Symantec Norton Utilities 2020 Review

In this Symantec Norton Utilities Review, we will describe all its tools and features in detail along with a step-by-step installation guide, the System Requirements, and a link to Download Norton Utilities 2020 Latest Version. The Best PC Utility is compatible with all Windows versions and runs on both 64 as well as 32bit (x86) PCs.

Are you experiencing slow system speed? Do you want to protect your privacy from cyber-criminals and other users? Does your hard disk gets stacked quickly with useless files? There is only one solution for all these software, and that is the Optimization Tool (also known as Tune-up Utility). Your system needs to be cleaned and optimized often to work properly. And it is a nearly impossible and time-consuming process to solve all the issues manually.

Therefore, it is essential to have a Tune-up Utility on your Windows PC that automatically scans, finds, and solves the issues quickly. It is also necessary that you download a reliable utility that provides enough tools to resolve all your problems and consumes less power. Therefore, we recommend you Download Norton Utilities Premium, one of the best PC Optimizing Software for Windows. It offers dozens of tools to helps you clean your PC, protect your privacy, and boost system performance. Keep reading the Norton Utilities Review for more details.

Norton Utilities Review:

Norton is a well-known organization that produces reliable Antivirus Softwares. Besides the Security Softwares, Symantec Norton offers useful programs like Norton Secure VPN, Norton Privacy Manager, and Norton Utilities Premium. Norton Utilities 2020 Latest Version helps you free up hard disk space, protect your privacy, and boost your computer’s performance. Also, it does not require much system resources, and you can install it easily with the help of our installation guide, included in this Norton Utilities Review.

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The PC Optimizing Software you remove junk files, temporary files, internet files, duplicate files, unused softwares, and system registry. Cleaning such items will not only free up space on your hard disk but also drastically improves the PC performance. You will also find advanced tools like File Shredder, Drive Repair, Disk Defragmenter, File Recovery, and more.

It is a complete utility suite for your Windows PC that provides all the useful tools so that you don’t have to install several softwares individually. Norton Utilities has almost all the tools required to optimize and tune-up your computer. Keep reading this Norton Utilities Review for a detailed explanation of all the tools and features.

Installation Process of Norton Utilities for Windows PC:

  • First, you need to download the Norton setup file from the link given at the end of this Norton Utilities Review.
  • Then, you can launch the executable file from the Download’s folder or browser’s download manager.

Norton Utilities Review Images, Norton Utilities Review Screenshots, Symantec Norton Utilities Screenshots, Norton Utilities Premium Images, Optimization Tool, PC Optimizing Software, Norton Utilities Features, Norton Utilities User Interface

  • Next, the User Account Control window pops up. Here you need to confirm Norton Utilities installation by tapping the Yes button.
  • Then the Norton Utilities setup window appears. You can click on the Install Options to change the destination folder, or simply click on the large Agree button to install the utility to the default destination.
  • After selecting your destination folder, you need to click on OK, and the setup takes less than a minute to extract all the files.

Norton Utilities Review Images, Norton Utilities Review Screenshots, Symantec Norton Utilities Screenshots, Norton Utilities Premium Images, Optimization Tool, PC Optimizing Software, Norton Utilities Features, Norton Utilities User Interface

  • Finally, you need to click on the Finish button to complete the Norton Utilities installation and close the window.
  • Next, the program asks you to enter an Activation Code. You should click on the cancel button to use the Norton Utilities Premium Trial, or enter the code if you purchased the software.
  • The program will automatically launch after you close the Activation window or run it using the desktop icon.

Norton Utilities Premium Trail User Interface:

Norton Utilities has a well-organized user interface as it divides all the tools into different categories: Performance, Privacy, and Recovery. The dashboard shows an overview of your system health, along with some primary tools shortcut.

You can also see the 1-Click Optimization button and a settings menu at the corner that contains all the advanced settings. Moreover, as you get into the categories, it shows a summary of your previous scans and recommends you to perform specific actions based on your system status.

