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Most people are skeptical about storing their data on online backup drives fearing loss of privacy. SpiderOak One is a zero-knowledge cloud storage service that makes sure to drive away all your fears. SpiderOak cloud gains no access to any of your data that you upload ensuring complete privacy. Download this best cloud backup trial version for Windows 7, 8 and, 10 for both 32-bit and 64-bit compatibility architecture.

SpiderOak One Backup Online Cloud Storage Overview:

SpiderOak One backup is a very reliable online backup service that stores your data in its cloud. This best cloud backup not only stores but also protects your data from ransomware and other harmful threats. You can sync all your devices with this online cloud storage and access them anytime anywhere. There is no timeline restriction, that is, you can access data histories and other deleted files from any timeline. SpiderOak One promises the safety of all your precious moments and other important data. Whereas, this online cloud storage supports all platforms such as Mac, Linux including Windows, of course. You can also sync SpiderOak One backup with your mobile devices which saves you the trouble of having to perform manual backups. One backup creates a Dropbox folder called Hive in the hard drive of every device you install it.

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The functions that are visible on the interface are, Dashboard, Backup, Manage, Sync and, Share.  The Dashboard is how your interface appears every time you open it and shows an overview of your backup, share and sync statuses. The Backup tool shows all the files and folders you should back up and also options to backup selected files. In the Manage tab, you can download or delete files and also change their locations. The Sync tab lets you sync devices and also shows all the devices that are in sync with SpiderOak One back up. Moreover, this best data backup software also contains the Hive folder. The last tab is Share. In this, you can create ShareRooms and provide links which stay active for 72 hours and anyone you share the link with can gain access.

SpiderOak One Backup Free Download Features:

  • SpiderOak One backup provides end-to-end data encryption. In other words, it secures all your data from the time it enters until it leaves out.
  • This data backup software takes no privilege in collecting your private information or any other files related to it.

SpiderOak One Backup Images, SpiderOak One Backup Screenshots, SpiderOak One Backup Photos, SpiderOak One Backup Logo

  • SpiderOak One backup Share Room enables you to share data with others through a safe path.
  • This free recovery tool also offers cross-platform service which means you can sync your data with other devices and platforms.
  • In case any malware manages to attack your computer, One backup’s Point-in-Time recovery feature retrieves data as it is like it was before the attack.
  • Schedule your backup processes according to your convenience. You can choose to back up only selected files and in some cases, not to back up selected files. Furthermore, you can also schedule your data sharing actions.

SpiderOak One Backup System Requirements:

Platform: Windows 7, 8 and, 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)

File Size: 50 MB

Memory: 1 GB RAM

Processor: Intel Core

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