TeamViewer 15.1.3937 Review for Windows 32/64-Bit

There are many professionals and individuals across the world who would like to access their remote PCs so that they can avoid carrying their essential documents in any portable device. Along with growing necessities in enterprises, various companies started looking towards remote desktop software, which can help them in conducting online meetings and presentations. Through the TeamViewer Review, we would like to explain all its capabilities and features. Some of the features of TeamViewer 15.1.3937 include video calling, scheduling meetings, endpoint protection, secure file backup, and many more. Besides, this free remote desktop software also supports various platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS.

We advise you to go through the entire TeamViewer Review so that you will get to know about all the capabilities of the application. Later on, after reading the whole review, you can scroll to the bottom of the article and click on the download button to download TeamViewer 15.1.3937 for Windows 32/64-bit.

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TeamViewer Review:

In 2005, TeamViewer GmbH came up with a remote desktop application known as TeamViewer. Along with the TeamViewer remote desktop application, this organization also owns various other products such as TeamViewer Tensor, TeamViewer IoT, TeamViewer Pilot, TeamViewer Remote Management, TeamViewer Servicecamp, and Blizz. In TeamViewer Review, you will also get to know that this application supports multiple platforms such as Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, and even Chrome OS.

In TeamViewer 15.1.3937, developers added two new features that allow users to invite others to join the augmented reality session by creating Pilot session codes, and users can also send files during an augmented reality session. Through the TeamViewer Review, we would also want to let users know that developers have also fixed two bugs. The first bug which they fixed is displaying multiple notifications while users perform copy and paste operations for images from a local to a remote PC. The second bug which they settled is the one which blocked the execution of PowerShell scripts from the client toolbar’s script menu in case the username on the remote PC is blank. We advise you to read the entire TeamViewer Review to exploit all the available options in this application.

Is TeamViewer Safe?

Recently, TeamViewer has confirmed that there are no security issues with its remote desktop application, and it is impossible to hack it. The reason behind it is, TeamViewer 15.1.3937 uses the AES-256 encryption standard, and also allows users to add the list of trusted devices. If you didn’t read this TeamViewer Review, you would not know about the confirmation message from the developer.

How do I allow remote access to TeamViewer?

We advise users to thoroughly go through all the below steps provided in the TeamViewer Review to allow remote to a device that is available in some other location.

Step 1: Initially, after launching the TeamViewer application, you need to switch to the remote control tab.

Step 2: Now, you will have to provide the ID of your partner’s device, which you are willing to take remote access.

Step 3: After entering the partner’s ID, you will find two options just below. The first one is a remote control, and the other one is file transfer. You need to make sure the remote control option is enabled.

Step 4: Click on the connect button that is available below the file transfer option.

Step 5: Immediately after clicking on the connect button, you will be able to see a dialog box that authenticates TeamViewer.

Step 6: Once you enter the appropriate password of the remote computer and click on log on, you will be able to access the remote computer.

In TeamViewer Review, we would also like to suggest some of the Best Free Remote Desktop Software for Windows 10/7 that are similar to TeamViewer.

Features of TeamViewer 15.1.3937 for Windows 32/64-Bit:

File Transfers:

There are multiple instances in which users might have to transfer files without any time delay. Especially in enterprises, employees of a particular organization might have to collaborate or communicate with colleagues, technical advisers, and even with their customers to improve their business. In such situations, employees need to have remote desktop software that can effectively transfer files and avoid any possible delays that could hamper productivity. TeamViewer 15.1.3937 is one of those free remote desktop software that can share a clipboard of either remote desktop or Local PC so that users can quickly copy and paste various media files and documents.

Through the TeamViewer Review, we also want users to know that this best remote desktop software can also work with various cloud services and file-sharing tools such as Google Drive, DropBox, and many more. Moreover, TeamViewer 15.1.3937 for Windows 32/64-bit also allows users to place several files in a queue, and it also allows you to adjust the order of transfers.

Unattended Access:

At times, technicians and working professionals might not be able to visit their client locations to support the employees present in the client’s office premises. Along with this, multiple organizations want their employees to work across various time zones. In such situations, employees will have to get a top-class remote desktop software that can help them conduct conference calls, meetings, presentations, and many more as if they are sitting in front of each other. To work with professionals across various time zones, we advise users to download TeamViewer 15.1.3937 for Windows 32/64-bit.

Through TeamViewer Review, you will be able to know that employees of any organization will be able to log in to their desktop that is available in their office. Once they can log in to their PC, TeamViewer 15.1.3937 allows them to access all programs installed on the device and even documents that are available on the device.

Record Remote Access Sessions:

Did you ever know the importance of recording remote access sessions? By reading the TeamViewer Review, you will get to how you can benefit from recording the remote access sessions. Recording the remote access sessions allows users to view all the activities performed on their desktop. As a result, you can catch hold of any mischevious thing done on your PC.