Symantec Norton Utilities Premium Version Features:

1-Click Optimization:

The 1-Click Optimization option proves to be very handy for new users as they can easily optimize their Windows PC with a single click without any prior knowledge. The single-click optimization is available at the dashboard, and you will find its advanced options in the settings menu. You can enable/disable the items to scan during the 1-Click Optimization process from Registry Cleaner, Privacy Cleaner, Windows Optimizations, Disk Defragmentations, and Unused Applications. Moreover, you will also find a language drop-down menu in settings that contain over 20 languages.

The Norton Utilities 2020 Latest Version has divided all the tools into three categories as follows:


Registry Cleaner:

Windows Registry stores all the temporary files and registry entries when you install or run a program. As time passes, the Windows Registry gets stuffed with unwanted and broken registry entries that slow down the processor. It is not safe for non-technical users to manually delete the registry entries as it could crash the operating system. Therefore you can utilize the Registry Cleaner Tool that safely removes only the unnecessary and invalid entries from Windows Registry.

Compact Registry:

The Compact Registry Tool by Symantec Norton Utilities helps you defrag the registry entries so that the processor can quickly collect the data and launch the programs faster. Note that you should close all the applications before running this tool. Moreover, it provides an option to create a system restore point before starting the defragmentation process. We recommend you enable the system restore point option so that you can restore it in case of an unexpected crash.

Disk Defrag:

Your system loads large files slowly because the operating system divides the large files into several fragments while copying it to the hard disk. Therefore, Norton Utilities Free Trial Software will bring the pieces together by performing disk defragmentation, which will also create space for new files. Moreover, you can turn on the smart defrag option in the settings, which will automatically defragment files as soon as you copy them on the disk.

Windows Optimizer:

The Windows Optimizer tool lets you optimize your PC based on Performance or Quality. By default, the slider is set on Balanced, but you can move it to Best Performance or Best Quality as per your requirements. Moreover, you can also customize it by enabling/disabling individual elements like themes, services, network sharing, and more.

Windows Startup Booster:

Your Windows PC loads slower if you have lots of programs in the Windows Startup Program. With the help of Norton Utilities Windows Startup Booster, you can disable unnecessary programs and services with a simple click to reduce the boot time by a few seconds.

Norton Utilities Review Images, Norton Utilities Review Screenshots, Symantec Norton Utilities Screenshots, Norton Utilities Premium Images, Optimization Tool, PC Optimizing Software, Norton Utilities Features, Norton Utilities User Interface


Clear Windows History:

You can protect your privacy from other users and make some free space on your drive by cleaning up your Windows History. As it is time-consuming to search clear the history manually. So, you can run the Windows History Cleaner to find & delete all your traces efficiently. You can manually select the items to delete like Document History, Recycle Bin, Windows Temporary Files, Clipboard Content, Run History, Find & Search History, and Scan Disk Temporary Files.

Clear Browsing History:

Clearing Browsing History is important as your online activities and traces can lead hackers to get into your computer. And with the help of Norton Utilities, you can clear trails from all your web browsers at once. You need to select the web browsers on the left and their elements on the right.

You can delete their cache, browsing history, address bar search history, cookies, autocomplete data, saved passwords, and download history. Moreover, you can also choose to retain or delete specific cookies. Norton Utilities 2020 version supports only seven browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, Safari, Edge, and Chrome.

Plug-ins Cleaner:

You can manage all the browser plugins together in a single window. You can select the unwanted plugins and click on the Clean button to uninstall all the plugins at once. In the settings, there are advanced options like rebooting the system after privacy scan, clean internet tracks, and more.

File Shredder:

The file shredder tool helps you delete your privacy and confidential files permanently. Windows stores traces of all the files, which makes it easy for recovery softwares to retrieve the data. But, you can delete your private photos, videos, documents, or other data entirely from the hard disk by using the Norton File Shredder. You can even choose the type of algorithm in the settings menu. It offers encryptions like Pseudorandom, US DOD 5520, US 22-M, and Gutmann 35-Pass Algorithms.

