free internet browser, but you can also disable or remove it if you want.

Link Checker: Some downloads stop at 99% because it has an invalid or expired link. Therefore, the link checker checks the availability of the file and warns you before you start the download.

Video Preview: Many websites on the internet tricks us into downloading unwanted files by using fake cover. But with DAP, you can get a preview of the video file as you start downloading and choose to continue the download or not.

System Requirements for Speedbit Download Accelerator Plus:

  • Operating System: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32 & 64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or Later
  • RAM: 256 MB Memory or More
  • File Size: 11 MB
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB of free disk space

Conclusion of Download Accelerator Plus:

I like to conclude that Download Accelerator Plus by Speedbit is one of the best download managers for Windows PC. It increases your download speed as well as lets you manage and schedule the downloads. Moreover, the DAP Download Manager provides several add-ons (extensions) that help you increase your productivity. 

It has a built-in Internet Browser, Video Downloader, Video Converter, Audio Downloader, File Scanner, Link Checker, File Shredder, Online Video Accelerator, and more. Furthermore, it is easy to install and use the Download Manager on your Windows PC.

Therefore, click on the below-given link to get Speedbit Download Accelerator Plus Full for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32/64-bit).

–>>”Download Accelerator Plus for Windows“<<–

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