TeamViewer 15.1.3937 for Windows 32/64-bit is also capable of recording all the desktop activity performed at the time of providing remote access to other devices. Moreover, this free remote desktop software can also play or convert recorded sessions. When users start recording remote sessions, they can also view the configurations changes made to the conference calls.

Manage Contacts and Groups:

Various ordinary remote desktop software available in the market may cause delays at the time of logging in. Most of the time, such delays occur when users have too many contacts or trusted devices in their computers and contacts list. But, with TeamViewer 15.1.3937 for Windows 32/64-bit, users will never experience any delays as this application makes sure all the data transfers are optimized.

Through TeamViewer Review, users can add numerous members to their contact list and create new groups for better communication. Moreover, this remote desktop application also allows users to initiate meetings, video calls, and phone calls to stay connected with them. More importantly, TeamViewer Review also lets you know that this program is capable of scheduling meetings by allowing you to choose the subject, start, and endpoint of the sessions. Along with this, users do have the option to configure conference calls, and they can also enter their other conference call numbers.

End-to-End Security:

As we all know, cyber threats are the worst things that can happen to any individual or even any enterprise. So, every remote desktop software must receive the highest level of security to ensure their data remains private in all circumstances. For this reason, TeamViewer 15.1.3937 for Windows 32/64-bit uses an encryption standard that works by using 2048 RSA private or public key and even 256-AES encryption. In TeamViewer Review, we want to let users know that this program also includes a two-factor authentication to improve the security of the user. With two-factor authentication enabled, TeamViewer 15.1.3937 sends a code to the user’s mobile device so that nobody else can access your TeamViewer account in spite of knowing your username and password.

Through TeamViewer Review, users will also get to know that they can add their devices to the list of trusted devices. In order to add their devices to the list of trusted devices, initially, users will have to enter their login ID and password. Then, this program will send a confirmation mail to your email ID, which is necessary for device authorization. Once you add the device to the list of trusted devices, you can start accessing the account at any time. Along with this, the remote desktop software also allows users to reset the password in case if they feel there is any suspicious activity on the device. By reading the rest of the features present in the TeamViewer Review, users can make use of various functions of the program, such as remote monitoring, security, and backup.

Malware Protection:

All most all the users nowadays might be aware of the side effects of ransomware programs, which have the potential to modify files present in the devices. These ransomware programs are especially very efficient in encrypting files to hold data hostage to demand ransom amount. To avoid such situations, this certified anti-malware protection, along with ransomware protection, can protect crucial areas of your device to prevent severe damages. Moreover, TeamViewer 15.1.3937 for Windows 32/64-bit also lets you perform scheduled scans. Later on, users can also enable options to receive notifications and alerts about the scanning process, and you can also view the status of your security.

In TeamViewer Review, we would also want to let you know that this program allows you to scan various portable devices that connect to the USB ports present on your device. Besides, this program can also check all the Outlook emails to identify malware infections that may damage your device.

Monitoring and Asset Management:

To ensure maximum security to the PCs, users must identify all the vulnerabilities present in the device. The main reason behind this is, a single vulnerability in any PC can push the device close to cyberattacks, and there is also a possibility that the entire network might be at risk. With the help of patch management feature in TeamViewer 15.1.3937 for Windows 32/64-bit, users can effectively check for patches and download them to eliminate all the vulnerabilities. Further, the remote monitoring feature in this application also allows you to track various aspects of your drive, such as disk health, CPU usage, available disk space, event logs, and many more.

By monitoring the available disk space, you can clean all the unwanted files and documents in time before your PC performance doesn’t go down. Along with this, you can also track the health of the disk so that you will be notified of various errors in advance, and you can backup all your data and take preventive measures. In TeamViewer Review, we would also want to let you know that this program can also control all the processes and services that are currently running on your device.

Secure Data Backup:

Apart from these features, TeamViewer 15.1.3937 for Windows 32/64-bit also allows you to perform secure cloud backup so that you will not lose any of your crucial files, and it can also perform deduplication of data without your interference. Through TeamViewer Review, you will also come to know that this program lets you perform a remote restore of entire backup or even individual files to avoid wastage of time. In addition to this, it can notify or alert you once the backup process is complete.

Users can also try ManageEngine Remote Access Plus for Windows 10 as it is also one of the top-class remote desktop software.

System Requirements of TeamViewer:

  • OS: It supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • CPU: 500 MHz or faster Intel Pentium.
  • RAM: 256 MB of memory.
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB of free space.
  • Developer: TeamViewer GmbH.

Bottom Line:

On the whole, TeamViewer 15.1.3937 for Windows 32/64-bit is one of the top-class remote desktop software that consists of various features such as file transfers, unattended access, end-to-end security, secure data backup, and many more. Through TeamViewer Review, we want to let users know that this program can also monitor multiple aspects of your drive to ensure maximum performance.

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