Bleach Disks:

The Bleach Disk works also works as a File Shredder except that it removes the traces of earlier deleted files from your hard disk. Moreover, it also helps you clean the Master File Table Record that contains history logs of all the deleted files.


File Recovery:

Norton Utilities includes a Free File Recovery Tool that helps bring back your accidentally deleted or lost files. You can use one of the three scans that are Quick Scan, Full Scan, and Physical Scan. After selecting the scan type, you can select the drives/partitions and the type of files to scan. 

The File Recovery tool is able to recover all types of data like Documents, Databases, Emails, Archives, Music, Graphics (Images), Video, and other files. Also, you can specify the approx file size and file extension. These attributes will narrow the search and find the appropriate files faster. Moreover, you can even enter the filename to find the exact file more quickly.

Duplicate File Finder:

When you take backups frequently from your mobile or removable drives, there is a higher possibility of having duplicate files on your PC. These duplicate files do not harm your PC but occupy hard disk space. Hence, you can effortlessly find these similar files by using the smart duplicate finder. You can also customize the search by selecting the file types and specifying the size. 

Driver Repair:

The drive repair tool scans your hard disk for any errors and solves them immediately. It lists all your drives and partitions in a tabular form along with its file system, total size in GB, free space in GB, and free space in percentage.

Restore Registry Backup:

As we discussed earlier in this Norton Utilities Review, you can create a restore point before defragmenting your Windows Registry to prevent system crashes. It stores all the backup and presents you in a list view along with its file size and created date. Furthermore, in the settings menu, you can enable the option to create a restore point automatically before starting the defragmentation.


The Free Uninstaller for Windows by Norton Utilities Free Trial Version helps you delete unwanted and stubborn programs. It presents all the installed applications in a detailed view with its name, version number, publisher, install date, last used late, and the space occupied. When you uninstall the software, it also removes any leftovers or residue files from your computer. You can also enable notifications in the settings menu that recommend you to delete the software you are not using.

Norton Utilities Review Images, Norton Utilities Review Screenshots, Symantec Norton Utilities Screenshots, Norton Utilities Premium Images, Optimization Tool, PC Optimizing Software, Norton Utilities Features, Norton Utilities User Interface

Scheduled Scan:

You can keep your PC optimized all the time even when you are not around, with the help of the Scheduled Scan option. The Scheduled Scan option is hidden in the settings menu. You can enable/disable the actions for schedule scans such as registry cleaner, privacy cleaner, and defragmentation. Moreover, you can plan the schedule on every system startup, every day, or every week at your convenience.

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System Requirements to Download Norton Utilities 2020:

As mentioned before in this Norton Utilities Review, the Tune-up software does not demand much system resources. Also, the Norton PC Optimization Tool works fine on low-end computers as well. 

  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 (32 & 64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or Later
  • RAM: 256 MB Memory
  • File Size: 23 MB
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB of free disk space

Conclusion of Norton Utilities Review:

To conclude the Norton Utilities Review, I would say that it is the best utility to optimize your PC completely. The Symantec Norton Utilities focuses on three aspects, that are Protecting your Privacy, Cleaning Junk from your PC, and Boosting the PC performance.

It has a well-organized user interface with the 1-Click Optimization option on the dashboard, and other tools placed in their respective categories/menus. You don’t require to install additional utilities as Norton Utilities Premium offers tools like Registry Cleaner, File Shredder, Disk Defragmenter, History Cleaner, File Recovery Software, Uninstaller, Duplicate Files Finder, and many more.

You can click on the below-given download link to Download Symantec Norton Utilities 2020 Premium Trial Version and check out all the tools. The Free PC Optimization Tool supports Windows 10/8/7 and is compatible with both 32 and 64-bit machines with minimum system requirements.

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