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Get the latest version of Tencent PC Manager Antivirus software powered by QQ.com. It is also known as Tencent Antivirus works on Windows 32/64-bit PC designed to protect PC. Tencent QQ Antivirus program is free to download which gives instant Computer security from the latest security threats.  With Tencent QQ app, you can defend your PC against all kinds of viruses, malware & other new threats.

Users can also install free Tencent PC Manager Antivirus to keep your PC virus-free which features real-time protection. You will be able to secure your PC with the best complete security solution by PC Manager antivirus that suits your needs. It is a single click system maintenance software to monitor PC as well to guard your PC against real-time threats. Therefore, download Tencent standalone antivirus Windows installer from our software collection cost-free. Hit the given below download button to receive the setup file for free. Users might also choose & download the best antivirus program from our collection of software for free.

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Tencent PC Manager Antivirus Download Latest Version Description 

When I was looking for the best PC security software, I found Tencent PC Manager antivirus removal software which is a Chinese based company. The software advertises for free download assures strong protection for Windows PCs. Tencent Antivirus uses powerful scan engines like Bitdefender Antivirus to detect active/running viruses. The application features up-to-date protection summary of your PC and alerts if any suspected threats found. 

To protect your Windows PC from known/unknown viruses, it has various virus detectors which eliminate virus infections depends on user selection. The virus scanners check your whole computer for each file, memory, OS, drives and other specific areas as you like. It let you know each detected & infected objects that cause loss to your system in a detailed risk report. 

Tencent PC Manager is user-friendly, simple to use for everyone those who want to use based on the ability. The software consumes sufficient system resources to run the program. It is quite handy to setup Tencent Antivirus on your home PCs. With the help of this simple & good antivirus software, you will be able to defend your PC without any assistance. It gives essential antivirus protection from exposed critical threats before they reach your PC. Even more, it helps to spot abnormal changes on your PC made by attackers and kill them.

Tencent Antivirus Logo, Tencent Antivirus Images, Tencent Antivirus Pictures, Tencent Antivirus Photos, Tencent Antivirus Screenshots, Tencent Antivirus Snapshots

To conclude, QQ Tencent Antivirus for Windows PC gives the basic level of antivirus protection. Anyway, you need to up-to-date your system security software to keep your PC stay safe. 

Security Features of Tencent QQ Antivirus to get rid of viruses: 

  • Protect your computer from real-time threats with constant PC Protection suite. In that case, Tencent Antivirus free security suite assists you to detect & remove all sorts of viruses. 
  • It includes full, quick & custom virus checkers to evaluate the condition of your system overall. Whereas, Tencent also holds the quarantine manager to decrease the threat effect of detected objects stored in your PC. 
  • With the help of this software utility, you will know the summary of your PC Protection every time. For case, scanned objects today, duration of protection and even specify the spotted suspicious threats.
  • While every time you scan your PC, you will also view the scan logs which are detected, infected in the form of threat levels. Not only for virus infections the virus detectors check for abnormal changes by attackers, finds hidden files which slowdowns your PC performance. 
  • As well as, its included whitelist application approves trusted application to be present only to keep your PC safe from unwanted programs/software.  

Overall, the application gives instant protection from external viruses at a bay of your computer gate. So, remember to protect your computer from external viruses every time with a constant PC security suite. 

Tencent QQ Antivirus Software System Requirements: 

  • Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10 
  • Any compatible 32/64-bit equivalent processor 
  • 2 GB of RAM 
  • At least, 2 GB free space 
  • Internet access 

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