STOPzilla AntiVirus (2020) Review for Windows 10

STOPzilla AntiVirus Review (2020):

STOPzilla AntiVirus 2020 is the latest version of antivirus software that developed for protecting the desktops from all kinds of security attacks. With the inbuilt virus scanning modes, such as Full, Custom, and Quick Scan, the user can perform the PC scan to list the malware-infected items on your computer. By this, you can either repair or remove them permanently from the PCs. This free STOPzilla AntiVirus for Windows 10 also includes many advanced features, such as web protection, Application Whitelist, Rootkit Scanning, etc. The user can give protection to all their Windows PCs, such as Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Moreover, this free antivirus software is compatible with Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit processors. If you want to get more information, then follow the STOPzilla AntiVirus Review 2020.

Importance of Antivirus Software:

The user can work quickly and smoothly only when the desktops work properly. Sometimes, the computer gets crashed or damaged due to multiple issues, such as outdated device drivers, virus-infections, malicious applications, etc. Even the newly installed computer can fail to act when it is infected with dangerous viruses. For protecting the desktops or any other digital device, we need to install the best antivirus software. Antivirus is a software application that helps in protecting the systems from all kinds of viruses. With this, you can frequently perform the scanning activities on your device to detect and block the viruses, malware, spyware, etc. By this, the user can also safeguard their privacy while browsing, banking, and other types of issues.

At present, there are dozens of security tools for Windows PCs. Some of the best serving antivirus tools are Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, BullGuard Antivirus, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, and many more. Apart from all these antivirus applications, we are recommending to download the best STOPzilla AntiVirus on your Windows PC. Let’s see the STOPzilla AntiVirus Review 2020 to know more about it.

Why STOPzilla AntiVirus for Windows 10?

STOPzilla AntiVirus 2020 for Windows 10 is one such antivirus software that acquires all types of advanced tools. When compared with other security applications, it shows high detection rates in finding out the virus infections on the computer. Apart from the known and daily detecting threats, it helps in finding out the newly emerging viruses before they harm your PC and data. For that, it regularly updates the virus signatures with the latest ones whenever the developers are released. The users can download this STOPzilla AntiVirus in both free trial version and paid subscription. The STOPzilla AntiVirus Review 2020 will let you know that it works on the background without any disturbances.

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When we talk about the user interface of this STOPzilla AntiVirus for Windows 10, the user can find simple and easy-to-use tools on the homepage. On the main page of this free antivirus software, you can find different options, such as Scan System, Quarantine, Settings, and Update. Along with that, you can see the current protection status of your computer that is Action Protection ON. In case if you want to get any support from the technical team of this STOPzilla, then you can get it by using the Support option available on the homepage. Moreover, you can view the complete profile of your account by clicking the My Account.

STOPzilla AntiVirus Free Download for PC Features:

Scan System:

Scanning the PC is mandatory in cleaning and removing the viruses and infected applications from it. For that, STOPzilla AntiVirus for Windows 10 PC came up with multiple scanning modes they are Quick Scan, Full Scan, Custom Scan, and Scan Scheduler.

  • After downloading and installing this STOPzilla AntiVirus Free Download freshly on your computer, you have to go with the Full Scan option. Though it takes much time to finish the scanning process of your entire computer, it will detect the virus-infected files and apps on the local drives and hidden parts. By this, you can completely make your computer free from all kinds of security threats.
  • When you want to scan the specified file or folder or local drive or removable storage devices, you can use the custom scan option. By this, you will let you know whether the file is infected with the viruses or not.
  • Finally, the Quick Scan helps in scanning the running applications or active processes of your desktop computer.
  • Apart from the above modes, it also provides the scan scheduler to scan the computer automatically at the specified time and date. You need to provide the scan time and scan type (quick, full, and custom) to perform the scanning automatically.
  • Moreover, after completing the scanning process, you can see the scan summary to know the number of files scanned and the total number of infected items on your computer.

Web Filter:

Immediately go through the STOPzilla AntiVirus Review 2020 and install it on your Windows 10 for protecting your privacy while browsing the internet. It contains the web filter option, which scans the websites and downloads links before you access them on the device. By this, you can block them from running on your PC to avoid privacy issues. Also, check out the Download & Install Shield Antivirus for Windows 7/10.

Gamer Mode:

Before going to play the games on your computer, enable the gaming mode offered by this free virus protection software. By this, it blocks to send unwanted notifications and pop-ups to provide a clean and smooth gaming experience.

Removable Drive Scanning:

From protecting the desktops from external drives, such as USBs, you can scan them before you open them on your computer. The STOPzilla AntiVirus 2020 for Windows 10 includes the removable drive scan to scan almost all kinds of external drives like USBs, flash drives, memory cards, pen drives, etc.

Automatic Virus Updates:

Daily a new type of virus is inventing by hackers and cybercriminals to attack the user’s PC and get their private information. For defending against all these latest virus threats, the antivirus software has to be updated regularly with the new virus definitions. For those users, this STOPzilla AntiVirus 2020 is the best option because it updates the database periodically with the newer virus signatures to detect & block the latest and ever-evolving viruses.

Protects System Performance:

By using any antivirus software on our Windows computers, we see a slight slowdown in the system performance. It can happen with almost all kinds of virus protection tools. But the user cannot find any performance problems when they use this STOPzilla AntiVirus Free Download on their devices. It will take care of your processor speed and performance while scanning, updating, or any other antivirus activities.

Application Whitelist:

We know that scanning the entire computer will take more time because of a huge number of files and applications on our PCs. And scanning the applications every time also consumes the battery life and wastage of our valuable time. So, the best solution is avoiding those applications that are safe and virus-free. For that, this best free antivirus software came up with the best solution that is Application Whitelist. By using this feature, you can add/remove any number of safe applications to this list for escaping from the scanning process.

Rootkit Scanner:

STOPzilla AntiVirus Review 2020 will also let you know that it contains the Rootkit scanner. With the help of this Rootkit scanner, you can execute the scanning process on your computer to identify the rootkits and remove them permanently from the PC. By this, you can safeguard your private data like passwords, banking info, and personal details from malware infections and unauthorized access.

Conserve Battery Power:

You can enable the conserve battery power option to enhance the battery life of your computer. It blocks all those processes when you enable this option on your PC.

Free Technical Support:

Finally, the STOPzilla AntiVirus 2020 for Windows 10 also offers free technical support to help the users to fix the issues while they are using the antivirus software on their desktops.

STOPzilla AntiVirus System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (32/64-bit)
  • Processor: 1.6 GHz or Faster CPU
  • RAM: 2 GB or Above
  • Hard-disk: 1.5 GB of free space
  • Manufactured by: STOPzilla

STOPzilla AntiVirus Review for PC Conclusion:

Therefore, the STOPzilla AntiVirus 2020 can secure all your devices and online world from different hijackers, ransomers, spies, and other web-related attacks. The web filter, automatic update of virus signatures, and other inbuilt tools of this free antivirus software will help you in blocking almost all types of threats. Moreover, it silently runs in the background to avoid inconvenience to the users while working on it. By using this STOPzilla AntiVirus for Windows 10, it will not show any impact on the computer performance. Thus, go through the STOPzilla AntiVirus Review and download it on your Windows PCs for free of cost. Use the below download button to start the downloading process of this virus protection software on your PC.

Click here to get the link to download the STOPzilla AntiVirus 2020 for Windows 10.

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